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PostPosted: Tue Jan 27, 2009 3:07 pm
by Songhue
"Water does bring the lion to rest beside the gazelle, I have found. It be no surprise that it hath brought ones such as we together. Have you had the drink you sought, young Shadow Flame, or do we long-winded creatures delay the cool, liquid relief?"

The liger flicked her tail with a faint grin, her eyes flashing merrily as her bonded nickered out a gentle laugh. The strange, shifting fae knew quite well her speech was different than that of many others; while she could do naught to change this, she could at least laugh at herself for it.

"I do believe your name was asked of you, M'Lady, lest ye forget."

"Aye, such a name as that was given this form has been asked, but what of ye, dear bonded? You gave not your own name, though I have spoken it whence your arrival."

Snorting out a laugh, the mare arched her neck in amusement before declaring "Then we shall each properly give our spoken names, if it is agreed."

Chuckling, the pale feline couldn't help but think that this was the only creature she knew of that would be able to joke and laugh with her over manners. This gentle teasing was something she knew with the pale mare and only she.

"Dearest Vineda, that which you see before you has been known as Saileach for time out of mind. 'Tis an old word in the ancient tongue."

"And I am Path, she who walks upon beams of sunlight according to my bonded here. Pleased am I to greet such ones as that could place this joy within this dear liger's heart."

With a flick of her tail, Saileach nipped at her bonded's neck and stood to stretch her limbs, purring as she let her tail wander up to tickle the mare's nose. It was a rare day indeed; she felt well enough to be playful.

"Now that such company has been found and the whisper of stream water is not far off for those that thirst, what would ye wish to do, sweet companions? Surly 'tis too fine a day, chill though it may be, to spend on inactivity."

Path flicked an ear there, a slight frown showing on her muzzle as she snorted and leaned close to the great cat's ear, her tail ring worrying reflections of light across the ground for an instant. "Your leg, Saileach..."

"'Tis fine," the cat purred, "and only does cause trouble when they that caused the wound come near."

Path's frown deepened into a scowl, her ears flicking back in displeasure. When she opened her mouth as if to argue her point, however, she was cut off by the sharp snapping of hooves on frozen ground.

"There you are! Would it have killed you to send word back? We've been waiting from when the greater sun touched the trees to when the distant sun danced over the streams!"

"The shadows have shifted so badly in my absence? Pardon, I had not known such time had passed."

Snorting, the new Serian trotted closer, the strange winter light that was both bright and muted revealing a unique stallion. Shades of deepest indigo and purple faded across his hide, making him seem no more than a moving shadow. Bright, sun yellow markings danced down his sides, his tousled mane and tail a matching shade of brightest, reflective gold. The stallion that stood with his head held high and his legs steady and sure could hardly be recognized as the same nervously hyper Serian that would have once praced uncertainly in place.

"All is well, Sparkle, do not fear," Saileach purred, a rather feline grin playing over her muzzle.

Sparkle rolled his eyes at those words, but overlooked then long enough to dip his head towards the others beyond his standing bonded and resting bond-sister to the great felines that seemed to be watching all this. "I am Sparkle, as you heard, and quite pleased to see that yon Saileach here was not on her own." Flicking his tail, he gave the liger a look that didn't quite manage to be stern because of the grin that leaked through. "She has a very bad habit of getting into trouble when she wanders on her own."

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 1:59 pm
by Krinlith
"I have had a drink, actually. It was just before I came upon Vineda."

ShadowFlame smiled a bit, taking in the scene, and chuckled gently at how Saileach and Path played and joked with each other.

"I don't mean to seem intrusive, but may I ask what happened to your leg?" ShadowFlame tilted his head curiously.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:37 pm
by Vineda
OOC| Oi! I'm really sorry that took so long! School is in the process of eating me alive... it did the chocolate easter bunny trick and started with the head first... haha >.< anyway, here ya go at long last!

Vineda watched the banter of the two before her with much enjoyment. “Greatly pleased am I to meet you, Path. I see that you provide much sunshine for my dear friend, and I am glad of it. Indeed this day is made to enjoy, and I think a walk or a game of some sort would be most fitting. What say you to that?” she glanced around to the others, wondering what ideas they might have.

