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Making html coded websites

PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2008 3:42 pm
by Kyra
I need help making a website with html codes. I have a layout, but don't know how to insert my pics and text into it. Can someone help me out? I read a few help build threads on geocities but it does not seem to work.

Thanks to anyone who read this and maybe can help me out.

Re: Making html coded websites

PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:15 pm
by Songhue
When I was first starting out I found Geocities to be highly confusing.. I tried it again after a while, but still didn't find it to my liking.. So as far as That goes I can't help you. As far as HTML goes, however, I can.

The basic image code is <img src="" border="0"> You could most likely leave out the 'border= "0"' part, but I typically put that in out of OCD, myself. XD There's also 'alt="Lightning"' which can be used to choose the word that's shown when a cursor hovers over the image. XD You'd simply replace the image URL with the one you wanted; if you want to use the 'alt' feature, simply add a space after the "0" part in the coding itself, enter the 'alt=' bit and replace "Lightning" with what you actually want it to say; such as "Amber"

Text has a few codes, though the ones I mainly know are color and size.. What were you looking for, exactly?

Re: Making html coded websites

PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:06 am
by Foxxfyre
Songhue's right, the img code can even be as simple as:

<img src="URL">

The border="0" is the thing that gets rid of the annoying blue border around the image if you link it, so you only really have to care about that if you're making it link to somewhere. You can do that by going:

<a href="URL OF LINK"><img src="URL OF IMAGE" border="0"></a>

If you're using someone else's layout, they're probably already using CSS to create a default text style. Generally, I recommend using an external CSS stylesheet because that makes things really easy, but if you simply want an easy way to change text, you can do that two ways:

If you're using a <p> tag already for your text, then the easiest way to change it is:

<p style="color:#FFF; font-size:10px;">TEXT</p>

That'll change the size and color of your text. If you want to add more space between the lines of text, there's also a property you can add in there called line-height, as well as a property that is called font-family that will change your font for ya.

If you're not using <p> tags, then the easiest way to change things would be to just use the <font> tag, which would look like this:

<font color="0000ff">TEXT</font>
<font size="+2" face="arial" color="0000ff">TEXT</font>

The font tag is kinda the bane of all web designer's existences, but it's still a nice "quick and dirty" way to change things :)