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Re: The Tale of Nix

PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:02 pm
by waterlily
Waterlily appears to be dreaming. His eyes are moving even though he sleeps. He whines one second and growls the next. He rolls to his side and reaches out with his paws. It is a fun sight to watch.

Re: The Tale of Nix

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:36 am
by Vineda
Vineda could only wonder at these strange beings before her, one in dreams, the other two bickering as though siblings. She could not help herself but to reach out and ruffle the awake wolf's fur, for it had such a gentle shine, even if it was lit by a wild fae fire underneath. It was as lovely as promised, and she grinned as she let her hand fall. The other wolf she'd not touch as he dreamed. She knew much better than to startle such a being from sleep.

Still she tinkered with the fire, building on it's own more natural movement to tell her stories. The effect would not be nearly so lovely if her manipulations were all her own. Instead the images took on a realness she never could have duplicated, though they lasted such a short while. She may be telling stories, but they were merely tiny snippets of the tales themselves. Such was more suited to the flame-telling. Twas how she worked most all of her magic, building on what was already there.

[color=#800080"]No need has my land of me, either. Tis wild enough on its own now. It has grown strong so quickly."[/color] She glanced over to meet her friend's eyes, her own shining with gladness. "My heart does long to retire some, to take joy at finding a home. But my feet still yearn to wander yet. They know there is a home to go to now, when they tire."

Vineda heard the murmur, though since murmur it was she didn't interpret the meaning. She let them flutter past as a flame as they were clearly not meant for her.

Re: The Tale of Nix

PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:52 am
by Songhue
"'Tis a good feeling, to finally find thy new abode after so much time wandering."

Songhue smiled as her friend reached over to ruffle her fur, murring contentedly and leaning against her. She was normally not one for physical contact, as the energies that passed between those that touched were often overwhelming and she often found herself receiving negative while the other drained positive from her - hugs, in particularly, were a major trouble in this area.

With Vineda, however, she welcomed this touch, even wanted it. She was only slightly surprised to find herself returning the gesture. The energies she thrived on were bountiful and positive, a calm, pleasant sensation that surrounded them.

"For so long the realms were wandered, and whilst the time would not be traded for very nearly anything, my heart did so ache and long with each step. The reasons why were well beyond me... Yet now, there is a home, a place to return to and a place where it finally feels that those that are loved and myself belong and simply fit. How hath thee come upon thy home?"

Songhue tilted her head as Waterlily stirred in his sleep, her eyes smiling at the sight of his dream effecting him so. Her kind usually slept soundly, so deeply lost in their dreams that they became reality - it was often referred to as another kind of realm walking, though in this case their spirits wandered the realm of dreams, leaving the body unattended.

Observing the rest of others' was often a curious interest for her.

As the blue creature shifted about, Ratto hopped on top of Songhue's head and stood on his hind legs, perking his ears sharply.

Would that he be still... he grumbled to himself, though there was no irritation in the thought. The creature was sleeping and, frankly, cute. Aha! 'Tis certain; he is near.

Turning, he opened his mind wide once again, almost engulfing Vineda's energies as he offered her a proper, polite and superbly cute little bow. Please to excuse me, fair lady.

With that, the kanga-rat jumped on the ground and took off into the brush, leaving Songhue to stretch out and watch the flames high-light Vineda's hair. It was quite the entoxicating sight, honestly.

Without thinking she had pulled away to break the contact, watching her friend and focusing on her answers. Her own energies had spiked with the disappearance of the little kanga-rat, a nervous, trembling jitter of nerves that she didn't wish to bleed over onto her friend. Though she had pulled away from leaning against the woman, she was still laying companionably close. It would be difficult, to her mind, to think that such a minor retreat would be based on negativity from Vineda herself.

Where art thou, my love, and how injured are thee?

That was heard, as ye well know. Be still; your mate comes, and would do so faster if his guide were of quicker stride.

Quietly, in the very back of her mind, she picked up on Ratto's voice flitting across the mind of her mate, forcing a very small smile from her. You come down to my size and say that! I make a smaller target than you as is, though, so you wanna see who gets in the most nips if you keep complaining? Focus that head and keep moving! Honestly she half-expected some smirking retort about how the smaller size could be easier squished - and it may have been given, at that, yet if it was so then it was not in a way that she heard.

Besides, her own mind was mostly focused upon Vineda and her answers.

Re: The Tale of Nix

PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:15 pm
by waterlily
As the sun could be seen peaking out from behind the horizon, Waterlily awoke with a loud yawn and stretching his paws almost twice the length of his body. The beginning of a new day is just about to start. The day before seemed as a dream, never-ending. But even it could not hold back the force of a new day. That power is reserved for the Gods.

As his eyes came into focus he can see Vineda and Songhue still up enjoying each others company. For a moment he thought he could hear talking in his mind, but it must have been a passing noise in the air. *One's dreams were exceptionally vivid this past night. One dreamed he was fighting with other magical creatures, but the enemy could not be seen. This battle seemed hopeless. That is all that One remembers. The meaning of this dream, One does not know. How has the night treated you my new friends?*

A new day brought new adventures.

Re: The Tale of Nix

PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2010 2:12 pm
by Vineda
Vineda heard Songhue's words, heard the conversation in the back of her mind, the question and the excuse, but it took her a short while for her to come to. She gave a slight start, noticing the broken connection with the wolf.

"How absentminded I've become tonight. My deepest apologies, my friend. The land I call my home is strange indeed. It began when I walked through some caves leading from this land, actually. I tired, and upon resting I dreamt. From my dreams I created the beginnings of a land to call my own."

