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Re: Marrok, The Wanderer (Open)

PostPosted: Tue May 04, 2010 11:18 pm
by waterlily
Marrok readies a lunge. Sword in hand. He charges at Makis with incredible speed. But Makis does not move. As he lunges and strikes, Marrok hits nothing but air. From behind he hears Makis laughing. While turning a claw strikes his side leaving a wound. It came out of the mist that now surrounds them. Marrok falls back and flinches. But nothing is there. He quickly recovers and stands in a defensive posture.

*Why not fight me in person you coward?* He hears nothing but laughing. He can smell Makis everywhere. Coming out of the mist another swipe. Marrok rolls and just barely dodges it. The mist is closing in on him. Focusing his mind he calls forth a quick wind to keep the mist at bay. With his eyes glowing bright blue a fast wind blows in and pushes the mist back into the woods.

Stepping out from behind a tree Makis smiles. *You have learned to use your powers well. Too bad it will not save you nor will it safe your mate.* He charges at Marrok with an unnatural speed. Marrok cannot get out of the way quick enough and takes a swipe on his arm. He quickly teleports to a safe distance. Holding his side and his now bleeding arm. He breathes heavy. He manages to wound Makis on his back, but barely.

*You cannot run from me forever. Eventually you will become weak and I will kill you. And then I will absorb all your power.* Marrok readies himself. Makis lowers his head and starts chanting in some strange tongue. In a flash another Makis appears on the left and another on the right. He has learned some sort of Doppelganger trick. *You will now die my son.*

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PostPosted: Fri May 07, 2010 9:34 am
by Foxyfireswings
Roaring, Athena broke the barrier and jumped out of the circle of water just as it came crashing down, jumping out of the water her fur getting damp as she did, the sleek fur clinging to her body as she flew into the air. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Sero jump at her, his terrible fangs open and seeking her throat. Turning around her golden eyes filled with anger as she opened her jaws meeting his, the two powerfully wolves clashed, Athena sent a burst of energy at him, in turn he did the same, as the force of the blast sent them flying.

Athena spun upside down and landed on her feet, her heart beat fast and hard, her heart thought of Marrok, she had to end this....Sero readied another attack, as he did Athena closed her eyes and whispered, "Sero, I....will..not fight you..." Opening her golden eyes she lifted on her hind legs and turned back into her human form, the tender feeling of her skin touching the ground sparked through her. Lifting her head she looked at him as he charged at her roaring, a single tear fell from her eye as she lowered her head, she felt him get close and his fangs drive deep into her shoulder, the force of his charge flinging her back.

Digging her heels into the earth she remain crotched firm, and lifted her arms to embrace him, not a single show of pain in her eyes, he tor at her flesh, driving to the bone. She pushed against him drawing him to her with her hands, as her embrace circled him, she felt him pause and his muzzle pause in shock. She felt his body begin to tremble as she tightened her gentle hold, bearing her face into his dark fur, Athena whispered in a strained voice, "If my life is what you demand then you can take it."

Sero began to tremble as he heard her words, lifting his muzzle, the darkness in his heart shifting and turning. A look of awareness filled his eyes, as his great anger melted the sky above began to clear and the moon began to wane back to its cold white light.

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PostPosted: Sat May 08, 2010 4:08 pm
by waterlily
Laughing, Makis and his doubles dart into the misty woods that surround the area that has become a battlefield. Marrok readies his sword, flinching to the left where his side and arm are both wounded. From the mist Makis lunges at Marrok. Marrok quickly dodges, but is then attacked immediately by Makis again. Not being able to block Marrok is struck in the chest by a powerful swipe. He screams in agony as he clutches his torn shirt. Makis again lunges from another area and charges at Marrok. Marrok is in pain and badly wounded. He thinks of his mate and keeping her safe. He calls forth the element of fire. His right hand becomes inflamed igniting the sword that drips with blood. In a desperate effort he throws the sword at Makis and then teleports it into Makis. In a puff of smoke, Makis vanishes.

From the mist, he can hear laughing. *Very good my son, but you must kill me, not my double.* Stepping out of the mist Makis adds, *Am I the real Makis?* Stepping out of the mist on the opposite side. *Or am I the real Makis?* Marrok glances at both, he cannot tell them apart. If he kills the wrong one, the other will surely end Marroks life. Both start charging. Marrok closes his eyes and focuses all his energy. As the two draw near, his eybrow raises as he figures out which of the two is the real Makis. In a flash he teleports to the one on the left, knocking him down and then calling forth an icicle, he drives it in Makis's heart. In a puff of smoke, the other Chargin Makis dissappears.

