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PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:19 pm
by Songhue
She snorted out a laugh as he went to find them a snack, a reluctant smile curving her mouth. She remembered that; he was 'almost missing a foot' because something had 'almost bitten it off.' They'd both been very young and if she hadn't been poking through some herbs herself she wouldn't have noticed him limping up with 3/4 of a foot hanging off. Good thing she tended to wander a bit too far herself at that age... He never had told her exactly what he'd done to get the tree angry enough to do that either. And it hadn't been ignorance; everyone knew there were flesh-eating trees, many of which used a venus fly-trap method. Everyone also knew not to poke at them or they'd reach out and bite. Typically they did have something close to inexhaustible patience... If they moved too much then they wouldn't be able to attract their prey.

Knowing her luck, he probably still wouldn't tell her even now. He never did learn not to poke things, either.

Oh, dear. She was sending her cubs off with a larger version of themselves.

The boy twitched his ears as his mother's sudden laughter reached them at nearly the same time as their uncle did, a sudden burst of giggles. She was about as nutty as any of the rest of them so he really didn't pay it much mind - he'd followed uncle Krin's steps and had picked up on the same scent. A young boar, one of the mild kind - still, it was bigger than he was and would have a tusk the size of his leg.

His sister wasn't all too thrilled, by the way she kept bumping his shoulder as she sniffed around herself. She loved to hunt, loved to run and feel the ground speeding under her paws, but she wasn't honestly all that great at it. She was fast and she knew some wicked tricks to bring prey down hard, but she'd been receiving whispers from her guide that she was nearing the peak in her hunting abilities - she'd be decent, but never an Adept. It bothered her; both her parents were skilled Adepts, and her father was a natural Hunter. Her talents must be almost solely focused elsewhere; but she wasn't yet sure where.

She was, however, at the age of twelve and thus beginning to learn what her role could be.

"Uncle," she said, "I run faster than he does, but I think I should follow behind him; I can leap ahead if I need to." She wasn't entirely sure why she said it; she was only just beginning to be aware of doing this on a frequent basis.

Her brother saw it much clearer, but that's just because it was one of those things. She had a talent for making things fit together properly; she could turn any grouping into something that made sense and flowed with the best harmony. He didn't know how she did it, she simply made it so that each aspect was complementary to the rest.

Of course he had no objection to running in front of her so he really wasn't all that concerned with her skills of uniting others; there was meat to be found.

"Can we run now?" he asked, and gave an eager wag, stifling an anxious whine - he would have to be quiet until they'd found the boar.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:40 pm
by Krinlith
Krinlith loved seeing his niece and nephew grow, especially seeing how they were beginning to find their places within the Clan, and work energies in unique and very particular ways. He had a feeling that Harley was going to one day be able to work energies with precision the likes of which very few would be able to duplicate. Rory, however, seemed to be growing in a different path. He was good at energy work, but Krinlith found it a bit harder to pinpoint what direction Rory was going to go in. Perhaps he would be more of a Jack-of-all-trades type. It was a bit hard to tell.
"That sounds like a wonderful idea, dear heart. Rory, you'll be behind me, and Harley, behind him." Krinlith replied.
As Krinlith sniffed around, he found himself automatically heading in the direction of their prey before he stopped himself. "Now. Can either of you tell me how far our little friend is? What can you tell me from his scent?" He liked quizzing them, and getting them to think differently than they normally would.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:01 pm
by Songhue
They paused and glanced at each other as he used their temporary names - the girl had picked hers out long ago. If she was going to swing through another realm for a vitamin boost and if they were going to slap a name on her (as was almost invariably the case) she was at least going to say which one she wanted to be stuck with. Her brother was more neutral about it, at least towards their mother - but she had seen him in a few private conversations with their dad.

It would be their 'extra' names, ones used just for the vitamin boost and then forgotten. They had proper given names that they used; her brother's was Shield. Hers was Silk, of all things, except for when she was in a lot of trouble. Then she was called Mist. Neither of them knew their proper names and they wouldn't until they were full grown. The common names were simpler - pet names, nicknames, usually diminutives of the stand-in ones given to them until they'd grown. Of course theirs had to be unusual in that manner as well; they called him the little Raven, and she was a Dragon's Spark. She could understand why he was called Raven - there were strong hints of raven in his feral form. She often sulked if she was called Sparky though. Just because she had a bit of a temper...

