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Special Adoption

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:19 pm
by Foxxfyre
Hey everyone :) I know there was a huge lull when I got caught up in wedding things and whatnot, but I'm halfway done Cyclone and on a roll! To celebrate, I was looking over the list of Abandons and realized that one little lady on the list has been waiting an awful long time and really does deserve to get a chance at being Bonded to a good owner.

I would like to offer up Eternity for adoption. I've delayed finding her a new owner because she is a very special Serian and I want her to find the right home :) For those of you that don't know, Eternity is the very first official Serian I ever drew (Opal was technically drawn first, but she originally wasn't intended to be a Serian), she was created at the same time as Prophet and Oracle and was the first Rogue to be Bonded.

Because she's such an important part of Sionayra, I decided that I would ask potential Bonded to post a description of what personality they see her having, and any other details they want to include :) Feel free to have as much fun with this as you want ^^

This adoption is going to be open for at least a week or two, so take your time and enjoy! And yes, she is definitely eligible for being Redrawn once the adoptions start up again.


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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:37 am
by Sethelu
She seems to be the silent and gentle type. Also very motherly and caring. Pacifistic as well.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:01 am
by Songhue
XD I hope that this style is okay, it's really the only way I'll manage to get it out.

She was nocturnal, of course.

The night spoke to her. The gentle, lasting light of the moon and stars, the blanket of quiet, the weight that every sound or scent was suddenly granted, it resonated in a way that nothing else could. One spoke quieter at night, listened closer, walked slower.

There was a similar quietude in her own mind, a similar weight in her own soul. She was old, she knew that, if her kind could honestly get old. A lot of the others forgot; either through abandonment or time, they forgot. But not her, even with as much as she had seen. Time had a way of easing the spirit, strengthening the spine, solidifying the heart; the night had a way of embracing all of it.

One of the main things about this time was that, quite simply, it was calmer. Most awoke ready to tackle, challenge or make the most of their days; when the sun finally set, they let go of these things and rested in the cool embrace the night offered. This was a time where one would worry less about living and more about simply being.

And it felt right to her. Why shouldn't it? She was as the moon herself, aged and wise and of strong, solid, soothing calm. She was Rogue; she was power itself, with enough muscle and knowledge to best any creature, coupled with enough magic to put a mere elemental to shame. She did not specialize in her powers, was not so limited. Grace coupled with cool beauty to complete her; and she knew it. There were no self-illusions here, no deceptions, althogh the night was a master in both.

Perhaps there was at least one...

She was power, grace, ability, cool and confident in a quiet way. She observed, she learned, she put it to use; as efficient and deadly as a stalking panther through the deepening shadows.

And she was soft. The comfort of the night was not false, a heavy blanket merely covering the stone heart beneath. For her, it was shown in the light in her eyes, the gentleness of her step, the easy words that floated upon her silk-soft voice. It was in the moonlight on the water, the gentle touch of a breeze, the whisper of a tree as a couple strolled together; it was there in the air, a part of the night, and this, too, resonated within her.

She was wise. She was secure in who she was. She loved without fear, fought without reservation, gave only a coolly collected visage and held herself above such things as presenting a certain image.

She was the moon and stars and blue-black velvet night. She was stealth and power, danger and love, and she had lived long enough to have found her place in her world; she knew exactly who and what she was, knew how lonely it was on her own, knew how much joy a new bond would bring. She viewed it practically, and at the same time she relished the concept. She was one who walked the night and still understood the light of the day.

She was Eternal.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:12 am
by Kyra
I give a going to some up her personality and right a bit of a story like Songhue, since not sure how to some all of it up.

Personality: Fiercely loyal to those she loves and trusts, never gives up on a friend for a long time, way longer than would otherwise be healthy. She kind and caring but rarely shows it, she has confidence in herself which rarely wavers.She has a way of always seeing the silver lining, not always acknowledging it at first but will eventually always see it. She is very focus, determined once her mind is put to it. She is very distrusting of others when she first meets, and until she trusts them she puts on an act, she acts what she thinks will work, does what seems to be expected, but she feels like she looking at herself from afar, that not her, but when one was left alone for so long, one must find a way to shield from blows that could through her world upside down. Sure the loss of her 1st bonded hurts, but most of that been let go, she know now to get to know others before she trusts, them and even then only those closet will ever know her truly.

She loves the night, the shadow realm which she glides through as if day. She most awake and at home in the night, their is a way the night feels like an old friend. Sure it can hide things from you only to turn around and surprise or shock you, but its all in good fun. The quiet night air is very peaceful and all worry or doubts that trouble the day, sleep at night. Well most of the time, if the brain does not decide to analyze the past, try to learn from it. She smiles, with no warmth. She laughs and rolls her eyes with out emotion or heart. She acts like all is well and nothing is different, when in fact it is. She goes through the emotions and actions but no heart or soul is it in. This meeting of friends feels like a play, she is a character expected to act like this, but she rather ask to why she was left alone, why ignored for such a long time, why those closest can not seem the physical and inner changes in her. She thought it been her being wrong back then, but know it was those closest weren't as close to her as she thought. They used in a sense her till they no longer needed, or only called on her when they were in need of her, be it a friend to chat with, or listen too. Though when there was no need of that months could go by without a word or appearance, Eternal did attempt to fix, voice her feelings, to fix what they once had. She now knows it was gone a year before this play acting came into affect, her friend no longer saw her as she was from meeting to meeting, they only saw what they needed. They only heard what they wanted to hear, they could not take what was not part of their version of her. Eternal, kind, caring, never gets mad, angry, or argues and so on. So when she was feeling and acting out of their version they dismissed and ignored it. True friends would not be so blinded by what they wanted, they see their friend behind the veil.

Eternity was what she hoped her friendships with friends and bonded would be, but as in life nothing is truly eternal. One must enjoy what is given to them, for the period it is offered. However, Eternal still believes that by wanting friends so bad, she did the same, she saw them as what she hopped for and could not see whom they truly were to a point. She also could not believe when her friends changed so much so fast, that maybe they were merely friends all along, not best or closet. She still seeks to find a, or a few true friends.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:33 am
by Keira
She is beautiful but I feel like I'm not the right fit for her :( Will be sitting this one out but good luck everyone and most importantly congrats to Eternal, on her way to finding a good home!

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 5:59 pm
by SunBlind
I'll have to give this a try, I'm a fan of the "oldies" having a few of the earlier ones myself *snugs Drake, Umbra and the rest* They'd certainly want to have her around to chat about the good old days :)

Too brain dead after work to actually write anything up so this weekend!