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PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:26 am
by Foxyfireswings
*Takes a deep breath* (o.k here we go)

Running swiftly, almost flying through the field she comes across an open plain. Tall brown grasses surround the area and the air smells of wheat grain, coming to a stop and tilting her ears forward to listen, she senses no predator; but deer far off in the field. Lowering her head to the ground, she searches for what she had left there before. Using her sharp claws to scratch at the ground she uncovers a long bow made of fine birch, and a quiver of arrows. Digging down further revealed a set of simple clothes, pants and a shirt made of soft deer skin. Taking a step back and growling softly to herself she thought of her human form, something she hadn't done in a long time. As the memory came, she pushed herself up on her hind-legs and her fiery fur began to melt away to soft innocent skin. Her claws turned into hands and her muzzle shrank and turned into a human mouth and nose. Her fiery eyes gave way to golden human eyes, the only clue of the fierce creature she had been.

The transformation complete she quickly knelt down to slip into her clothes, flinching as she turned her head to look back at the deep line that rested on her back, the sword had cut deeper then she thought, ignoring the pain and sliding into the soft deer skin, she grabbed the bow and quiver, and set off to shoot a deer. Moving quickly and gracefully in the tall grass, it wasn't long before she came upon a small herd of elk, crouching to the ground so she wouldn't be noticed, she smoothly slid an arrow out and aimed it at a weaker looking female. Taking in a deep breath she let her arrow fly, as it whisked harmlessly through the air it wasn't long before it found its target. The creature fell, sending the others dashing across the field trying to escape the unseen predator.

Rising to go claim her kill, she walked over to the deer and gently stroked its head, her arrow had shot true and took out the deer instantly.
Rising her chestnut colored hair flying behind her, she darted into the trees a little ways. Glancing around her, then slowly slipped out of her clothes. Calling in her heart the wolf, she quickly revered back into her wolf form. Feeling her warm fur envelope her human body, and her mouth grow into a strong but delicate shaped muzzle, she leaped forward, throwing her head up to the sky, in a success hunting howl. Her cry stretched out across the plains back into the woods from which she had come. Diving toward the deer, she buried her fangs deep into the doe's flank, the soft fur gave way as she crunched through the bones that rested there, blood stained her muzzle and neck as she filled her belly.

Eating her fill then grabbing a piece of meat from the carcass to take back to her wounded friend, she paused looking back at the deer and realized that she hadn't removed her arrow. Growling in irritation she turned and started running across the field, thinking to herself that she would retrieve the arrow later. As she ran, thoughts of the small battle and of Marrok drifted to her mind. She remembered his human form and his swift transformation, she wondered if he sensed in her the human that rested as well. Shaking her head she pushed the thoughts aside, she only used her human form on occasion, usually when hunting large prey.

Stopping and getting a drink of water at a stream she ran across washing most of the blood from her fur. She emerged from the trees to find Marrok resting, stepping forward and dropping the piece of deer in front of him she smiled a toothy grin, swishing her tail back and forth, "I had a very successful hunt, how are you feeling?"

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:47 pm
by waterlily
Emerging from the forest Marrok sees Athena approaching with a chunk of dripping fresh deer meat. He could smell it for miles now. As she lays it down before him, Marrok nods in agreement and leans over to take a bite out of the deer meat. It is quite tasty. She killed the animal with scaring it, because there are no traces of fear anywhere.

After a few minutes, he utters *Thank You. I do not usually find myself in this position.* He continues to eat. When he is done, he rolls over onto his side. His leg is getting better at a surprisingly fast rate. Soon he will be able to stand on it. *I am doing much better thanks to you. It seems something has brought us together. What for reason has yet to be revealed.*

Marrok does not sense any ill-will or malice from Athena. She is genuinely interested in his well being. He is not used to this sort of treatment. Taking a sniff of the air near her, *Your smell has changed a bit. I am not sure how, but it is different from this morning.* Marrok begins to groom himself to the best of his ability.

*I need to rest for a few more hours before I can walk again. How about you tell me a little bit more about yourself. Or I would happy to answer any questions you have about me. I am sure it is not always that you see a human transform into a beastly wolf.*

The sun is approaching midday and the air is warm and clean. Marrok cannot sense anything nearby except Athena. *When you took off this morning you seemed to run unevenly. Are you hurt somewhere? I have a friend in a nearby village who can heal your wounds. Did you want to do that?*

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:23 pm
by Foxyfireswings
Slightly winded from her hunt and transformation Athena sat a little ways away, watching Marrok eat, smiling she said, "Your welcome." She flinched when he mentioned her smell, brushing it off she replied, "I was most likely just smell of deer, it has been a long time since I last hunted deer..........." Trailing off she, turned her head staring off into the field thinking of the dead deer that rested in the field only a short run from the area she stood, knowing full well that she was going to have to retrieve her arrow from its carcass.

Turning her neck to run her tongue along the wound that rested on her back flinching slightly at the sting she said softly, "Don't worry about me, the blade just caught my back a little. Nothing severe." She knew that in order for her to be healed she would have to revert back into her human form, healing magic didn't work on the wolf in her.

