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PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:12 am
by Foxyfireswings
The feeling of having others close to her again made her happy, Angel's eyes softened at the thought of telling her not so pleasant story, tilting her wings over to began grooming the soft feathers. Angel smiled at the group and said softly, "Well, how about this I'll share my story after everyone shares theirs."

Tilting her head to reach a feather further away then she had anticipated, she continued in a muffled voice," I think the story that both of you have to share would be more interesting then the one I hold." Out of the corner of her eyes she could see the fire dancing gracefully, and Vineda just on the other side resting.

Re: Tired Wings

PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:11 pm
by Vineda
Vineda joined in gazing at the dancing fire as she gathered her thoughts. She was finally getting more used to sharing her past, but it still left a bitter taste in her mouth. "My tale is not quite so interesting, I'm afraid."

Raising her head from behind her tail fluff, she began her history. "I grew up in a wealthy and important family. Society was everything that mattered. As a daughter, I was being groomed to catch the most promising young man I could. As I came of age, however, odd things began happening around me. Even to me. Magic was considered a curse there, and anyone practicing it was prosecuted severely. My family and I tried to hide it, but the more I held it in the more it grew out of control." Eyes fluttered closed momentarily as memories flooded back. Even she was getting more used to sharing the past, it wasn't easy by any means.

Forcing her eyes open once more, she continued, attempting to detach herself a bit. "The problem divided my family as we tried to figure out what to do. Some pushed me to find ways to conceal my gift, vowing to help me protect myself and the family. Others... wanted to find an end to it. They were as disgusted as the rest of society at the idea of magic." Voice was held steady, tone and pace controlled and even. She refused to let the past get to her.

"I took matters into my own hands, exiling myself before my father could publicly take on the privilege. I know not how long I wandered. Quite a long time, I should expect. I traversed the worlds, learning more that I ever imagined possible." Eyes searched the sky here, noting the stars she'd marked the last half of her life by. She felt regret, yes, but she would not change her past if she were given the choice. She'd learned so much and made so many new friends and acquaintances.

"As I wandered, I let nature teach me what I needed to learn of my gift. I met many people and creatures. I awakened the wanderer in my heart." She sighed now, surprised to be glad at having shared the tale. Falling silent was her way of inviting the others to share what they wished. She'd not ask for anything they wished not to share on their own terms.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 2:28 pm
by waterlily
As waterlily listened to her story a few tears escaped his grasp. Her story had penetrated his heart. It seems the cruelty of being different and forced to leave your home was a tale shared among many. His tale was similar, but perhaps uglier than hers.

He rises and begins his tale. *Your tale was sad Vineda. One hopes his does not further add to the sadness already in the air. One is not of this realm. One is from The Eternal Realm. A place mostly covered by water. There are many lush green islands with brooks, streams and waterfalls. It was truly a place of beauty.*

Waterlily's voice becomes softer. *One was born NIX. One's mother was not known to him. Only his father. His father and him enjoyed a happy life. But when it was time to take up the mantle NIX and all that it stood for, One could not do this. The NIX regard all creatures magical and of the forest and of the seas and of the skies to be sacred. But they regard man as a blight upon this realm.*

A few tears leave his eyes. *One would not take the life of a human. This was the test to pass in order to become NIX. NIX have the ability to draw women and small children to them, ultimately to their deaths. This is the purpose given to NIX by the ones that created us. This task I could not do, because One does not see humans as other NIX do. One has compassion for humans. For what reason, One does not know.*

A sad look fell over waterlily. *For this One was taken from his father and sent to this realm with no memory of how to return. The memories of my time in The Eternal Realm and of my father are slowly fading from me. With each day I forget him more and more. One has been in this realm for many generations and soon will remember his home no longer.*

Unable to control his tears, waterlily turns and walks a little bit away from the fire. *That is One's tale.*

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 3:16 pm
by Foxyfireswings
Saddened by the tales told thus far Angel shifted her body to one side, and said softy, "I grief in my heart to hear of such." Lowering her muzzle she looked over at Waterlily then at Vineda in turn, "I'm glad to have meet you both."

Her crimson stare looked off into the distance, "It seems that everyone that has come to this land has a past that is full of dark and painful memories, and this land is a place to be reborn and start anew."

Crossing her paws in front or her, and saying in a somewhat sad voice, "My story is no more and no less pleasant, I am the last of my kind. I was born in the rich lands of Orenda. A land shared by humans, and many other magical creatures. My clan wasn't very strong and we didn't have many in it, one night the elders from our clan came to the meeting ground to meet with all the other clans and discuss the very real threat of the growing numbers of humans. The humans were land hungry and were pushing many magical creatures into our homelands, two suns passed before a decision was made. We would stay and fight alongside the clans, though joining forces proved to be difficult."

Closing her eyes the memories of the angry voices that night came crashing together, opening them again she continued in a grieved voice, "Each clan wanted to the chance to shine and the reward for pushing the humans off was double the clans territory, the day of the battle came, my clan fought bravely, and the first battle was won."

Taking a deep breath she looked at the ground, her voice had started to waver, "The clans met again that night and informed us that our homeland was secure and that our warriors could go home once again, so our leader decided to take us back to our lands and let the other clans wrap things up."

Pausing Angel lifted her head to look up at the stars sighing as she continued, "That's when things went very wrong, me and my siblings walked back with the other warriors on a night much like this one, very calm and quiet. We had almost hit our homelands when we were ambushed, already to far away from the others to call for help we fought till we were forced to flee into the woods. They burned our clan homes, killing innocent pups and mothers that had been left there. Me and a few of the remaining warriors went back to the clans to alert them of the tragedy."

Growling softly to herself, Angels eyes glazed over with anger, "The had humans circled around and killed everything, burning dens, and striping us of our wings and fur, the clans came to our aid but it was to late. The warriors that fought at my side soon perished in battle, after the last battle I was all that was left."

Unshed tears glazed her eyes, as she whispered, "My kind were never meant to be warriors ." Looking down at her crossed paws she lifted one and moved it to the side so the ring that shone silver in the fire light was visible, "I received these rings from the heads of Clan counsel marking me as the last of my kind, I was given to choice of staying in that land or finding a new world to make my home on, I choose to leave, the counsel called forth a time channel making it possible, and I have been wandering around here every since."

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 10:29 pm
by Vineda
Vineda got up in agitation, made a tight circle twice over the spot she'd been laying, and lowered herself back to the ground. Her eyes shone with the sadness of all of their stories. "I thank you both for sharing your stories. I'm sorry for your pain." She knew many people who puzzled over her apologizing. She had nothing to do with the pain behind their stories, yet she was sorry they had to experience it.

She reveled in the contrast of heat and chill on either side of her, fire on one side and cold shadows on the other. "I don't suppose there is anything I can do for either of you? To help?" Russet muzzle was laid on darker paws as she watched her new friends in the flickering light.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:46 am
by waterlily
*One can only speak for himself, but One's trouble happened a long time ago. One is content in this place. Content with the old friends he has made. Content with the new ones her tonight. One hasn't really been this sad in a long time. But it was indeed nice to share.*

Waterlily is a little cold. He gets up and moves a little closer to Angel. Circling a few times before settling right up against her. His tails tapping hers in a playful manner. Hopefully lightening the mood a bit. Things have been shared here tonight that will bind these three for eternity.