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Re: The Tale of Nix

PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:54 pm
by Vineda
Vineda studied this strange creature, simply enjoying puzzling over a new friend. She liked understanding a little about what made individuals tick; she appreciated each new character she met for their individuality.

It was not overly common for her to share more than was required of herself, but for some reason she felt ready to share more.

"I find that I live on life. If I stay holed up at home away from life and nature, I wilt as a flower cut and placed in a vase. If I get out amid the hubbub of nature and witness and experience the joys and pains of life, I bloom and grow. If I spend too much time out at once and spend no energy or power myself I fairly glow with it. There was one day I began shaking from having built up and contained so much energy."

This had become a problem when her magic had first awoken, in that life so long ago. She'd had to hide it, or try anyway, in an attempt to stay with her family and keep them all safe. Eventually however, there was nothing for it. She'd sneeze and a book nearby would burst into flames. Something would influence her emotions and she'd turn colors. She'd had to stay cooped up away from anyone else. In a world where magic was feared and those who practiced or possessed it - or those who harbored the magicians - were prosecuted and punished severely.

She nodded her acceptance of his words, glad that he, too, felt comfortable enough to share. "I've shifted subconsciously before, when overwhelmed. If I am startled enough, abruptly, I can find myself already shifted and on the run. Or the hide, depending. My hair has been known to grow more red or my body taller without my intending... " She trailed off here as though remembering something. Quickly she realized her rudeness and, with a shake of her head, continued. "I find myself shifting a fair amount lately. I guess it is becoming more commonplace as I become more accustomed to the shifting."

With a nod, she straightened and turned to walk back to the fire. "Thank you, I would welcome a return to the fire."

She shivered slightly in the cooler night air, and made herself sleeves. It took much concentration, but it could be done. Much better. The sleeves protected her arms and the energy she called up to make them both warmed her. "I can change other things as well, though 'tis not nearly as easy as changing myself. With myself it is very natural, and I don't feel like anything truly changes."

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 3:11 pm
by waterlily
*That is quite interesting that your power can build up in that manner. One would not want to be near you when such a build up occurs and then releases. The resulting magical explosion would be incredible. One has never met a creature such as yourself. With myself, it is water that One needs to live. One can go a long time without, but eventually One would become weak and possibly die. Luckily, water is plentiful in all that nature provides. Even a kiss could be enough to bring One back from the brink of death.* Waterlily blushes.

Waterlily is fascinated by Shape-shifting in general. This ability to mimic other creatures or objects. Where does it come from? Why are there differences in the way creatures shift? Did Shape-shifting begin with a single creature? One day he hopes to meet someone who can explain these nuances in the magical realm. He also wonders how he has come to meet 2 other shifters in the same day? Does the power itself attract others with the same ability? His mind is racing with questions.

Walking back together, waterlily ponders the beauty of the two creatures he has met today. Both are indeed stunningly beautiful, but is that their true nature or is that an image they imposed on themselves to appear beautiful. His curiosity will get the better of him someday. For now he is content to adore them in whichever form they choose. Waterlily smiles a rather large smile with a slight snicker. Such things always on his mind attest to his age as a young male. He looks at Vineda and smiles again.

As they approach the fire waterlily notices that Songhue is nowhere to be found. *One wonders where she has gone? One does not sense any danger in the air. She will hopefully return soon. One will clean the flowers he has gathered.* Waterlily grabs a giant leaf from a nearby tree and begins to clean with only his hands. His hands are soaked and dripping with clean, fresh water. He begins to do the same for the flower stems and then breaks them off, just an inch or so below the delicate flower itself.

While arranging these in bundles by color, he begins to hum a song.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 4:40 pm
by Songhue
Waving her nine tails through the air, Songhue pounced after the little rodent; only to go flying backwards in surprise a moment before she would have batted it with her paw. Standing before her was a rather cross looking kanga-rat, glaring at her quite boldly as it hopped closer.

There you are! Do you need your ears boxed again? You seriously told my charge that swinging through a tree was a good idea?!

Songhue had to make a large effort not to smirk.

"Yes, and as he hath such forms for this it would seem to be the case."

It's hard enough getting him to listen to me - me, his guide! But now you're putting such notions in his head... Do you want him to break his neck? Seriously? And when's the last time you saw him eat something proper? Those sugar-plants don't do anything but taste good.

"Why art thou present, little one."

Because he's worried, of course. Honestly, he keeps me so busy just checking up on you and letting him know you're fine - though of course to his thoughts it's just a 'feeling' about it. I hear you do the same with your own guide, poor creature.

