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Re: Cold Toes

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:02 am
by Songhue
Oh how very amusing to be seeing these things from such a perspective.

The tiny tanager was nestled between the mare's ears, having been snatched up at the sound of a feline yowl. Her eyes had followed the direction her bonded's ears had swiveled towards, revealing the small cat that somehow felt familiar to her and a strange wolf. Only he wasn't a wolf any more; another shifter, then.

"What make ye of this, dear friend?"

"I make a cat and a shifter, M'Lady."

Songhue simply had to grin. When the mare had been bonded to her so long as that a talking cat was just a normal, every day sight, it was indeed cause for mild amusement.

But then the strange creature was often easily amused. Seeing a sparrow learn to fly was known to make her eyes dance, or simply listening to the winds rolling off the sea. So the quietly chirruping chuckle that slipped out didn't really surprise Path, even if she didn't understand it.

"Come, we'll find another spot for you to rest."

"No, no, dear one, 'tis merrily well here, I do think. Though I may need to shift, with such felines about, shifters themselves or not, else I look a tasty treat."

"So you do hunt, then."

"Only in those forms that need and crave the meat, but aye, I do so hunt."

"Perhaps one day I shall catch your wolf on the prowl, then."

"Mayhaps, my dear, as much as you and the others have been keeping tabs on me as of late."

Path grinned a bit herself with this, though she couldn't have said why any more than she could have explained her bonded's earlier amusement. Matters of the heart and emotions were most illogical to her; she chose to live them, not understand them.

Songhue tucked a few stray strands of the mare's forelock aside in a sign of affection, glad that her friend and bonded had come. They had a good understanding between them and she did love the mare.

Clicking her beak, she carefully made her way down the soft, sky blue mane, settling between her friends shoulders before shifting to her fae form. She may be able to get away with arguing Sign into setting her down but she knew Path wouldn't allow such a thing. The great golden mare would most likely take it as an insult, in all truth.

"Greetings," Path nickered, trotting closer after glancing back to check that her bonded had settled. Songhue had noted a wish to stay and so they would; but 'twould be rude to lurk and watch, and so without a spoken word they made ready to greet new friends.

Songhue patted her friend's neck and tucked her legs over the mare's shoulders, moving with a particular care that caused Path to flick an ear back.

"Hail and merry meet, yon strangers, and gladly do I happen upon thee on such a chill day as this."

She smiled a bit, smoothing Path's mane in a comforting manner, the two seeming to speak in ways that went beyond words while they approached with the hard, sharp snapping of hooves on the cold ground.

Re: Cold Toes

PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2008 6:00 am
by Vineda
What on earth?? Vineda looked twice at the panther now sitting calmly before her, noticed the idle twitch of his tail. Feeling way too small and vulnerable, Vineda shifted as well, mirroring him in a blink but leaving her fur brown. It took little effort, true, but it did take concentration. Especially in the prescence of others... she needed practice.

So there, she thought, crouching to lay at eye level. Inwardly she sighed with the relief of now having the shorter panther hair that did not stick out quite so badly. Humbled a bit by her rudeness and remembering her state, she finally replied with a civil tongue. "Yes, I'm sorry - you did scare me. I hadn't known there'd be so many others out and about around here. Friends have been scarce far too long. I do apologize for my rudeness..." The excuses she was about to recite withered. There was no excuse. Be nice, she reminded herself sternly.

Casting about, she sighted the serian quickly. The sunmare moved toward the two, and Vineda felt first curiosity then a bit of shame as she realized her performance had been noticed. Great. And then she spotted the form on the serian's back and she had to grin. Trust Songhue to show up at a time like this! And noticing the care with which the mare's mane was smoothed, she shook her head. Always the caretaker, it seemed. She was glad that the serian was taking equal care of her passenger. She waited patiently for the mare's approach, unsure exactly how she was to introduce her new... 'friend'.

With a small grin sent towards the large feline in front of her, Vineda sat up and called out - immediately catching on to the other's speech. "Indeed a chill day, but 'tis warmer, mayhap, than thou knowest! No stranger be I, though I speak not for mine companion. Be this thine bonded?" Never had she met any of the fae's bonded before, and she was nervous as well as excited.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:40 pm
by Krinlith
Seeing Vineda's surprise, ShadowFlame chuckled a bit. As she shifted her form to an almost mirror image of himself (with lighter fur), it was his turn to be surprised. He couldn't help but smile, seeing another shifter such as himself. He hadn't come across many in his travels. "Apology accepted. I do understand, seeing a wolf come out of nowhere when you're in a smaller form is a bit nerve wracking. I'll try to be more considerate."