She hesitated a moment, unsure how exactly to describe what had followed. Never before had she seen such a thing.

"This was a land that was obviously waiting to be made, however, as a tiny spark from me allowed it to take on a life and wildness of its own. Tis a beautiful and varied place, and growing ever closer to my heart. A perfect home for a wanderer. As far as I can tell, it is an in-between place, opening onto many others. The most danger is in getting lost..."

A second start was given as she realized what the conversation in the background meant. "Songhue... Who comes? Surely not..." She could hardly fathom the thought that had just occurred to her, now that she'd gotten her head out of the clouds!

As Waterlily awoke she spoke to him as well. "This night has moved so quickly it seems! I am sorry your dreams were troubled. Dreams are very strange things. Are you well now?" She wondered if he needed to eat again, and was surprised to find that she did not.

Re: The Tale of Nix

PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:11 pm
by Songhue
Vineda's answer sparked a smile from the wolf, her eyes flashing merrily at the tales recounted. 'Twas no home that was chosen, but one that reached for her, and asked to be made. How wonderful that was to hear.

Slow down and watch your head! I told you, she's fine!

Stop ye chittering and make haste.

"Such a lovely land to have, then! Aye, it doth sound most ideal for thy wandering paws, and such a grand home for visiting souls."

These lands are safe?

Perfectly so, and these others that have ye so fretted are of friendly stature.

"Mayhaps it hath meaning," she nodded to Waterlily, barely resisting the urge to lay her head upon Vineda's side, "This dream of unknown demons. And mayhaps 'twas naught but a dream. All depends upon what thy heart doth tell."

Hey, watch the tail!

"As for who comes-"

There was a rustling in the bushes at that moment, revealing a very large figure that stopped just within the firelight. For a moment all that could be seen was the large shadow, but as he stepped closer the fire revealed a black werewolf with toxic green tribal markings standing before them. His ears laid back cautiously, drawing the eye towards the spikes that showed through his neck ruff, along his spine. Dangerously thin hips exaggerated his large chest and muscular arms, his legs long and powerful as he knelt low and allowed his golden brown eyes to flit over the small gathering.

In the next instant the little rodent appeared at his heel and he blinked, rippling as if seen through water as he shifted. The fire flitted, then stilled, revealing a small blackfooted ferret where the massive werewolf had been moments before. With a large grin he scampered through the low grass and tackled Songhue in the side before she could get on her feet, making her laugh as he nuzzled into her neck fur. She lay down as he settled himself, murring while he rested between her shoulders. Ratto followed after him, moving as if to hop upon Vineda's knee, a smirking grin tilting his mouth as he saw the ferret ripple once more, this time into a massive blue lion with a mane of flames. The feline had a smirk of his own as he absently wrapped himself around his star wolf mate, ignoring the prodding by his guide over his show of restlessness.

Songhue had to laugh.

It hath been some time since ye golden winged was seen, my love.

He simply grinned at her, knowing that he favored this flaming lion as she nuzzled into his warm mane. His blue-toned fires wouldn't burn unless he wished them, helping him to feel safer in this form; still, at her light touch he found himself relenting and relaxed. His blue lion was a warrior's form, as fire was often useful and his dearest elemental friend, though earth and wind were tied to his soul. Yet no matter how comfortable the form or flame, he still found it was impossible to resist her urge to relax. With a loud, thunderous purr he found himself rippling into a great, golden lion with massive wings, which he wrapped around her as she nuzzled closer.

He was so soft in this form, soft and warm. And to her, handsome.

"This is Vineda, my love, she that ye heard word of before. And yon wolf is WaterLily, a new friend. Waterlily, my dear Vineda, this would be my mate. Ye may call him Draëkath, if it so pleases."

"Draëkath? It hath been long since that name was given me."

"Aye, so it hath. Have ye objection?"

"Nay, none. 'Tis a pleasure, Vineda, and ye, Waterlily. Thank ye for keepin an eye on this imp."

Imp, he says. As if he be the innocent one!

Draëkath simply smirked and wrapped his wing tighter around the glowing wolf next to him, flicking his tail contentedly. Songhue leaned against him with a happy murring sound, returning to her friends as if there had been no interruption.

"My own lands were less welcoming, whence they were first found. My mate here was a great aid in creating the realm we call home, as there was magic and potential for a new realm yet it wished to be nurtured and grown as a sapling would. We created it together, slowly, weaving the energies and lands together."

Though he did help, it is mostly her own lands and a part of herself. As their realm suffers, so she doth ache as well. He wasn't even really aware of what he did, half the time he gave her aid.

"Doth thou normally have such dreams, by the way, Waterlily? Some times our dreams know more than we ourselves do."

"And sometimes they're just dreams," Draëkath murmured as he played with her ear. He couldn't help but nuzzle into her; he always worried when there was trouble and he knew she wasn't safe at home. At times he worried even while she was - and always, he felt a twinge of concern and even guilt over how she worried for him in turn, and what wounds he may receive.

Thou may expect a thorough examination when we get home.

Thy mate is fine.

Do'na argue with the woman.


Songhue smirked as he shifted with the mental protestation, rippling into a brilliant sun wolf with deep gold fur that held a quiet glow that as it shimmered across his hide as flames over the face of the sun. Nuzzling close, she watched her friends and rested her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes in contentment as she contemplated how such a deep golden coat would easily disappear in low lighting if not for his rippling glow.

What better moment than this, to be here safe with good friends and her most beloved mate, knowing that all was well once again? Her guide whispered in the back of her mind to be glad for such moments; and in her heart, she was indeed glad, cherishing each face in the pale glow of dancing flames.