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Re: Marrok, The Wanderer (Open)

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:09 pm
by Foxyfireswings
Impressed with his killing skills, Athena sniffed the fox that was now laying at her feet, and raised her tail wagging it back and forth in a silent thanks. Pinning her ears back against her skull and growling at the small fire pit, lifting her head, her nose pointing to the heavens fire ran up her back and to the top of her nose. Lowering her head again she gentle pushed the fire into the branches causing them to ignite.

Then turning back the kill that had been provided for her, she laid down and in a swift motion ripped it open with her powerful jaws, bones crushing beneath her teeth. Growling in please the blood soaking her jaws. She looked up momentarily and said snarling, "I am searching for a clan, I was run out by a Alpha male who thought he could control me." Growling to herself she continued her meal.

She sensed he had been alone for a long time and was not accustomed to being around others, but then again she hadn't been around people much, she wondered silently to herself if she acted that way. She had always been wild and free, like the fire the surrounded her continually.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 9:33 pm
by waterlily
As Marrok cooks his dinner, he notices that Athena seems quite happy with his choice of meal for her. This brings a tiny smirk to his face. *A clan. I don't think I've seen any packs in these parts. But they could be hiding their presence if they are magical. Your the first wolf I've seen in months.* Marrok leans over to turn his squirrel. He likes his crispy on the outside. The smell fills the air around them.

As he sits back, *dink* an arrow strikes him in the left shoulder. He couldn't smell him it at first, but now he was angry. His senses heighten. He quickly stands up facing west. Suddenly a barrage of arrows comes out of the woods that endangers both Marrok and his new friend. His anger overwhelms him. His eyes burn a bright blue. As he drops to his knees he transforms into a giant silver wolf with the same blue eyes. This all happens within a split second.

*TAKE COVER,* he shouts. Marrok dashes towards the arrows and manages to take out all but two as he approaches the archer that fired them. One strikes him in the back right leg and the other misses him and breaks on a rock behind him. It seems one of the foes from earlier followed them to this clearing and waited for an opportune time to strike. As the archer fires another barrage of arrows, Marrok dodges to right with an unnatural quickness and then leaps onto the archer snapping his neck with his mighty jaws.

As he limps back to the fire with his hind leg up, Marroks vision starts to go blurry. It seems the arrows were tipped with some sort of drug to knock them out. The last thing he mumbles before passing out is *check the perimeter for others...* He falls over and passes out.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:20 am
by Foxyfireswings
Thoroughly enjoying her meal, she hadn't noticed the creatures in the woods till the very last second, seeing the first arrow fly she sprang to her feet, a warning howl escaping her muzzle. Springing forward she dodged the on slot of arrows heading her way. Out of the corner of her eye she heard Waterlily roar and in one motion transform into a mighty wolf. Turning her back on him to face the human male that now stood in front of her, silver sword drawn and raised to attack. Not hesitating she sprang forward, fangs seeking the humans neck.

The man struck out cursing as he did, Athena dodging to the side, leap forward once again, her teeth snapping the air, as he dodged her attack. Twisting in the air to turn around and face him she felt the blade catch her back, screaming in pain and anger her, the fire on her back ignited and burned around her. Snarling, she jumped from side to side, intimidating the man; stunned he stumbled back, only to fall on a root.

Athena seeing that this was her chance she bared her fangs and lounged for his throat, ignoring the sword that still was gripped loosely in his hand. As her fangs entered his neck she shifted to see his blade flash by, moving away quickly she just barley dodged the sword. The fire on her back swiftly spread engulfing the man that now lay dead on the ground.

Lifting her head and sending out a threat howl, daring anyone that still remained in the woods to show themselves. Her cry shook the earth as she darted into the trees a little ways and ran a quick 100 yard perimeter. Quickly returning she skid to a halt and slowly approached Waterlily, who was now lying still on the ground. She quickly assessed his wounds and saw the arrow that was still stuck in his back foot, walking over to him and grasping the end in her teeth she broke of what she could, then using her nose pushed his leg over so she could yank out the arrow.

Moving swiftly she grasped that arrow and pulled, hearing it suck with resistance then finally slide out. Spitting out the arrow and circling him she whimpered softly, trying to think of what to do. Nosing his head gently she tried to wake him, seeing that it wasn't doing any good she grabbed a mouthful of fur at the ruff of his neck and being very careful with her teeth dragged him closer to the fire.

Laying down beside him she felt the wind pick up and cause the fire to flicker then die, her fire flamed up brilliantly as she lay close to him circling her body around his offering her warmth.
She stayed alert and ready for anything as the night drew over them.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:33 pm
by waterlily
OOC| One made the same mistake and almost wrote this story as waterlily and not Marrok. :)

BIC| As the sun begins to peak above the horizon, Marrok opens his eyes. Still fuzzy he cannot see much, but he can feel the warmth of Athena and feel her heartbeat. His breathing has synchronized with hers. A comfortable situation indeed. He takes a second thought about even getting up, but eventually he tries to stand up, and quickly falls back bumping into Athena and letting out a small whimper as his leg touches the ground. It is still too sore to walk on. The bleeding has stopped, but the wound has yet to heal fully.

He decides to stay on the ground. *What happened? The last thing I remember is the tasty neck of a cowardly archer.* His eyes are still out of focus and his head feels like someone smashed it with a hammer. Whatever drug they gave him, they surely wanted him alive, but unconscious. Where they after Marrok or Athena?

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:29 pm
by Foxyfireswings
Athena had dozed off in the middle of the night, laying her head near Marrok. Listening to his steady breathing and the strong beat of his heart. She felt him jerk and fall back against her, causing her to wake and growl lightly her ears tilting back, hearing his drawn in whimper of discomfort and pain she quickly rose. Shaking as she stood to rid her fur of any dirt or grass that might have found its way in. Lowering her head and sniffing his leg she whimpered softly in sympathy, "You were shot by an arrow, while I was taking care of a human male with a sword."

Turning around to face the sunrise her back to him she said softly, "As soon as I finished I came back and you were unconscious." Shaking herself the sun glittering her fur making the flames that raised around her flicker to life.

Raising her head she glanced over at him, "You must be hungry, I will go catch us some breakfast."
Darting into the woods she ran swift, her long body darting across the wood, following the scent of wild rabbits.

As she ran in the early morning sun, she felt the sting of the wound the blade had caused on her back, but another feeling stronger then the pang developed in her heart. Growling to herself and pushing the feeling back, she ran faster still all her senses alert to any danger that could be around her, for she didn't want Marrok to come to anymore harm.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:33 am
by waterlily
Marrok lowers his head. There is not much else he can do in this state. His eyes begin to come into focus and he can at least see. The taste of dried blood is on his lips. he can vaguely remember his attacker. Remember killing him. Marrok does not kill unless his life is in danger. And even then only as a last resort.

He wonders who these attackers were. Where they after him or Athena? Did they know about his secret? Now that Athena knows, what will she think. Marrok did not want her to find out like that. He wanted to eventually call her a friend and show her. Most people would have abandoned me in fear. Lucky she is a wolf. Was it fate that brought her to me?

The air tastes fresh and safe. Marrok does not hear, nor smell anyone nearby. He decides to rest until Athena returns. Rest will allow his wound to heal. Although he cannot be healed by magic, he does heal faster than normal creatures; human or wolf. He closes his eyes and remembers the warm night he had with a smile.