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Re: Play Date

PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:55 am
by Songhue
"Faelynn," she said again, clearly pleased, and with a nod fell back into step once more. It made sense in an odd way for their names to be much of the same. She knew her mother's meant WindSong, but it hadn't been Clan that had named her.

"You know my name," Rielthon said as they started moving once more, nearly running into his uncle in his excited demand for answers, "My proper name, the one I'll grow into?"

"Hsst!" Faelynn snapped, laying her ears flat as she took a good nip at his flank, "you'll frighten the prey."

"But my name," her brother whined. He sulked into silence as she glared, but kept imploring puppy eyes turned up to his uncle.

To Faelynn the matter had been settled to satisfaction; she had again turned her full mind to the task of a snack. She was currently attempting not to pout over her difficulty in holding to the trail; she'd catch the scent for a few steps only to have to lower her nose and search once again. She just couldn't seem to find the tracks! It was quite annoying, especially since she was left to face the fact that had she been on her own she would have wasted the entire day simply attempting to locate the beast. However decent she was at the kill and however wonderfully she knew to trace the energies, she was not meant to be a huntress.

Now if only her foolish brother would focus instead of tripping along and crowding into their uncle's space. Nipping at his tail again she got a sharp yelp and, having taken him by surprise, soon got a surprise of her own as he whipped around and flashed his teeth at her. She did manage to dodge in time yet she couldn't mistake the message. He'd had enough; her warrior little brother was declaring that he wasn't in the mood and would defend himself.

Sighing, Faelynn rolled her eyes and left him to his mood, turning her nose to the winds. Warriors; sometimes they just got so self important! Let him by a grumpy butt. She really didn't feel like a proper fight, although chances of her winning came out to about 50/50 since he was still quite young. All she felt like was getting some food!

Re: Play Date

PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 7:02 pm
by Krinlith
Krinlith chuckled at his nephew's determination. "Whether or not I know the full name you'll receive and grow into, it is not yet time for you to know it. You'll learn it when you are ready, I promise. You should know that the sad puppy eyes don't work on me, kiddo. I've done them enough to be immune to their effect. Just ask your mama. She got the look more than enough times from me." Krinlith said with a smile.
As they started fighting, he gave them a sharp look that let them know that they needed to stop, and now. "Let's catch that little piggy, and let's not be grumpy butts. If you fight again, I'll eat you both, I hope you know." He gave them a look that let them know he'd do it, too.

Re: Play Date

PostPosted: Wed Dec 25, 2013 3:12 pm
by Songhue
Both of them tucked their ears back contritely, with Rielthon glaring sullenly at the ground. He wanted to know his name now, not when he was "ready" for it! It would help him figure out who he was meant to be so much faster. His uncle would eat them though; his mother had eaten one of her Bondeds to teach him a lesson, after all. Swallowed him right up. And uncle Krin' did have a dragon form. Neither of them found the prospect of spending a few hours stewing in a stomach all that appealing.

Faelynn gave a mild smirk as the term 'grumpy butts' was used - it was exactly what she'd been thinking! She did manage not to snort in derisive amusement at least. That probably wouldn't have gone over well. Lowering her nose once more, she gave her brother's flank a bump and set about her task of tracking as he finally focused on the trail again himself. They were really getting hungry by now.