But on a second thought, she echoed Shadowflame’s question. He was so quiet and gentle at present! If she didn't know better she would quite wonder why she had been so afraid of him earlier! “Yes, is your leg quite alright?” She knew better than to expect anything other than assurance of her being fine, but her concern showed through anyway. Perhaps a game was not the best idea after all. She cringed a little at having brought it up.

She watched as the great mare fussed and worried over her bonded, but her thoughts were interrupted as a new serian came swiftly into sight. His coat was such a subtle swirl of purple and blue hues, and it was accented marvelously by the bright golden markings on his side, as well as by the silken mane and tail. Bright laughter escaped her as she watched his expression. This serian too was fussing over his bonded. It amazed her that the fae she knew from before – the most caretaking soul she’d ever been privileged to meet – was now being watched over like a cub.

The great red-brown Vineda-cat sat up and stretched quickly before making a quick dip to this new dusky figure. “Greetings, Sparkle, and merrily met! I confess that Saileach may indeed have a knack for attracting trouble, but I daresay she’s not the least incapable of getting herself out of most of it. And I also daresay that Path here had a close eye on her…” she threw the mare a good natured smile. “I apologize if we have been monopolizing her attention overlong, but we had just recently met of happenstance and realized not that she was needed elsewhere.”

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:05 pm
by Songhue
"The leg is fine," Saileach purred, glad for a distraction from the lecturing of her bondeds. "What game would be preferrrrred?"

Sparkle rolled his eyes, his grin twitching wider as he stepped forward to tap the feline on her shoulder. A pebble tripped him up mid-step, catching painfully in his hoof and causing him to stumble sideways with a rough snort. In a blink Saileach was under him, catching him with her shoulder and propping him up.

Path bared her teeth in displeasure as the cat's back right leg shook and then buckled. As her bonded's lower half collapsed to the ground she wedged herself in, helping to shove the stallion back on his feet. He had just been far too close to breaking a leg.

Purring in thanks, Songhue shifted back down to the little tanager bird, carefully propping on the hoof Sparkle raised and pretending to be unaware of what was being said.

"'Twas not that she was needed, as much as she needs."

"What she didn't need was to catch a stallion.."

"Is your leg damaged?"

"My leg is fine," Sparkle said with a pointed note of sharpness in his voice as he glared down at the bird trying to dig the stone free with her beak.

Moath rolled her eyes, but otherwise ignored the worrying of the creatures. She was glad that they cared enough to fuss over her, in any case.

"So," she chirruped, carefully hopping down once the stone had fallen back to the ground, "We were talking about a game?"

"You are tiny, little bird, but I still see how you stand..." Path murmured, her tail ring glimmering in the bright sun once again.

"If nothing else," Sparkle nickered, reaching down to ruffle her feathers with his breath, "One of us should send word to Sign that you aren't wandering in places you'd best not be. You know how she worries."

"You all worry," she grinned, but gave no other response as a quiet breeze lifted her in the air and she began to circle. She moved faster and tighter with each lap until she was but a blur of a ring, and still faster and tighter until a strong, whistling wind sparked to life. This she pierced with a single, sing-song note as the ring collapsed on herself, leaving her spinning in mid-air.

"There," she chirruped, her eyes dancing with laughter as she floated back to the ground, twitching her feathers as she favored the one leg still. "Now, what shall we play on such a day as this, for one so full of life demands that life be enjoyed."

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:55 pm
by Krinlith
Left in awe by Songhue's display, Shadow Flame chuckled and took a moment to respond. "Well," he said, finally speaking up, "There's always games like 'Tag' or other games of that nature. I wouldn't mind a good chase, it's good for the heart, and a good game with friends is good for the spirit." He smiled, shifting to a Spring Pixie, flitting his wing and matching Songhue's height in the sky and grinning at her.
"I can be the chaser, or the chased, it's no matter. So, what say you? Have you the speed to catch this little pixie?" He grinned playfully as he joked and flew down, spiraling and pulling himself up into a loop. :)

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 6:47 pm
by Vineda
Vineda gasped a little as she watched Songhue fall, and she had to chuckle at the quickness with which she avoided reproach by turning into a bird. And all at once she was amazed at the little pixie circling about through the air.

She let her laugh ring out, glad to have found company at last. "How are we to play tag with your bonded, Songhue, if we have wings and they do not?" Tag sounded wonderful, but she wanted to do something they could all play at. She lazily let her mind drift, changing her body to that of a butterfly.