Your sheets feel like winter...

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Re: Your sheets feel like winter...

The skeptical tone reached finely shaped ears easily. A very amused feline smile could be seen twitching at the corners of the cat's mouth, and a satisfied look in her eyes gave away the playful twist this guise had taken. Watching the thoughts mirrored in the other girl's face, Vineda noticed the doubt and decided not to toy with her.
"Perhaps not a kitty, I'm sure you very well know. I wander much these days, keeping watch for new activity and new friends. It has been very quiet here, as of late. I hope you don't mind my stopping by. I didn't recognize you so I thought I might as well say hello."
A small twitch of a silky tail, and Vineda sat back to watch for a reaction. Most people would be alarmed to blink and find a person sitting where there had previously been a cat, and a vampire wasn't exactly the first person on her list to alarm. Perhaps it was best to wait.
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Re: Your sheets feel like winter...

The twitch at the corner of the cats mouth, in a semi smile created a smirk across Kayler's. A cat smiling... Now thats definatly something she didn't see every day. Honestly it didn't both Kayler one tad bit. Who was Kayler to judge that the cat was strange, when she herself was a vampire. Something only thought to be in human movies, with actors and fake blood.
"Well what's kitty-kitty's name. I myself am Kayler."
She wasn't sure to disclose if she was a vampire or not. The cat probly already knew but maybe it were best if it wernt said. Yeah Kayler would just leave it at that unless the cat asked. Well what is the cat, magician? Shapeshifter... well maybe it'd rather perfer not to disclose it's true being. That's fine it definatly isnt Kayler's type to poke her noses in places where shes not wanted. The question might offend the cat...thing.
The cold breeze blew and along with it a few flurries of snow floated down from the sky. Was the cat cold? The freezing temperature only felt like a cool ocean breeze in the summer would to a human.

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