Makis lays dying, choking on his own blood. * know?* Leaning in to whisper in his ear Marrok utters, *Your stench was everywhere, but the smell of my blood on your paws gave you away.* At the same time Marrok drives the sharp object even deeper into his heart, killing Makis. He is dead. Falling over his fathers dead body, Marrok begins to get dizzy. He has lost a lot of blood. With what little strength he has left, he calls for his mate. He cannot call her directly, but just projects his call on the wind, *Athena!* and passes out.

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PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2010 3:34 pm
by Foxyfireswings
A sharp pang of agony shoot through her heart as she heard her name on the wind, the voice that had given it life was dieing, her mate was dieing. Lifting her head from Seros black fur she stared into his eyes opening her mouth to speak, she was quickly silenced by a earth tremor that caused the ground to shake beanth her knees. The force of the movement caused her to get off blanace and fall back on the cold, hard ground; her shoulder struck against the earth painfully. Sero shifted and lowered his body trying to stay upright, he whimpered softly in sorrow for the pain he had caused Athena. About twenty feet away a great hole had begun to form, the earth around the hole shaking and rocking loose, rock fell into the unseen depths, from the center of the hole a red hue glowed faintly. A shriek filled the air, Athena shuttered as she looked over at the hole, her golden eyes widening, for the shriek was both unholy and unnatural. The dirt around the hole began to grow black and tainted, the trees seemed to bend away from it as if they were trying to escape. A large dark figure rose from the earth, its body hideous and terrifying, its claws scrapped the earth as it tried to crawl out of the hole. Athena gasped horror as the moon reflected the creatures long muzzle, as it crawled forward and slowly rose, Athena lay transfixed in horror unable to move, the creature stood on two legs, and was covered in the fur of the wolf, its eyes were white, and its arms stretched out in front much like a human.

Its size was unlike anything she had ever seen before Athena trembled as the great creature lifted its head and roared, looking down at her with its bright white eyes, he took a step forward the grass at his feet dieing as he did. Her shoulder burned and bled on the ground as she lay there looking up.

Suddenly Sero jumped up and placed himself in between them, "Run Athena!" Baring his fangs he snarled his gray eyes catching the monster in his gaze. Yark flew overhead and landed beside her prodding in with his beak gently, "You must run, the real Wolfbane has come, and your mate is in grave danger." Athena turned to see Sero lung for his leg, her heart felt torn, slowly rising and calling her white wolf form, she landed on her four feet and took off into the woods, it wasn't long before she caught Marroks scent. Panting she slowed and tilted her ears back as she saw a dead Makis and her mate unconscious, rushing to his side Athena quickly assessed his wounds, he had lost a good deal of blood, and was barely breathing.

Fear filled her heart as she heard the monster roar again, Yark stood at her side giving her directions, calling on the Sight Athena pushed gently off of Makis and lay beside him, drawing her energy quickly began to pass some of her life force over to him, her body vibrated with power, gasping she felt his pain enter her heart as she took on half of his wounds into her own body.
Healing him took a large chunk of her energy, she was able to heal him but unable to heal herself, rising on her feet, her head felt dizzy, and her body weak as she lowered her head trying to clear her head. Blood pounded in her ears as her head jerked up when she heard Sero call out in a pained cry.

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PostPosted: Wed May 12, 2010 11:18 am
by waterlily
Marrok wakes up and can feel the healing power of his mate all around him. Rising up to meet her, he gives her a hug and nuzzles her neck. *I'm glad you are OK my love. I was worried about you.* Marrok turns as the cry echoes throughout the woods. *Someone is in trouble. Wait and rest here my love, I will go to their aid.* In a flash he is gone. Appearing behind the giant hole in the earth, Marrok looked around. The stench of death and decay filled the air. There was no sign of whatever came out of the ground, but there was a body. Marrok runs over to a wolf with black fur. He has a large wound on his side. As if something tried to gut him. He is still alive, but is coughing up blood and is barely coherent. *Hold on friend, I will find you a healer.* The black wolf barely lifts his head. *No...'cough'...I should have died a long time ago. 'Cough'...I can smell her, you must be her mate. Is she safe?* Marrok is puzzled, *Of whom do you speak friend?* The black wolf can barely utter words, but he manages to say, *Athena.* Marrok smiles, *She is safe my friend. You have no need to worry.* The black wolf smirks. *Tell her I am sorry.*

*You can tell her yourself friend, if you would just let me find you a healer.*

*No, I welcome death. 'cough'...I have been alive past my time. She has a strong mate now. She does not need me anymore.*

*I will tell her what you ask. Whom may I say the message is from?*

*Sero.* The name rings clear in Marroks head. He is confused. This wolf has caused his mate anger and confusion. Marrok stands up, his eyes burning bright blue and his sword in hand.

