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Re: The Tale of Nix

PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:41 pm
by Songhue
She blinked here and laughed happily, watching the droplets for a moment before guiding them away from her head and letting them hover between the two of them. She didn't move to get the droplets guided to where she wanted, merely followed them with her eyes as she melded together and froze - the end result was an icey heart, with elegant splashes frozen around it from the tip to close to the top of the curves.

"A gift for thyself, a true spirit of water."

Small particles of dust flew up to surround the little heart frozen mid-splash, instantly followed by a near-blinding flame that curled around it, engulfing the trinket. When the spark faded it revealed a thick, chilled coating of glass surrounding the frozen ice, sparkling slightly under the light.

It would never lose it's form now, unless time itself pulled at the glass and distorted it. Even should the ice melt, it would remain the heart that splashed, in perfect form without so much as an air bubble.

She continued her weaving with that, smiling as she plucked a few hairs from her head and wove them throughout, finishing it up and revealing a small bracelet. She put this on the ground, placed a seed in the middle of it and coated the whole thing lightly with earth.

"So thy travels have taken thee far from thy lost homelands... Dost thou know how these lands were found by thyself? It seems that comfort is an ally to thee, here."

Re: The Tale of Nix

PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:46 pm
by waterlily
Waterlily was in awe of what Songhue had done with his little gift. It is something he will keep and treasure. In a brilliant flash of blue light, waterlily transforms into a Blue Snake. He grabs hold of his new gift and slithers away to a nearby tree trunk to safeguard his trinket. As he slithers back, he transforms yet again into a Blue Horse. He must trust Songhue somewhat in order to show her this form.

As he stops in front of her, he bows his head and left leg to show respect. *One does not really know how he came to the Foothills. One only remembers going to sleep in his tree and waking up here. One thinks his memory may have been washed of said events in an attempt to keep me from returning home. One has yet to come across another of his kind. You are the first Shape-shifting being I have met.*

*Maybe you and I share a common ancestor?* Time seems to standstill when Songhue is around. Waterlily does not even know how much time has passed since first setting eyes on her. It feels like an eternity, but the sun has not even reached midday. *Can One interest you in a ride through the fields? The cool breeze will be nice as the day gets warmer.*

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:40 am
by Songhue
Songhue tilted her head up at the equine before her, somewhat curious. One of her favorite forms, indeed second only to her fae, was that of a winged unicorn, blue grey and dappled. Her opal hooves, translucent wings, curved opal horn and silvery white mane and tail were often seen in many areas, yet never here. The few times she had shown herself in such a form in these lands she was sure to make every attempt to hide it. Part of her was terrified that the marvelous creatures here would feel she was mocking them, by having an equine form herself.

Strange, however, that she would hold a blue-tinted form, her brother a near black blue tinged with purple for his own winged unicorn form and now this Waterlily, a Nix creature, with a blue horse himself. The irony was impossible to miss.

She was curious what he had done with his trinket, but she shrugged it off as he invited her to go for a run with him. With a grin she stood and stretched once again, shimmering into a rather large werewolf.

"'Twould be improper to sit upon thine back as some lesser being; ye've no reason to bear the burden of my weight. Yet a good run sounds decent, all the same, if the distance be short enough."

Wagging slightly, Songhue trotted next to him, yawning absently and flashing a mouthful of fangs. A good run may be just the thing to liven up the day - as long as she didn't overdo it on her leg again. She always caught trouble when that happened.

"Nay, 'tis quite impossible that we share a common ancestor. To where shall we run?"

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:46 pm
by waterlily
Waterlily would have gladly given Songhue a ride. He has done this before for children and animal alike. Upon seeing her Lycan form, waterlily asked *Do you have different names for each form you take? Why is that? Is it not still Songhue now behind those fangs and almond-shaped eyes?*

*There is a beautiful waterfall about an hours ride from here surrounded on both sides by lush forest. It spills into a small lake that feeds a small river that travels westward. This is a great place to swim, dive and relax on the rocks that border the river banks. There are also many fruit bearing trees nearby. One often has lunch here and then goes for a swim.* Waterlily hopes this little adventure sounds appealing to Songhue. For him, such things are fun and refreshing.

*This is where One would like to take you.* As they trotted along, Waterlily wonders where Songhue comes from? She is such an interesting soul. The things she has seen. The things she must have experienced. Simply incredible. *May I ask, where do you come from? And what manner of creature is a Strangeling*

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 7:09 pm
by Songhue
An hour's run.. That made her frown ever so slightly. The fruit and water play sounded refreshing enough, but could she run for a whole hour without collapsing?

The Gods didn't grace me with winged forms for nothing.

She almost chuckled at all the questions. He was surely a curious creature.

"Yonder falls of which thy speaks sound familiar to me. 'Tis an enjoyable idea, welcomed most readily."

With that, and a short barking howl, she started the journey, pulling ahead on her long wolfen legs and easily winding through the trees. Strange thoughts were tugging at her mind as she started the run, making her eyes flash and glow.

How long, now, she thought to herself, practically dripping sadness as the thoughts turned in her mind. How long since any was trusted with my nature and the history of my people. How long since more than passing thoughts of the past or o how an ally could be taught would pass through mine head? This be a place of peace... 'Tis not so that relaxing and trusting these creatures comes naturally for me here? Yet how long since any were dared trusted with such knowledge...

Snuffing, she shook herself off as she ran, trying to break loose of the thoughts. She wanted to share; she was surprised to find that. She wanted to share for the first time in... Eons. But she was afraid.

If only Vineda was there, or her mate. Or her little brother. She looked up to them, loved them, counted on them. She would feel safer, opening up to them, letting them see her. Her brother knew much, her mate all, and Vineda... Vineda she simply trusted. Never had she had so good a friend.

Not in a long, long while.

Lost in her thoughts as she was, wondering at this desire to share and the need for a paw to hold while she did, she forgot about her physical form. It happened quite frequently with her; she received a rather rude reminder, however, when her right back leg stopped working, making her stumble as if she tripped. Before she landed she had shifted again, this time into a gently speckled owl. She flew on silent wings, tilting her head around to check on Waterlily. Her eyes were warm and smiling, as she looked back, disarmingly sweet. Songhue made sure not to look for too long, gazing ahead of her once again before the deep shadows could be glimpsed underneath.

They were nearly at the waterfall, now.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:16 am
by waterlily
Waterlily did wonder why she did not like talking about certain topics, but he will respect her privacy and not ask these questions again. *She will tell me when she is ready,* he thought to himself. As Songhue started off, waterlily started after her. She was fast for only two legs.

As they ran through the forest, waterlily tried all he could just to keep her in sight. She ran with an elegant grace that he was hopeless to watch from behind. For a minute he though he sensed something sad in the air, but it seemed to pass just as quick as it arrived.

Running in this form gave him such a feeling of freedom. The wind in your hair. Your heart pumping so fast. It was exhilarating. One saw her stumble for a second, but then as if leaping into it, Songhue shimmered into a beautiful owl and began to fly.

As they approached the waterfall, waterlily did not even stop. He leaps into the air and in a brilliant flash of blue light he transforms into his human form and dives into the sun warmed waters of the lake, splashing water everywhere. Sometimes he cannot help but act his age.

His human form is that of a young adult; brown hair and piercing blue eyes. As he dives into the water and then out again he leaps into a nearby apple tree, grabs two apples and offers one to Songhue. *This time of year, the apples are especially sweet and juicy; here have one.* The Sun appears to be beginning its decent.