Songhue snuffed out a laugh with this statement, picturing her guide with an obvious grin. 'Poor creature' was the last thing she would have said in regards to her.

She couldn't help herself as the little rodent fluffed angrily; she reached out and batted it with her paw. In a blink sharp little teeth had sank into her paw, making her jump and stumble backwards. And grin from ear to ear as she batted at the creature once again, narrowly avoiding another bite.

It was with a giggle that she watched him whip his tail around and shimmer through the air, vanishing on the spot. Stretching lazily, she shook herself off and looked around for the fire she had wandered from. A small glow and the distant sound of humming caught her attention, though she felt no urgency to return.

She took time to enjoy the land as she started in the general direction she had come from, listening to the trees and earth, feeling the gentle touch of the season in the air. After a ways she heard something else; the sound of a woodpecker stuck in a tree. Putting her paws on the trunk, she leaned up for a better look, whimpering in sympathy as she saw the little creature struggling to gain the hight to pull its leg free.

Although she stretched as far as her neck could stretch, she couldn't reach the bird to help lift it. An excited yip escaped her as an idea struck her, making her turn around and back into the tree so her back paws were propped up instead. Her tails could reach easily enough and if she used all of them at once it should prove strong enough to lift the bird.

Piling her tails together, she put them under the woodpecker like a platform, carefully lifting it higher until the right leverage was found to wriggle free. In the next instant it took off with a note of gratitude, making her smile as she trotted back towards the fire once again. Her step was light and she favored her back right leg as she moved, though she didn't realize it; her thoughts had turned to the warm fire and the hope of friends returning.

Flicking her ear, she picked up the pace a little as she considered this. The air was chilled and her fur was not enough to protect her fully. She absolutely hated being cold.

She was starting to miss the others, as well.

Frowning slightly, Songhue tossed her head and shifted mid-stride, re-solidifying into a glowing white wolf that trailed stardust as she moved through the dark land. That was better; just as human's changed clothes, makeup and hair to communicate and show others who they are and how they thought, so she shifted forms. It was never anything so conscious as it was that she became that form she had which felt the most comfortable at the moment.

She still wished for thicker fur as she entered the glow of the fire, smiling slightly at her friends as the light of the flames mixed with her own glow. If only she had a phoenix form, or perhaps even penguin.. What fun it could be to be a penguin! Well she could wish, at any rate.

"Berries and flowers maketh sweet treats. Grazi, my friends, and welcome to the fire's glow once again."

The little kangaroo rat hopped up onto her shoulder at about that same moment, clinging to her glimmering fur and sneezing as a little cloud of stardust greeted him as she lay close to the fires and looked for some way to help with the food.

Before you ask he wants me to keep an eye on you.

Any why might that be?

Don't play coy with me. You know perfectly well why, your own guide must have told you.

She hath other business, yet she did indeed.. Would thou not be of more use to him, then, as he doth fight such dark powers?

His abilities are his own; I am of no aid to him in battle, nor in the hunt. Only in those of the heart and mind, as you well know from your own guide. I can best help him in that he does not worry about you and distract himself.

Yes.. This is so.

A mental sigh punctuated the thought, as she caught herself wishing that they could travel between worlds and realms without fear of these beasts that hunted them and their light, their energy. Would that more than their home, the realm she had created for her bondeds, was safe for them. Shaking her head, she glanced to her friends and forced a smile as she tried to keep the concern from showing in her eyes. She had to fall in love with a warrior, after all..

"A friend of mine, come to check in. He hath no given name, and to share the name of his essence would be folly.. So we shall call him Ratto. Ratto, thy companions be Vineda and Waterlily - and nay, they not be known personally to my mate, although it hath occurred to me for Vineda to meet him if for no other reason than they art both cherished.

Ratto?! You're calling me rat in another tongue?!

Chittering, the little rodent gave a polite little bow to each of those near the fire, all the while hammering Songhue with his thoughts; such was a typical night, for her.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:54 am
by waterlily
As Songhue returns, she has with her a small furry guest. Waterlily smiles, *How is that that small furry creatures find you even in the deepest woods?* Ratto was his name and his appearance was quite funny. He seems a rather jittery little fellow. Waterlily still remembers the other furry creature from earlier. Had it been any other day, he would have made a lovely morning snack for his fox form. As waterlily is thinking about this he is apparently unknowingly staring at Ratto and licking his lips.