*Are you friend or foe?*

*I am both. It was I who caused your pack so much death. The evil that was in me consumed me, but part of me was angry and jealous. 'cough' You have the right to end my life. This I will ask of you as your enemy. Please kill me swiftly. Do not let me suffer this life anymore.*

Marrok is unsure of what to do. He must honor a dying persons last request. But killing someone who means so much to his mate. *You cannot ask this of me. This I cannot do for you.*

*You must. She will not and I wish for death. I would hurl myself at Wolfbane again if it meant he would kill me quickly. I do not want to lay here and slowly die. You are an honorable mate. Please. Give me an honorable death.*

*Marrok looks away. He knows Athena would not want this for Sero.*

*If it is motivation you need. It was I who ordered the Balkers the day her mother was killed. I watched as they took her life and enjoyed it. I slaughtered innocent women and children. I deserve death.*

Marrok is torn. Several tears fill his eyes. He kneels next to Sero. One hand on his shoulder and the other grasping his blade and holding it over Sero's head. *You do not know what you ask of me.*

*I do and as the Alpha, 'cough' you cannot refuse my request.*

Sero closes his eyes and Marrok raises his blade. Not a sound could be heard for miles. *Forgive me Athena.*

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PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2010 12:08 pm
by Foxyfireswings
Athenas body shook as she watched Marrok disappear. Her legs buckled as she stumbled forward, her head swam in circles. Closing her eyes she tried draw energy, her heart was panicking as she thought of Sero. Slowly rising to her feet, blood dripped from her coat to the ground, the pain in her shoulder was almost unbearable. Snarling softly she forced her limbs forward, darting into the woods to Sero and Marrok.

The world seemed to swim and shift beneath her paws as she ran awkwardly, emerging from the thicket just as Marrok had raised his blade to strike what was left of Sero. Her body swarmed with fresh energy as anger overtook her and she darted forward pushing Marrok off balance, the sliver sword banged against the dirt harmlessly.
Rising over Sero, she tilted her ears back, but didn't snarl. Lowering her tail, her body trembled as she struggled to stand, a single word escaped her jaws as she panted heavily, "No."

"My love. Are you OK. You should not be here." Marrok is a bit jealous of her strong emotion for this wolf, but he trusts her with his whole heart. "He has asked me to give him an honorable death. I cannot refuse his dying request." Marrok quickly gets up and rushes to his mates side. She can barely stand on her own. He holds her and asks, "What do you want me to do?"

Athena all but almost collapses, looking up her golden eyes pleaded with his, " have to let me.." Gently pushing him away from her with her head she stepped over Sero and lay down close to him. Tilting her head she looked into his sad gray eyes, "Sero..." His ears tilted slightly forward as he looked deep into her heart, not speaking with words. Athena closed her eyes and lay her head close to him, softly she whispered, "Its ok..." The black wolfs broken body seemed to relax, looking at her closed eyes he whispered, "I'm a little..scared...will I see wolfbane?" Athena opened her eyes as the corners of her mouth turned up in a small smile, she looked into his eyes and saw the real fear behind them, just as she had seen when he was no more then a pup.

Lifting her muzzle she licked the spot between his ears and said softly, "No my friend you go to run the Red Meadows with Fenris, who loves all wolves. There you will find our friends and peace." The black wolf smiled and closed his eyes and whispered, "Please...Athena..."
Angel Richmond: Closing her eyes, pain ran deep in her heart as she rose to her feet. Lowering her head close to his, she whispered, "Goodbye for a second time my friend." Baring her fangs, tears appeared in her eyes as she circled his throat, closing her jaws she bit down as hard as she could. She held by the throat till his breath had stilled. Releasing him she fell to the ground, her body trembled and shook with sobs she withheld.

Marrok quickly holds her again and whispers, "I am sorry Athena. That must have been very hard. I can't imagine what you are feeling" Sero's body just lay there cold and lifeless. He has killed before, but has never had to kill someone he loved. He cannot imagine the pain she feels right now. All he can do it to hold her and love her. "We should not stay here long, it is not safe." Athena lifted her head and nodded slowly, her body felt numb and unresponsive. But the scream in the distance sent a shutter of fear through her body, lifting her head close to Marrok she whispered, "You must not confront Wolfbane...Sero...he had the sight just as me." Looking down at the black body that had once had life Athena shuttered and added in a torn voice, "I must take Makis to the dragons alter, only a wolf with the sight may touch it." Athena struggled to rise, then crashed back down all her energy drained, laying her head down she sighed. Blood poured from the wounds on her body.