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Re: An Average Day {Story}

PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:57 am
by Songhue
Meanwhile, the old flufflebutts was trying to shake a branch off of her head. When her panther friend had lunged at the other, she had quickly jumped out of the way to make sure the two felines were only able to focus on each other. Only she had jumped directly into the branches of a tree and her head was now thoroughly and rather painfully stuck.

It was her ears, for the most part. They had hooked in a fork within the branches, with another snapping into place under her chin, leaving her to thrash about in an effort to break free.

Thrashing wasn't the best idea, but it was more or less her only option. Still, her rump had hit the tree at some point at least, as her hip was stinging terribly. Hopefully it was just a bruise.

At least the tree had worse than that for grabbing her! Her hooves had left deep gouges in the bark, though that freed sap to stick to her tail, much to her annoyance.

And her ears were picking up on the sound of approaching footsteps. Oh, now what?!

Re: An Average Day {Story}

PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:58 am
by Krinlith
As he searched, he came upon her scent once more, and started following it. As he followed it, he noticed it stopped at a tree. A very beat up looking tree. Looking up, he saw his old friend stuck up in the branches, flailing about.

"I'm here, old friend! I'll try to have you out as soon as I can." Climbing up, his claws digging into the bark, he quickly got up to his distressed friend. "I'm going to have to snap the branches, but I want you to be ready to land on your hooves in a second. Are you ready?" he asked, looking into her eyes.

"Yes, I think so." was the strained answer he got.

Wrapping his jaws around one side of the forked branch, he sank his teeth deep into the bark, pulling his tongue as far back as he could, so he wouldn't get any splinters. With as much force as he could muster without hurting his teeth, he began pulling back, using his neck and back muscles for leverage, while climbing in the opposite direction.

Slowly (After about a minute or two of pulling), he began to feel the wood strain, and start to crack. Suddenly, a loud cracking noise (louder than a breaking bone!), and the branch was broken!

Hearing the branch break, his friend started to wiggle and struggle once again, slipping her ears out from the grip of the tree, falling backwards. It looked as though she was going to fall on her back, but she righted herself just in time (though barely), and landed on her hooves.

Jumping down, he laid next to her and rubbed his jaw with his paw. "Ow. I'm glad you're free, but ow."

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:11 am
by Songhue
She automatically checked on her friend's jaw, snorting as she ignored the strained and bruised muscles across her hide. He could have splinters in his gums or have a pulled jaw, making things quite difficult on him. Thankfully he seemed alright, though, so she nipped at his ear and bumped his shoulder with her nose before starting back towards the hunting grounds.

"See, there has to be good prey around here or there wouldn't be such a problem with predators," she said in an attempt to reach the old levity from before. It wasn't the most sincere effort; she was still a bit shaken, and he certainly had the higher score for the day in regards to their friendship.

"Oh sure, she who gets stuck in trees is telling me about how to handle food," he teased, much more sincere as he was honestly just relieved to have had the moment passed them.

"Yes, and defeating a tree branch is a wonderful thing to boast about," she countered. Somehow he managed to put her at ease, he always did.

The moment didn't last too long, much to their dismay. When her friend had appeared next to her she had simply assumed that it was he she had heard - until a few minutes later when a terrible screech filled the air, making her stumble and nearly fall.

"Hide," she snapped at him, her eyes seeming to shrink in terror. He was not built for running as she was; there was no way he could stand up against what made that sound. It was her natural predator, a great beast that few ever got a good look at, especially as part of the hunting tactics used was with the terrible cry. She was already mildly stunned, her eyes rolling slightly as she stumbled to keep her footing.

"I'll run better without you to worry about. Hide, and for the love of all that's green and tasty, do not come out."

With that, she leaped through the bushes, her limbs shaking quite visibly. Why, just why had she thought it to be a good idea to lead her friend into prime hunting territory?! She was not a hunter, so just being able to breathe put her in grave danger. And they weren't even in the heart of the area yet!

Boy she sure hoped that cat was listening and staying hidden... Another screech sounded, this time directly behind her, and she blanched, picking up the pace to dim the terrible cry. She had to outrun this thing.. Somehow.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:13 pm
by Krinlith
He couldn't just sit idly by while his friend was being hunted. He had to follow her just in case. Running through the trees and tall bushes, he decided to perform a trick he did when hunting sometimes.

With some concentration and a bit of effort, he began blending into the shadows (even better than his coat of fur already let him), and the sound of him running seemed to die down even more, allowing him better stealth.

He could only follow for so long before he would tire out, but until then he decided to follow. His body was one meant for quick bursts rather than long sprints. As he followed, he began to envy the stamina of his old fluffy friend.

She could run, and she could keep it up for a long time. She had earned each year of life through hard work. It helped that she was immensely clever. He new how to prey on animals, not really how to avoid predators.

After a few minutes of pushing himself, he could no longer keep up, and he promptly plopped down and started panting heavily, trying to catch his breath. He would have to find a way to keep up with her, and soon.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 5:33 pm
by Songhue
The screeches were working better than she had hoped; her legs weren't moving in the rhythm she needed as the magic in the sounds took effect, slowly stunning her. If it had been close enough she simply would have passed out on the spot. The sound of her friend following had caught her ears for a few minutes, only to fade back in the end. She was no match for him - or for this predator. What hunted her was large and could tail her at an easy pace while she pushed herself to escape the terrible sounds that echoed around her.

The hunter wasn't the only one with a magical taint, however.

Snorting in exasperation, she stopped dead and pooled her strength into her last-ditch trick. Tilting her ears, she took a firm stance and promptly began to glow.

Within seconds the massive monstrosity was upon her, though she didn't move. She was smart enough to stop before her instinct to run drained her too much for this, leaving him wavering uncertainly as he regarded what stood before him. The glow was a protective aura - one that would burn and melt any part of him that attempted to touch her and rejected the stunning effects of his screech. He tried though, bellowing directly next to her, attempting to frighten her into running again if nothing else.

It almost worked - almost. And then the panther friend came charging out of the brush, having caught his breath and then caught up to her, sinking his fangs into a limb and yowling as it snapped it's jaws and turned to wander off. This meal was too much trouble; there were others to hunt.

"Well then," the panther said, eying his friend's defensive aura cautiously as the tip of the beast's tail disappeared. "Shall we be off?"

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 7:29 pm
by Krinlith
"I always was curious about that last bit of magic you used there. I've not seen any ward or spell like that except for when you yourself use that one. I'm glad you seem to be okay, though." he said, checking his friend for wounds and being glad to find none.

"I think that these two back to back attacks are a sign that we should not be here. You are going to be targeted by hungry critters back and forth until one of them succeeds. I for one know how stubborn a predator can be, even with a hard-to-get prey like yourself. I, for one, am not liking those odds. I can find prey, but I can't find a new old friend." he said, looking to his friend with a pleading look.

Looking to her old friend, she saw that he had nothing but her safety in mind. With a gentle look, she shook her head and chuckled at how kitten-like her old feline friend could be sometimes when concerned for others. "Alright, sug. Let's get out of here then." she said, turning back to safer lands, gently bumping her side into her friend, the old cat as a sign of affection.

As he turned back with her, keeping eyes, ears, and nose at attention for anything around that posed a threat, he was glad to find nothing for now, and especially glad his friend seemed to be okay.