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Re: [A Very Serian Christmas!]

PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:15 pm
by Songhue
*hums and browses*

Oki I gotta say - I'm eager to see who gets Faerie. And Leaf Fall - I only just realized she was Coal's sister, a reunion would be great. And Thyme and Twilight! They should be very interesting in the fields. And Wish and Caelum and Windstorm and Sylph are so striking, they'll be a real blessing to their new bondeds. :) And I can't stop drooling over Myth... >_< I keep thinking he and Faerie look like they have a good shot of happiness together, the play on names not the least of which makes me think that. xD Or that Sylph would be the unseen presence next to whoever she chose to keep an eye on.

Couldn't hold it in any more! I been a lookin at all the beauts for so long, I had to get some of the love out. :D

Re: [A Very Serian Christmas!]

PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:32 pm
by Vineda
*hems and haws*

Hee! I know what you mean, Songhue. Been keeping an eye out for the abandoneds for such a long time now. Flutter is sure striking! ^.^ And what fun I imagine it would be dancing in the sunshine with Treasure or racing the rays with Sunray! Eternal and Gypsy are longtime favorites, I love the old style serians :heart: Siren and Rain call to my love for the waters, and Illuminate to my daydreamy self *snicker* Flicker and Fiesta have always caught my interest as well.

It's such fun to look at their personalities and wonder about who they'll bond and what matches might be made! And how bondeds might get along (or not)...

How're everyone's holidays going? :) As quickly and stealthily as mine?

Re: [A Very Serian Christmas!]

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 2:19 pm
by Songhue
K, I can't hold the secret in any more.


Cotton has been a long time love of mine - longer even than Myth, for that matter - and I just drool when I see that farm boy. XD I can't imagine how much fun he would be; or how stubborn and strong-hearted. Not to mention flighty, when he wants to be - I see a fair bit of hare in there! He'd be one speeeeedy speedy boy, and he's got such soft, pale colors. I absolutely adore that tender shade of creamy peach-toned-brown.

And you know there's no sneaking up on him. XD Just you wait 'til that boy catches you tryin - you'll be in for it! Teeheee. *dreamy sigh* :heart:

.... Yes, I have time to kill and I got caught up in day-dream-drooling. But you have to admit Cotton is a rather admirable specimen! Don'tcha? ;)

Re: [A Very Serian Christmas!]

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:07 pm
by SunBlind
Well, if we're ooh and aahing over lost and lonely Serians I'll join in.

I'm a definite Cotton fan, ever since I first saw his outline even before he got coloured. I suspect he's got a bit of mischief in his, just like my Mischief and Silver Fox do.

Of the old style Serians, Vex just leapt out at me. I love purple and his shade is just stunning. Summer has the most intriguing markings, not sure if there are other Serians like her out there. And of course I'd love to give Danger a home, to reunite Arrow with his father. I adore that streak of fire along his body, one of the things that made me so happy when I bonded with Arrow who inherited that. Angel appears to be made of something other than flesh and blood ^_^

Of the new style Serians, I have always adored Mystic, even roleplayed a bit when an all warrior Circle was being developed. I'm surprised he was abandonned, I thought Luminaire had adopted him and she seems to still have many of her other Serians. And of course he's got a fishy-tail, I have a thing for those Serians xD Blitz is so bright and in such a dynamic pose! Flux appeals to me as a computer engineer, I studied electricity and magnetism at school.

Deep Shadows has so many handsome, beautiful and terrible members, from Rhapsody & Rhyme, to Oblivion & Polar with Caustic and Stalk in between. And I'd have to pretty much list the entire set of second generations xD

Hehe, and Thorn! I suspect he was drawn before Paolini wrote his Inheritance series, no? Because you have to admit, he suits Murtagh's dragon perfectly. I could be wrong on the timing but wouldn't it be funny if Foxx predicted the dragon?

Re: [A Very Serian Christmas!]

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:20 pm
by Kyra
I join loving the lost and wishing to give home too!^^

Tine is my favorite, I love his teal and pink and wings and everything about he. He just so strong and powerful.

For girls LeafFall, TearDrop, Angel and Tundra are amazing!^^ Love the wings, horns and colours!^^ Siren to is a very pretty girl her colours and pose and eyes, she be a rebel girl for sure her and Angel.

I also adore Oblivion, him and Phantom could be like brothers, colours the same, and the aura I get from the same. Flicker is such the cute boy, I see play and hating to cause trouble or bother to anyone.

Flux and WindStorm are also quit beautiful, colours and pose!

Re: [A Very Serian Christmas!]

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:35 pm
by Songhue
Bahahahha, Thorn SO fits Murtagh's drag! I can't believe I didn't notice that. :) I just finished rereading the entire series recently, too. XD How did I not know you were a fellow Paolini fan? :D

I remember seeing Mystic RP fora circle before, too. No idea what happened there, personally, but one line from that stuck with me all this time - the idea of him trying to move as gracefully as he could over land, what with having no hind legs and all!

Honestly Twilight somehow looks like he would have a bit of imp in him to me. I can't really explain it... But I love his gray base and the soft blue of his tail. Blues and grays and other soft tones seem to catch me the hardest.

I mean, Faerie and Myth are both followers of that generalization, grays and soft blues and unique, luminous wings. It's hard to tell who tugs my heartstrings harder. XD

But I remember Cotton before he was colored and I thought he looked, somehow, a bit like a mule (though with that tail it's definitively a hare in there). I just kept thinking he would be so obstinate. XD The coloring did a lot to bring in more, but I still see a hard-headed farm boy at the core of it... And as my ultimate dream is to own and run my own ranch, that is very appealing. :)