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Re: Marrok, The Wanderer (Open)

PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 9:30 am
by waterlily
In a flash Marrok is gone. He teleports to where he killed Makis. The body of the black wolf still lay there, cold and lifeless. He touches the dead body and teleports it to the entrance to the Dragon Cave. Mustering all his strength, he carries the body inside and places it near the alter. His body is still very weak and he can feel his magic draining quickly. He teleports back to Athena and his heart saddens. She is wounded badly and can barely move. He kneels before and rubs her head. "I love you so much." Leaning in to kiss her, he teleports them both back to the Dragon cave. He picks up her now fragile body and walks into the cave. Inside is an altar made of stone and the body of Makis laying before it. There is a unique energy still in the cave. Not something Marrok has encountered before. He heads for the altar and slowly lowers his mate to the floor. In her ear he asks, "What do we do now Athena?"

Re: Marrok, The Wanderer (Open)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:44 pm
by Foxyfireswings
Blood pounded in her ears as she felt her mates voice whisper in her ears, tilting her head slightly toward him she looked into his deep blue eyes. She felt his worry and fear, a sense of dread and hopelessness fell over her. In the distance a horrific screech filled the air, Wolfbane was coming, coming to end all that they had begun.

Sighing, Athena shifted slightly trying to raise her head, the pain that raked her body blew over her like a cold winter storm. The deafening call grew closer as she looked at the alter, "We....we must close the gate and death..." Looking at Makis body she whispered in a strained voice, "I...wasn't told how we were supposed to end this..only to bring the one that called Wolfbane the alter."

A soft whimper escaped through her muzzle as the hopeless feeling grew, heavy breathing and the thundering of footsteps entered the cave. Tilting her head she looked at the entrance to see the creature that sent a dread into the heart of anyone that saw it. As its loud roar filled the cave, she raised her muzzle in defiance, baring her fangs.

Suddenly out of the corner of the cave a bright light began to shine, the light shined dimly at first but then grew brighter and stronger. Athena felt a wave of soft warmth flow over her heart as she turned in shock to look at the light. Out of the light stepped a he wolf as tall as the hideous creature, as the wolf stepped out Athena gasped in awe for its fur shone as brightly as the sun. His strong golden seemed to regard her gently as she lowered her gaze.

Sharp claws scrapped the ground as Wolfbane screamed and roared at the golden wolf, Athena felt tears enter her eyes as the warmth of his breath came close to her face, not daring to look up she whispered softly, "Fenris..."