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Hey all!

I just wanted to make a post about this so that it doesn't cause any confusion ^^ Aria messaged me and explained that she would like, if possible, to have Wish (whom she was given in the Mar/18 Abandoned adoptions) to Vineda because Vineda -really- felt drawn to him.

It was clear was that all parties involved (including Wish ;) ) would be happy with the switch, and also (since it was a recent adoption) the "Bond" to Aria wouldn't be too strong, so I said that it was fine :)

I'm always willing to listen to requests, especially heartfelt ones like this one ^^ But I -do- reserve the right to say no, and would probably have declined if 1) it wasn't a recent adoption, 2) Wish wasn't an Abandoned or 3) Vineda didn't clearly feel strongly about Wish.

Just wanted to explain my logic, in case anyone is interested, and let everyone know why Wish is suddenly switching his Bonded ^^ That being said, this is still on a case-by-case basis, so if I see it happening a lot then I am more likely to say no as well, since the vast majority of Bonds are meant to be permanent things except under extreme circumstances like Abandonment.

Congreats Vineda, I know Wish is going to a great home ^^
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Re: Re-Adoption

I am so glad to hear it is an option, in those cases where perhaps your paths cross with a Serian you don’t have that -click- with but you know of someone who really does. One reason I like those admiration threads so much.

I am very pleased to bond with Wish, I have certainly always had a soft spot for him.
Aria and Foxx, thank you very much!
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Re: Re-Adoption

You are so welcome!! And thank you Foxxfyre! :heart:

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