*My apologies. You remind One of someone he met earlier today.* Looking at Songhue and her little friend, waterlily asks *How did Ratto come to find us all the way out here?*

Waterlily had finished cleaning and sorting the wonderful array of yummy flowers. In a blinding flash of blue light, waterlily manifests 3 plates. As he tosses them in front of him, 3 tiny gushers of water form under each of them holding them straight and just at arms height for each of his friends. He bundles up a bunch of flowers on each plate surrounded by an assortment of berries. With a flick of his hand, the plates glide to their respective positions in front of each creature in attendance here.

*One thanks the forest for the meal we have before us. May we have the opportunity to return the favor someday.* Waterlily regularly does what he can to help the forest and all the creatures that belong to it. Sometimes the task is as simple as routing water to a patch of land that cannot get any. Others may involve helping nature pollinate in his finch form. This involves fun flutters and rolling around inside flowers. A fun past time to say the least. Sometimes he must calm angry spirits, so that they leave the woods. This is something he had to do today.

He was not aware he had this ability or this connection to the spirit world. Is this one of the abilities that come with being Nix, or is this something else. He must explore this later. As the evening wanders on, waterlily finds himself watching Vineda. He takes little glances of her throughout the night, to see what she is doing. Waterlily smiles; often. *One will be taking a nap now. One finds that he needs some rest every few days and with daylight approaching it is a good time to do so.* In a brilliant flash of blue light he transforms into a rather large blue wolf. He finds a nice spot near the fire and with a few turns he settles into a cozy spot. *If anyone needs warmth this early morning, One would not be offended if you needed to sit next to me. Good night to all.*

As he lowers his head and closes his eyes, waterlily reminisces on the day he had today. It was quite a day indeed. Waterlily appears to be smiling; even as he sleeps.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 2:48 pm
by Vineda
Vineda was surprised at this energetic rodent that tracked down Songhue, though all that she showed were raised eyebrows. She nearly giggled aloud at his infuriation at being called Ratto, but she dipped her head and bowed nonetheless. She was careful as she settled next to the beautiful white wolf, having gratefully accepted a plate. She nibbled contentedly, leaning back on her arms to tilt her head back and gaze at the heavens above with their twinkling stars.

It had been long since she'd had a chance to be so relaxed and open, and in such good company. She traced the many lines of constellations she'd learned throughout her years. Some she'd learned from her 'first' family, and others she'd learned from generous people who'd shared their shelter. Ones she cherished the most, however, were those she'd learned from other travelers. 'Twas an exchange of sorts, a sharing. Sometimes the beliefs conflicted, other times they complimented. It was another sort of dance, a more ancient one somehow, slow and steady and mystically beautiful.

She smiled at Waterlily's abrupt bedtime. He seemed a clockwork sort of creature, unlike her wandering self. She slept when she tired, and ate when hungered but it was a rare thing to have such a scheduled itinerary. Flames danced yet again, but it was a slow subtle dance, featuring suns and moons and mythological stories handed down through generations.

In a soft voice, so as not to wake their slumbering friend, Vineda wondered aloud. "And what of you, my shiney friend? Do you also wish to have a slumber party? Must you be returning to your own lands?"

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:32 pm
by Songhue
With a snuff she stood and shook herself off, grinning as the little kanga-rat on her shoulder clung to her fur with a muffled squeak. He jumped down as she stilled, glaring in a completely un-rodent like manner as he curled up near Vineda's elbow to keep an eye on all of them.

"Nay, my friend, there be no need for rest. Although Ratto doth seem a wee sleepy."

I am not cranky, he squeaked in response, opening his mind so that Vineda could hear as well, if she had such an ability.

Although it would be best to stay for a time, instead of wandering the worlds.

Songhue pretended to ignore the last statement, sniffing the air as she watched the beautiful dance of flames. The wood was simmering low with scorching embers that could continue to burn for hours on end The low flames brought a distinct smell from the woods used in the fire, though just beneath that she could catch the scent of the flames themselves. They were magical, peaceful and lived in their own way - just beneath Vineda's wonderful dancing show she could see another dance, made of sparks and twirling embers. The very spirit of the fire.

Grinning, Songhue stretched out near Vineda, resting her head next to Ratto and letting her tail curve with her form. Her glow cast a soft light on them, making her close her eyes with a contented murr as her light mimicked the fire and distant, twinkling stars.

"'Tis infrequent, to find me at home with all my darlings wandering free. It requires little care, to keep the lands healthy, and needs me now as it doth thy wanderers. What of thee? Wilst thou be soon to retire, else is wandering yet upon thy mind?"

He decided to come here, Ratto murmured to her, making her perk an ear for an instant When he has done, instead of risking you wandering the realms. Though he only comes for you and will not long stay.