As the sunmare and her bonded came forth bringing warm greetings on such a chill day brought a smile to his face. Standing up and bowing respectfully to the new arrivals, ShadowFlame then sat down and flicked his tail a bit, deciding to introduce himself. "Hello, my name is ShadowFlame. It's a pleasure to meet you."

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 6:12 am
by Songhue
Ah, that voice! 'Twas a voice she had only recently become acquainted with, yet already one which she knew so well.

"Dear Vineda, I had thought thou did hold a familiar air! Indeed the air doth feel much the warmer with kind and familiar words to play upon yon tender breezes. How fairs thee, dear heart?"

Path's eyes sparked at the merry tilt to her bonded's voice upon recognition of this other, her ears flicking back slightly to keep tabs on the frail fae as she lowered her head in a long-legged, equine bow.

"I am indeed a bonded of M'Lady and most pleased to make your acquaintance, fair maiden."

Songhue smoothed the mare's mane as she stood again, never quite able to resist the short strands of silken sky that danced along her bonded's neck. She knew she was as safe upon the backside of this great sunmare as she was while in the arms of her mate, something that caused the softest of smiles to linger over her lips.

"Merrily do I greet ye, yon Shadow Flame, and hope that such a day as this proves to be good to one such as yourself. Another of the shifting talents, so I do observe such traits in yourself, and so does such a truth put an old heart at ease."

Path nickered slightly here, kneeling down on her front legs as her bonded shifted about to slide off. How strangely the two interacted, as if words that had not been spoken had indeed been heard.

Bracing against the mare's neck, the fae shifted into that of a great liger, a low, rumbling purr escaping her throat as she settled between the other great felines and her golden mare friend. Path herself nestled close, carefully fitting herself against the side of the familiar form of the pale liger.

"For one that sees not often the light of day in other areas you are certainly of a friendly status when you venture out," Path noted, her tail ring flashing slightly as the old accent started to invade her speech again.

Songhue gave an exaggerated yawn with these words, flashing fangs as long as a man's hand before resting her head on her bonded's shoulder. She was most certainly comfortable with her company; there was no alarm raised by this new one, this Shadow Flame, no feeling of caution. He was social and comfortable and so it did put her at ease as well.

"As do you yourself, my dear Path, hold the ears of friends whenever you dare to leave your sunny valley. Upon such a topic, might I ask what brings such a pair as that which lay before me to these lowly foothills of the great lands of the Serian? Mayhaps if it be a quest that is sought then one such as we that are before you could be of service."

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 1:55 pm
by Vineda
Wishing she could start over with this ShadowFlame character, she considered him a moment. His calm manner was steadying. She wanted to carry on conversation with this new acquaintance, but thought it best to greet Songhue and her bonded first. Hopefully they would stay and visit a bit!

With the arrival of this fae, it seemed Vineda's very heart smiled. A wide feline grin brightened her face and green eyes gleamed. "I fare a fair lot better today! Nary a soul have I seen in many many moons, my friend. And pray tell how thee fares - too long a time has passed since mine ears have had the pleasure of catching thine gentle voice!"

A moment spent gazing at the sunmare, and then a curtsy and a reply. "And most honored am I to meet thee, Mare Who Shines Like the Sun. Interesting it must be, to be bonded to such a lady. I myself am not bonded to any of your kind, though I call a few of them friends." Watching the silent communication between the two, a small pang of loneliness stabbed before she could banish it. No need for loneliness; there were two new acquaintances here and a great friend coming to join in!

Vineda watched as Songhue settled herself. What a strange circle they made! Three great felines and the sunmare, all enjoying the cold day and the small dregs of watery sunlight that drifted through the few snowflakes.

"My dear Songhue, what name does this form of yours take? Would that I might call thee by the right name. And you have already been of service, for I was lonely and out looking to meet friends, new or old. I was out adventuring and heard a bird making a bit of a racket on the other side of a bush. I was considering shifting to a sparrow to make friends, but the bush I was under didn't quite cooperate..." She drifted off a little before continuing. "And then ShadowFlame scared the wits out of me - my own fault for not paying attention - and I proceeded to cause a small scene... And you know how it goes from there." She turned to ShadowFlame, eager to hear his answer. The question had also been in her own mind but she'd not gotten around to asking it yet.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 3:46 am
by Krinlith
Turning his attention to Songhue as she spoke, ShadowFlame perked his ears. "I came over for a drink from the lake; It had been a while since I'd had a good drink of water. While I was walking I happened upon Ms.Vineda in a form that was larger than her own. I unfortunately underestimated how quiet I can be when lost in thought and unfortunately gave her a bit of a surprise, though I am glad it happened, seeing as it's led me to new friends." ShadowFlame gave a friendly smile, flicking his tail absentmindedly.