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Re: The Tale of Nix

PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 8:34 pm
by Songhue
Songhue smiled warmly at the little fox called Waterlily. He seemed so... Unsure of himself.

She shimmered again as she drew even with him, reappearing with a sparkle of stardust as a seraphim - this was the name she knew for her form, yet some had referred to her as an angel. Her almond-shaped eyes remained the same, as they always did, her gown shifting to a near-transparent, pure white silk that crossed at her chest to loop the back of her neck. The long, velevet soft wings folded automatically as the feathers appeared, shimmering into existence with the rest of her. Her feet were bare still, her hair still long and golden, crashing down her shoulders in gentle waves.

She knelt, reaching to pet the creature with one slim, tender hand as she attempted to comfort him. Time would give him courage and surety, but for now he looked so much like a lost little lad that she couldn't help herself.

It was in this same way that she had found her brother.

"There be no reason for such fret, Waterlily. These lands be safe, a haven, where no harm shall come to any that doth so dwell here. Thou may shift as thy pleases, without worry of frightening others or of danger summoning thee."

She paused here, offering a reassuring smile and settling nearby, allowing her dress to spread around her. She had to take a moment before she answered what her name was - Solace, was often what she was called in this form, the name given to her eons passed when it was first discovered. It was hard not to give this name, instead of the common given name she had acquired in these lands as she was normally seen in her fae form.

"My given name is Songhue, dear. You are quite the handsome little fox."

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:43 pm
by waterlily
Her warm smile gave him a calming sense of reassurance. As she shimmered into yet another beautiful form, waterlily thought it was nice to meet another Shape-shifting creature. Even though they may not be of the same race, their mutual ability binds them in a way other creatures may not understand. As her form settled on what appeared to be an Angel, waterlily blushes because of her apparent absence of modesty. He smirks as a little boy would, trying not to focus on her nakedness.

As she knelt to pet him, her hand was as warm as the sun and as soft as silk. In forms such as these, waterlily enjoys to be petted. It must be an emotion only tied to furry animal forms. Her words of comfort soothed what little anxiety he did have left. As she sat nearby, waterlily cuddled near her bare feet. Waterlily can sense she is much older than she appears to be and that she has incredible power behind those almond-shaped eyes.

Her comments flatter him. More smiles cover his face. *Songhue is a beautiful name. What does it mean? Where do you come from? Are you an Angel?*

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:17 am
by Songhue
She grinned as he seemed to become bolder, watching as he curled next to her. Her legs were tucked to the side, keeping him out of reach as he lay near her feet.

They had been still long enough that the wildlife around them was able to relax, making her smile and hum a soft note as a small creature dashed right by her fingers. A bushbaby, of all things, one that paused a few feet passed and looked right at her before moving on. She hadn't known that any lived here.

"To know the meaning of a name is to hold claim over it, Waterlily. 'Tis not lightly shared, even in such peaceful lands as these, for then there would be a magic note whenever such word was uttered by thee."

She paused here in consideration, turning her head to look down at the kitsune-style fox as her wings rustled quietly before adding, "At least, such is the case for Strangelings. No angle is seen by thine eyes, merely one that is known as Songhue. Though in other lands and in times long passed, the name Solace was also given for such as thy sees."

Smiling and humming once again, she paused to scratch the head of a rabbit that had nudged her fingers, a gentle breeze stirring as a trail of stardust glittered from her fingers.

"Peace be a friend to thee, sister rabbit."

The critter twitched an ear and seemed to smile before turning and hopping off, searching for delicious roots to eat. Typically, Songhue was ignored by the native creatures, more or less accepted as one of them or a part of the scenery. Then again, normally she didn't have a foxy friend curled at her feet as peaceable as could be.

"What of thyself? What manner of shifter doth thy claim to be, and from whence doth thee travel?"