"It's too far to scent now," the boy began, lifting his nose to the breeze, "but it was here maybe a day ago-"

"I want an elf name," the girl said suddenly, and she lifted her head and pinned her ears back to indicate how serious she was. "Y'all have them; Songhue, Talia, Sethelu, Krinlith. I want one."

"So do I," her brother added, though she hardly spared him a glance. He would follow her lead; if she folded he would soon after. They had a very complicated relationship, but it made sense to them; in a strange way, even their mother could grasp the basic outline of it. In this, she'd be the leader.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 4:06 pm
by Krinlith
Krinlith thought for a while. It was about time that they got Elvish names. He was just surprised they asked him to help pick them out. Krinlith was kind of touched by that, to be perfectly honest. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he spoke up. "For you, my young healer, how about Faelynn? For my young warrior, how about Rielthon? What do you guys think? They're to be your names, after all, so you must approve of them first."
Krinlith was a bit nervous, he just hoped that the kids would like their names and approve of them. He wouldn't mind reworking them to get the energies to fit if need be, but he still hoped they'd like it on the first go.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:47 pm
by Songhue
They gave an identical tilt of the head, a movement so similar that for a moment it would seem her little brother was copying her. When an answer came it was from her; he merely glanced at her.

"They're pretty," she said slowly, turning the names over and over in her mind, "but what do they mean?"

Eyes alight with curiosity she looked at him closely, studying his face. He didn't seem reluctant; in fact, he appeared to be taking the request seriously which was much more than she'd hoped for. At least at first. She was sure she could have worn him down eventually - if she was particularly tenacious then perhaps even before they got back with their snack.

She'd expected to have to argue and it left her a bit wary; but she thought it was time they explored that part of their identity. Lately, for some reason she couldn't fathom, her clan had absorbed these Fae-Elfen names as a second version of their common names. It was the face that came closest to summarizing who and what they were that was still safe to present to these strange and often confusing worlds they would flit through. She wanted to have a constant herself.

Neither had given it much thought before that moment. Now that she had planted it in her brother's mind it would take to seed and he would eventually become rather adamant about it - she, however, didn't need to turn things over for weeks on end. It felt right, so she acted. Or demanded, as the case may be.

Actually, she was often times lectured towards a touch more caution, whereas her brother was advised to trust his instincts. It often made for just such instances as this; the pairing of having him follow her lead as she thrashed her way forward. Every once in a while he might chirp in with something useful; so far in this, he merely stood at her shoulder and watched.

They did sound nice; the energies were appealing as far a first-taste went. But he wanted to know as well, now that she'd asked; what would they be answering to, exactly?

Really, he found this slightly poetic. It'd been their mother to grant the same sort of name to their cousin. Now their uncle was doing the same. It could be a process in some instances; or it could be simple enough to end here.

He was growing more curious than interested in a name. He'd have to watch that; no energies would suit if he wasn't receptive to them. Besides, his sister would bop him if his mind strayed too far for him to be dependable backup. He might be the warrior but she could sure bop hard when she wanted. Which seemed to be each and every time!

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 08, 2013 5:44 pm
by Krinlith
"Well," Krinlith said, "They don't have exact translations. There are some words in some languages that just don't translate properly, but the closest matches to the translations are fairly easy. Rielthon is like a barrier or a shield. The energies for that are close to your name. As for Faelynn, it's something smooth, soft, and comforting. It's similar to silk, but it's more of an energy than a physical thing. I thought you would like it." He continued, with a smile.

Krinlith had to admit, the double head-tilt was beyond adorable. As he sniffed around to pick up the scent, Krinlith caught a trail and began following it. "Let's discuss this whilst we follow our delicious little friend, shall we? It's going to be a good, fun hunt that we're gonna have today!" he said, clearly excited.