Turning back to him, she answered in a soft voice, "Stuff about me, .....hmmm.... let's see." She let her gaze wander around the wood that rested around them, "Well.. I was born in the wild lands of Orenda, in a small den, centered in the heart of the Light Plains." her eyes blazed a cool blue gaze, "My mother was a Alpha, and my dad a Kerl, I have no other siblings. Our pack was small at first but soon grew in strength as others joined, I was in line to take my mothers place as Alpha. Then one night a wolf the color of the night sky came among us, calling out to my parents hospitality, Moonwalker is what he called himself. He joined our pack and ran with us for many suns, then on the night of the New Moon festival he challenged both of my parents. He fought like a demon possessed and won a swift victory, anger over took me and I challenged him, but I was only 2 winters old at the time and was quickly defeated losing my title."

Stiffening she still remembered his sharp fangs and how they felt around her neck, "He spared me, for what reason I assume was his own. He kicked us out of the pack, together me and my parents ran, realizing it was time for me to learn to kill and fight, my dad trained me in the arts of fighting, and killing without fear. After training my parents sent me away to find a pack of my own." taking in a deep breath she continued, "I ran for many nights as a Kerl, coming across many packs but unable to find a home with one, on an evening when the sky's light went away in a thing humans call an eclipse, a portal made of pure white light called out me. I stepped into the light and found myself in an open field surrounded by wild flowers."

Holding him with her gaze she tailed off saying, "I ran for many, many nights, and came across you against a tree..........." tilting her head thoughtfully she added, "What about you? You said that you didn't belong to a clan either, so are you a Kerl?" Her gaze held his innocently as she softly added, "Your form is not as strange to me as you think."

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:37 pm
by waterlily
Marrok cannot help but stare into her eyes as she speaks. *I do not know what a Kerl is, but it sounds like you mean loner. Alone is something that is very familiar to me.* Marrok has only known loneliness since before he can remember. His earliest recollection was that of a small child awakening in a home that was not his with parents that were not his. Even though he knew this was not his home nor these people his parents, he has no memory of his real home or his real parents. Later in years these people explained they found him in a basket near the river bed with a shard of fabric and the word Marrok on it. They assumed it was his name.

*I am sorry to hear that you and your family were deceived by this shadowy wolf figure. His name, nor his description are familiar to me. I have not met another magical wolf, except for you, ever.*
This land is home to many magical creatures, but other wolves have all been just creatures of the forest. Marrok has not met another like him...until now. *The wolves that I have seen were just animals. You are the first with a soul that I have met. Have you met others like me? Others cursed with this form that cannot be controled?*

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:13 pm
by Foxyfireswings
Athena had laid down as he spoke, curling her tail around her and using her soft tongue to stroke the fur, lifting her head she nodded approvingly as he questioned what a Kerl was, "Kerl means loner." holding him with her gaze she whispered, "Being a Kerl for a long period of time is unhealthy for any wolf, a wolf is meant to run with a pack and be around others. Being alone can make a wolf go feral, crazy, and cause a blood thirst."
Lowering her head she said in a stricken voice, "And some forget who they are, and grow fierce in nature, they forget how to communicate and finally they give up and die."

Pausing for a moment contemplating on how much she should tell, and deciding that she would learn more about Marrok, continuing in a sure voice, "Your form is not a curse friend, but a gift from Ferris himself, the first." She sensed that he had no idea of his powerful ancestry, "I have meet many others like you." Rising she added, "Your gift can be controlled, but it is hard to control when you are angry, hurt, or under magical influence."

Turning to go to the stream, she felt the sting on her back, and pain strong and fierce shot through her back spreading down her legs, gasping she stumbled but quickly caught herself the word Poison pumped through her blood, her eyes blurring for a moment, she shut them in an attempt to steady herself, those bastards poisoned me, already she felt her body slowing to her commands, her human form was withering in pain inside her.

She then realized that the poison was meant for her human form, rising she felt the presence of others in the woods, wildly she thought no this can't be happening .
Bearing her fangs and snarling in the direction of the one that were approaching, the smell of blood filled the air, she could sense the evil radiating from them.
As they appeared from the trees she could tell they were not of this world, evil creatures sent to kill, the smell of mold and decay consumed them, stumbling as she backed away she snarled, daring them to come at her.

In a pained strained voice, she whispered, "Stay behind me and when I tell you run as fast as your legs will carry you, get across the stream, its just a guess but I don't think those things can cross water."
Turning her attention back to the undead she opened her jaws showing them a row of clean white fangs, drawing all her energy she lifted her head and howled her summoning call, the cry filled the air and earth drawing the energy around to her aid, fire surrounded her and in a shooting line at the undead circling them and restraining movement, "Run!" she cried, and jumped to him waiting for him to rise.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:27 am
by waterlily
Marrok responds, *I have been a loner all my life, but have yet to experience any feral tendencies. Perhaps I am not one of this kind you speak of.* Marrok begins to wiggle his leg. The wound has closed and is well on its way to being fully healed. It is interesting that magic has no effect on him, but his own abilities are magical in nature.

Marrok's head quickly rose when he saw Athena stumble. I knew something was wrong. The air changed. The smell of blood and death filled it. Marrok saw the creatures that emerged from the woods. They appeared to be undead, but not zombies, something far worse; demons perhaps. As Athena attacks, Marrok readies himself. She jumps to him, and they run for the stream. Marrok's leg is still weak, but the sudden burst of adrenalin was more than enough to subdue the pain.

Once across the stream Marrok asks, *Are these demons? How can they be killed?* Marrok could feel the pain that Athena felt as if it was his own. It radiated from her even through the deathly stench in the air. His eyes glowed brilliantly as a sudden rush of energy consumed his body. He turns to her and yells *Athena...?*