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:44 pm
by waterlily
Waterlily's head and ears sprung to attention as a little rabbit hopped on by. He cocked his head as the rabbit stopped, looked at Songhue and then proceeded on his way. In this form, waterlily has learned to curtail the hunger of the fox. For if not, that furry little beast would have made a nice little snack. Waterlily once again rested his head at her feet. Taking in the beautiful smell of flowers that emanated from her. Her humming was a refreshing change from the sad songs he has been accustomed to lately. Waterlily has a peace about him that he has not felt in a very long time.

*I am Nix* waterlily exclaimed. *One's race are spirits of the water, an elemental if you wish. One remembers his homeland as being mostly water with lush green islands filled with rivers, creeks, springs and waterfalls. Many places for One to play. One recalls the name as "The Eternal Realm," yet One does not know how to get back there. One was cast out of this land for reasons he is not yet ready to reveal to one he just met. One day though, when we become good friends, One would like to share his sad tale with you.*

*That rabbit seems to be back,* waterlily thought. *Pretentious little fur-ball.* *Now that One has enlightened you on himself, One believes it is your turn to reciprocate.* As his ears perk up to take in all she has to say, waterlily slowly creeps in a bit closer, almost resting on her warm bare feet. At the same time he reveals a smirk, because he knows that may have been too bold a move.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:51 pm
by Songhue
OOC| After much debating, it's been decided that there'll be two active threads with me in them. The 'Tired Wings' one is getting dropped (not much for the direction that seems to be going in any way) and of course, Sage will be played with whenever she shows interest enough to reply. For a bit it seemed this would have to be paused for a while as well, as Sage is back now, but it should be safe to be in these two. >,>' *waits for someone to lecture me about 'letting others play'*

BIC| Once the rabbit had gone and Waterlily had told the part of his history he was comfortable sharing, Songhue found the bush baby blinking at her from a nearby tree. She smiled at it, only for it to blink again and disappear from view as it climbed higher.

Popping another berry in her mouth, Songhue shifted her weight and stretched her legs out for a moment, leaning back on her hands and arching her back as she did. The stretch did her good, making her smile as she stood up and quite absently picked up a passing raccoon. It's first reaction was to try and squirm free, though that only lasted for a few moments; within seconds the creature was laying calm in her arms as she pet it, easily soothed.

"Thou hath hinted at quite the story to thy history. 'Tis of no surprise that more not be shared; even as much as was spoken now is quite a bit of information shared."

The rabbit returned at this point, apparently jealous for more petting, so Songhue put down the raccoon and knelt to let her fingers play through the bunny's fur. She collected the loose fur in her other hand, piling it with what she had gotten from the raccoon. When the rabbit had had enough and wandered off she sat again, humming to herself as she started weaving the hairs together.

For some reason it seemed excessively easy to relax while around this Nix creature, the water spirit before her. She could enjoy some company and still spend her time as she would if she were alone.

"With such a curiosity about thee it can't help but be asked rather you enjoy learning. What was the last new thing to be learned by thyself?"

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:51 pm
by waterlily
OOC | One is content to share you with this Sage character. *Glares at Sage.* One will be content to enjoy what time we do have. And this saga is open to anyone. One will continue it at his leisure hoping others will join in.

BIC | Waterlily was a bit bothered when Songhue decides to stretch and get up. That spot by her feet was getting rather warm and comfortable. In response to her comment, waterlily replies *One feels a connection to others when stories are shared. This is the essence of friendship.*

*Looks like the fur-ball is back again.* As Songhue sat back down, waterlily sat directly in front of her to watch what she was doing with all that fur. *The last thing that I learned,* waterlily ponders. *One believes the last thing he learned was the ability to manipulate water. One was not aware he possessed this ability until it happened one day by accident. One will show you.*

As waterlily started waving his tails, water droplets that lay nearby started to rise up. They began to form a circle of evenly spaced water spheres each spinning in one direction and spinning in the other as a whole. The spinning circle surrounds Songhue just above her head, like a clear blue halo. Waterlily smiles. *One presents you with a gift.*