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What are Holiday Elementals?

Kyra asked me this, and I can't believe I haven't explained it yet. it's complicated! But I'm posting it for everyone to see, so you all know what's rattling around in my head ^^;

Holiday Elementals are a bit strange, definitely. They don't really work like regular Elementals, and I should probably post this somewhere so other people know ^^; But basically... it's kind of like a werewolf, except annually instead of monthly, where they grow in power the closer they are to their holiday, and weaker the farther away they are. As for their powers themselves, it varies based on the holiday, but essentially it's weather-based. So in a traditional 4-seasons environment, a Christmas Serian would be able to manipulate mild winter weather (snow, cold, wind, etc.) and a Valentine's Day Serian would be able to manipulate the more extreme and unpredictable winter weather (blizzards, freezing rain, etc).

But the strength of their control in relation to the distance from their holiday would remain the same, so a Valentine's Day Serian would have a ton of powerful types of weather to work with, but would have to spend a lot of effort controlling them, while a Christmas Serian would be able to easily control their weather but would have to spend a lot of effort to make it more powerful. If that makes sense ^^;

The tricky part, though, is that the weather they control changes with the environment they are in. So if they are visiting a 1-season environment, they would just grow stronger and weaker in whatever the local weather type is for that date. So if Christmas happens during monsoon season in the current climate, then the Serian would have control over monsoon/rain type weather.

If you have any questions, I know that was kind of confusing, so just ask and I'll try to clarify ^^
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