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Your sheets feel like winter...

PostPosted: Sat Oct 11, 2008 9:52 am
by Sheena
Standing 6"5, upon a snow covered hill stood a not-quite attractive teenager. From underneath her short seafoam colored hair, two black and blue coon tails, on eigther side of her face blowed mellifluously in the sweet wind. Pale ivory skin glistened with a iridescent appearance from the sun beaming down on top of her. Golden eyes stared into a blurred nothingness, inattentiveness was her specialty. Standing still for so long, anyone who sen her would probly mistake her for being fake, like a manequin. Her lack of normalitly failed to fufill her sense of 'fitting in' with any human she ever comes in contact with.
Her tight blue and black striped hoodie although being torn at by the wind, clung to her figure. Her small breasts and lanky figure were unsatisfying to any man. It would be hard for her to find a lover, or at least one who would stick around long enough. Relationships never worked for her. Not just a loving relationship but any relationship, friends were hard to find. Especially when humans were the only beings that came around you and actually tried to talk to you.

Trying to fit in was hard, for a vampire..

Re: Your sheets feel like winter...

PostPosted: Sat Oct 11, 2008 10:12 pm
by Vineda
A red-brown cat slinked through the fluffy snow, looking like she had a plan... as all cats appear to. But in reality, she really didn't. So she was out and about looking for interesting things to do or see. Watching the serians was always fun, but she hadn't spotted any so far. Snow had come early, and the sun was currently in hiding. This tended to make others a little more scarce. It also made her a little crabby, and (though she wouldn't admit it) just a tad lonely.

Nimble paws tried to move quickly, so as to avoid sinking down into the snow. More often than not, however, she sank. She made a very clumsy cat, she was sure.
Vineda still wasn't comfortable with her own magic. Every time she did, the voices, the accusations, they all came echoing back. Shards of her old life sprang to memory, constant reminders of all she had lost. This often made her loathe to use it, but if she didn't she would burst. Energy would simply well up inside her until she popped or went crazy. So although she delayed as long as possible, the magic was a necessary evil. Best to get out of the house, too, so she could find some distraction while she was at it.

Today, she had decided to be a cat. Overcast skies threatened with the possibility of more snow, but the long-haired coat guarded well against the chill wind. Tiny snow crystals swished over the surface of the snow on the ground as the wind wipped and swirled. A lone snowman stood resolute at the base of a hill, and another figure at the top of the hill. This second one was very tall, and certainly not a snowman. Curious, she decided to investigate.

The snow balling up between her kitty toes was beginning to make her think that perhaps the long hair wasn't such a good idea after all. Wobbling over to sit next to the snowman, Vineda proceeded to do the dignified cat thing and wash up... in a cool and composed manner, of course. Mustn't seem too interested.

Re: Your sheets feel like winter...

PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:13 am
by Sheena

Wide awake and sober she could sense the movement down at the bottom of the hill, but stood still. A human wouldn't have been able to hear that, so she would pretend she didnt. How would she move anyways, the snow packed around her feet. The snow was nearly past her ankles high, pulling her feet out might pull her loose shoes off her feet. It was warm anyways, the snow. Being a freezing cold blooded vampire, everything was warm. Unless it went below zero, only then would it be a tad nippy.

Winter was her favorite season, it was the only season with a temperature she was actually comfortable with. Summer was too hot, fall nights were nice (but they only happened at night), and spring was just too wet as the temperature rised to get to a summer climate. Winter was cold, quiet and comforting to her.

Ok it was bothering her, the movement could be danger. She breathed in deeply and caught the scent of a feline but not quite.... A cat... a simple cat? What's a random cat doing out here in the freezing cold of the winter. Maybe it was hunting, but why did it not exactly smell like a cat? She turned her body to look and spotted it peeking out from behind a snowman she hadnt noticed before.
Was it.. spying on her?

Re: Your sheets feel like winter...

PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2008 5:33 pm
by Vineda
Hmph. The other had looked, Vineda had caught the small movement. A tall girl was now staring at her slightly from under aqua strands of hair. As a cat, she was supposed to remain uncommitted. But she really wanted to see what this new person was all about. She loved making friends, or just learning about others even if they didn't end up being friends.

Twitching her tail, she remained outwardly unconcerned until her cleaning was done. Letting her mind wander led her to wonder how she would find her way home when the day began to end. Strolling all day in no particular direction might not have been wise. But for now, Vineda was content to have found at least one living creature.

Abruptly she got up and meandered to the hilltop, as though she had nothing better to do. As she came closer to the figure, a very slight scent reached her sensitive nose... a tangy scent, almost metallic. The other's eyes followed her as she approached, eyes deep and golden, the kind of eyes that are used to looking far away. Hard to read, she mused. Though the eyes followed her she couldn't tell whether she was actually being watched or not. Odd that one should stand so still, with snow piled all around swallowing her feet. Vineda sensed something she couldn't quite place, but there was nothing at all unusual in that. That was her normal, a fact she was still getting used to here in a land full of unusuals.

Tension grew as she drew closer, and at a point a few feet from the figure Vineda stopped. She felt she should keep her distance from this strange other until she knew more, for an ominous feeling was in the air. Ready to dodge if this other meant her harm, she sat down right in front of the girl and looked up to meet her eyes. Unsure of what to do next, she simply mewed. Very bad at introductions she grumbled at herself inwardly.

Re: Your sheets feel like winter...

PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2008 2:49 pm
by Sheena
Strange... the cat was staring at her? Wern't normal cats supposed to sense the danger of a vampire.. So maybe this cat had something wrong with it. Though cats wouldn't just normallys stare at another living being unless they were preying on small rodents and what-not. 'hmmm this cat is strange... oh well' she thought to herself.
Kayler squated down and reached her hand out to the curious cat. Hoping it would tempt the cat to come near. She was always one to be nice to animals.. unless it was a type of animals she fed upon. She would feel bad if she were to be nice to something then eat it... That'd be terrible. She wouldn't eat a cat.... maybe a lion or something but not a simple pet cat.
Was the cat even a cat, cause it sure didn't act like one. Like she had already thought, maybe its just a weird cat. If it wasnt well kayler was offering to pet something other than a cat. The thought of it made her smile.

Re: Your sheets feel like winter...

PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 6:50 pm
by Vineda
The strange lanky being simply watched her for a few minutes, until finally the corners of her mouth twitched up slightly. Despite the urge to retreat to someplace safer and farther from the girl, Vineda held her ground. As Kayler lowered herself closer to Vineda's level, she finally understood the feline senses screeching at her and realized what exactly it was she was staring at. Alarm and intrigue both flooded her mind, and for a few short seconds she broke eye contact with the girl and stared down at the snow unseeing.

Well she had already doomed herself, hadn't she? If this vampire had meant harm, wouldn's she have acted already? She sensed no trickery from this other who was now holding out long white fingers, leaving her the choice to make contact or not. She considered the possibility of avoiding her, of turning around and simply walking away, possibly running. But no. Vineda had been the shunned one before, and would not act on possibly untruthful stereotypes and rumors. Never before had she met a vampire for herself. I have my feline weapons as well as my own ability should I need it she thought, barely suppressing a shudder at the thought.

Slowly, she stepped forward and bobbed her head into the extended hand. Golden eyes watched her intently, studying her as though Kayler knew she had a secret. Did she know? Unsure as to whether she should remain feline or own up to her illusion, she carefully put small brown forepaws on one bony vampire knee and waited to see if the other would say anything. Some people were too self conscious to talk to cats...