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How Is Summer Going?

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 2:45 pm
by Kyra
My summer is going well! I love my job and the animals and co- workers! Its great and I was so excited that I got the same job as last summer back. I found a few new book series I in love with and am ready one is Daughters of the Moon and the other is Warrior Princess! I also died when I read the latest Mortal Instruments, the ending was like, NOOOOOOO! I also hate cliff hangars and this has to be the mother of them all, want the next book asap!

Also working on new stories and website for my bondeds!

How are all your summers going?

Re: How Is Summer Going?

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 11:41 pm
by Vineda
Summer's flyyyyying by so far I think, probably because I've been so busy. I've been job searching when I can, considering maybe going back to school. In the gobs of spare time I'm reading up on some past threads here on sionayra and rereading a few books just for kicks. Can't wait for the renaissance faire that comes around in September ^.^

Cliff hangers drive me absolutely crazy, so when I spot a new series I usually wait until they have a few books out first and take my time getting through them. I used to scribble a bit and try out different resolutions to the things.

I'm glad you got your old job again, loving what you do would be amazing! Website updates are exciting, I need to shoosh the dust off of mine as well.

Any other takers? Fellow lurkers, you there? :P

Re: How Is Summer Going?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2011 3:35 pm
by SunBlind
*waves hi*

I'm still lurking about. Summer's been pretty rainy so haven't been doing too much outdoors stuff. Next week I'll be going to visit my relatives in Toronto so that should be fun. I do this every year so we've been to all the sites and museums already, but we always manage to find a couple we hadn't seen before, usually old, restored houses. And Toronto has some amazing used bookstores, sometimes a whole group of them all within a few blocks of each other, so I always stock up. Admittedly I haven't caught up on last year's batch yet ^__^

We've also been redoing the downstairs, up till now nothing major, just some new carpets and a fresh coat of paint, moving furniture around and stuff.

Jobwise I'm still working for the same company after 10 years, though technically I've worked for three different companies, we just kept getting acquired by bigger and bigger fish xD

Glad to see people are still stopping by to visit.

Re: How Is Summer Going?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:54 pm
by Songhue
Work is still good for me, and that's more or less the bulk of how summer's been so far here. :D I landed that job at Carl's Jr., think I (might have?) mentioned it before, and I enjoy rewriting the site for the lovlies - they're all repaged on Webs, but I don't consider it complete yet as I haven't rewritten any of it (I was busy with my man visiting me during R&R... Oh and I got married) but that'll change soon! I can get back to that self RP I was playing with, and when I get a day off on weekends I like to hang out with my dad's biker club.

Now that there's work I'm putting a few details together, like proper eating habits and figuring out some paperwork for when I head to Germany come around Jan. Plus it gives me a chance to really catch up on debt. x.x'

Been watchin Animal Planet when I can here and there, and I found this one show called My Cat From Hell that's helped teach me a lot about my father's cats. Apparently one of them has some sort of complex that keeps him more or less terrified most of the time, poor fella. And now I shall go catch up on all the many built up things from not touching a computer for some odd twenty days!

Re: How Is Summer Going?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:48 pm
by SunBlind
Not sure what the show is called, but there is a guy who is a kind of "cat whisperer". It's kind of funny really because he looks like a biker (big guy, tattoos, in a rock band) but then you see him down on the floor dangling a toy in front of a freaked out kitty. So very different in look and personality from the dog whisperer! And I haven't heard much from the original whisperer (horse) lately, not since his book came out years ago, but then he's not the type of person to want TV attention it seems.