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[A Very Serian Christmas!]

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:07 am
by Tigress
So here's what's going down in December! Nobody likes to be alone on this most festive of holidays, and yet we have a Lot of lonely, unhomed Serians :(. They're all prancing with worry at the idea of not getting involved in the holiday cheer! So I'm trusting you all to help them, open your hearts, and join in the contests! I know I know, it'll be a huge inconvenience for you to home another abandoned Serian, but I'm hoping you guys can suffer through it ;) bahaha.
Current number of abandons: 93 @_@ let's fix this, shall we?

The calendar of events and their starting dates! (Ending dates will be posted in the official threads)

Dec 10th: Ye Old Sionayra Christmas Carol!
What I want you to do is to take your favorite christmas carol and make up some new Serian related lyrics! It can be from the perspective of your Serian(s) (IE: "Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Songhue's stuck in christmas ornaments!") about their adopter and cohabiting Serians, or from an outside perspective on Serians in general ("O Serians, O Serians, why can't I get enough of thee?~"). You don't have to do the entire song if you don't have time, I know we're all busy with preparing for real life festivities ;). Three lines minimum should be good, it can be serious or silly, anything you like!

Dec 13th: Christmas Raffle of Nostalgia!
Ah yes... the festival days. Nothing like a good old-fashioned raffle to bring back the good times! All you have to do is show up, spread happy holiday wishes to all, and cross your fingers!

Dec 16th: The Gift of Giving <3
It's your time to shine and become a Serian Santa! For two days, members will be allowed to sign up as participating. At the end of those two days, I pair people up and it's your job to get in contact (with PMs, Emails, whatever you decide between yourselves) and discover what their ideal Serian would be like, and report it back to me. I will then pick the gift Serian for each person and PM it to the gifter so that They may present the abandon to their partner :D. Please try not to describe a specific abandon that you want, it makes it less fun for me :3. I'll do my best with vague descriptions I promise!

Dec 19th: [/b] Dancing Bears, Painted Wings, Things I Almost Remember...
There is a particularly sad Serian who will be romping the fields from Dec 19th to 31st (I'm giving set dates so I don't flake out this time *grin*), and looking for someone who can warm its lonely heart. Who will be the one to keep this Serian out of the cold on Christmas? We'll see!

Dec 25th: Tigsy-Clause at your Service!
For anyone I see popping up around December and coming back to the site, you will receive a very Tigsy Christmas gift. I assure you it's on behalf of Foxx as well, a thank-you for sticking it out during our absences over the past year <3. Look forward to the grand return of our lord and master *ahemFoamyahem* Foxxfyre in the new year!

Dec 31st-Jan 2nd: Happy New Years!!
A very beloved abandon in the new style will be making an appearance and looking for the best New Years story to entertain him! It doesn't have to be particularly funny or crazy, it can just be a story about how happy you were to spend the night with your parents/friends/significant other/dog/etc.

Dec 25th-Jan 1st: Foxxfyre's Surprise!
This is Foxx's gift to you, but also my gift to Foxx :). Hope to see a lot of entrants!

Feel free to chat and let me know if you're interested in this thread, but no entries or anything :) individual links will be set up on their assigned days!

Re: [A Very Serian Christmas!]

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 7:18 pm
by Songhue
These plans are absotively amazing. XD Y'all have really concocted a marvelous mixture of wondrous glee! :bubbles:

Re: [A Very Serian Christmas!]

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 7:23 pm
by Vineda
This is wonderful! I'm SO excited!! It'll be great to spread and share and enjoy the cheer for the holidays! ^.^

Dancing Bears, Painted Wings, Things I Almost Remember... Oooh! That is one of my favorite songs! I loved Anastasia!


Re: [A Very Serian Christmas!]

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:43 am
by Tigress
Thanks guys! I'm doing my best to entertain you until Foxx gets back, and the less abandons, the less mess she has to worry about :) .

Plus, I really love hosting events! And we owe you guys for sticking it out So Long :stunned: I have no idea how you didn't get bored but I'm thankful!
Looking forward to some rp soon myself ;) I've got old muses nagging!

Re: [A Very Serian Christmas!]

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:02 am
by Vineda
I don't think I could forget this place if I tried... I'm making a note this very instant; if I should ever end up with amnesia or memory loss, all they'll have to do is show me this site :lol: I just wish I had more creativity for it most times. All the stress and busyness can be a pretty good cure for my muses >.<

Re: [A Very Serian Christmas!]

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:12 am
by Kyra
These sound great!^^ Wow I can not wait now can my bondeds!^^