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Re: The Tale of Nix

PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:25 am
by waterlily
*Indeed, One is much better now. Lately One's dreams have been troubling, but One takes them just as that; a dream. A nice dip in the water is all One needs to be refreshed. Would you care to join me, Vineda?*

Waterlily greets Songhue's mate and smiles at the love they have for each other. This is something he has not experienced in a very long time. The air is filled with it. With that he takes off towards the lake and jumps in paws and all. From within the water you can see that he transformed into a human again. With some concentration he warms the waters to a nice 85 degrees.

He relaxes into a restful float on the tips of the waters as the sun begins its rise into the sky. *What a beautiful day indeed.*

Re: The Tale of Nix

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 2:25 pm
by Vineda
OOC| So sorry guys >.< should be better for a while =)

BIC| Vineda froze as the black werewolf appeared from the shadow, the flames jumping wildly for a moment before she remembered they were expecting a visitor. She scolded herself mentally for her silliness and watched as he - she was immediately sure it was indeed a he - flickered through those powerful forms as though through water, with an ease and grace.

Even had she not already known, she would have tagged this being as a warrior. Seeing him settle down and get comfortable with Songhue put her at ease, however. The air was full of the love, and it was a relaxing feeling.

"Greetings, Draëkath! At last we meet!" From her sitting position, she bent forward from the waist and gave a small bow, flourishing with her hand and arm. "Thank me not for keeping an eye on the imp; I fairly doubt I could keep up with her if i tried." She eyed the little smirk on his face and shook her head, knowing trouble when she saw it and nodding as Ratto scolded him lightly.

"Indeed the land I call my own cannot be owned. I tend it and help it grow... I may help to shape it but I am not sure if I should. I'd like to make sure it stays a safe haven, but I fear to meddle too much."

She laughed aloud at the mental cajoling, glancing at the sun in surprise. Time seemed to be moving so quickly! "A dip would be nice, I think." She glanced at the pair next to her, raising her eyebrows and wondering if they'd join in as well. As she sat there she shifted to a lithe river otter, and it was only a second before she was bounding toward the water and leaping in. This had to be the best way to experience water, she thought.

Re: The Tale of Nix

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:22 pm
by waterlily
OOC| No worries at all. One is content to enjoy the story however long it takes to unfold. One has commissioned an artist to remake his animal forms. Please feel free to check them out. Thank You.

Re: The Tale of Nix

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:04 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Oh wow those are good. And fast! And hehe... Tale. It's a... New way of looking at it, for me.

BIC| They both grinned as everyone jumped into the early morning water, a chuckle escaping Draëkath as his guide dove after Vineda. Songhue stood and shook herself off, settling her fur, only for him to shift to his fae form and tickle her sides as her necklace shook loosely.

"Aww, you're shrinking."

Giggling, she squirmed free and jumped in after everyone else, laughing as the dark, elven fae twitched his deep blue and crimson, fliligree wings as he was quickly soaked.

"Come here and make me eat, then!"

With that, she shifted into a strange looking, not-quite-albino beaver and slipped under the waves, a twinkling grin the last thing seen as Ratto tried to clamber up Draëkath's legs. It didn't do the rodent much good; within seconds the fae had rippled down into an otter, leaving the rodent to cling to his tail. Draëkath, of course, did more than persue his mate; he had to aim a playful splash at the others, diving sharply and tossing the rodent into the air with a particularly impish laugh.

Songhue tried to find a place to hide behind her friends, giggling silently under the waves as she slipped around the shallow bed. Somehow, as he chased her, she had to be amused that he was the playful otter and she was the home-maker beaver. She half-wished she had an otter form, herself.. But only half. Having a beaver tail was simply wonderful, after all.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:39 pm
by waterlily
Waterlily changes into his lizard form in a brilliant flash of blue light. Walking on the very tips of the lake he can look down and see everyone having fun. It is nice to have friends to play with. It has been a long time since he could have this much fun. As he dives into the water he spots Vineda. He shoots towards her and taps her on the head and then quickly changes direction as if playing a game of tag. In his mind, this is what he is thinking, hopefully she will catch on.

As he swims away from her he is reminded of the first time he ever played tag. One day he came across a pack of magical wolves. They appeared to be a clan of humans who could transform into wolves. They were very young and very playful. A game of tag was right up their alley. He remembers playing for hours in his wolf form, just running around chasing each other all over the forest. It was definitely a show of Alpha male bravado, but everyone enjoyed themselves and no one got hurt.

If lizards could smile, he would be doing it right now. He swirls and winds around the river bottom, hoping he is not being chased.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:48 am
by Vineda
Vineda laughed at being caught in the crossfire of Songhue and her mate, ducking in turn behind the beaver to shield herself and chittering in a friendly way. As she was tapped on the head she turned to see a suspicious lizard slipping away. She sloshed her way around, sending up a spray of water with her tail that just might make it over Songhue and her mate.

That done, she took off in the direction the lizard had retreated in, swishing through the water in a pattern of swirls and loops. She reveled in the way her otter-skin glided smoothly through the water. At last she caught the winding motion down near the bottom, and she sped straight for him. She pulled up at the last minute, bending her motion around to circle wildly around him. She hoped to mess up his current enough to swirl him around a little.

Otters could grin quite well she was sure; her face most likely had a telltale smirk on it. She dipped down and tapped his head right back, then sped back to find Songhue and her mate in hopes of joining in a very wet water fight.