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Ye Olde Sionayra Christmas Carol! [judged!]

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:57 am
by Tigress
Welcome, welcome!

Come on in, won't you? It's cold out there! We've got a fireplace waiting with good friends and Serians both familiar and unfamiliar. The only thing is... it's a bit quiet. Why don't you help break the ice a bit? Who knows, you might just charm yourself into some new Christmas company!

The Outline
You're going to pick a popular Christmas Carol of some kind (if you think it's uncommon, please provide a youtube link where myself and others can listen and compare the tune with your words :)).
You're going to remix and remaster it, Sionayra style!
The style can be from your perspective talking about Sionayra and Serians ("O Serians, O Serians, why can't I get enough of thee?~"), from your Serians' perspective talking about you or their friends ("Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Songhue's stuck in christmas ornaments..."), or anything else so long as it's related to Serians in some way.
It needs to be 3 lines of the song or more (3 sentences) so I can get a feel for your true genius!
The contest closes on Deceber 14th at... whatever time I get online :D heh.

The Prizes
Winner: Kyra! (Collected, Paged)

Winner: Sunblind!

Winner: Songhue! (Collected & Paged)

Well thankfully it was easy judging in that there were only 3 entries, but it was indeed hard because everyone was *so* creative! I found Kyra's sticking in my head as I was singing the lyrics to myself after hearing the real Jingle Bells at the mall *chuckles* so it won me over. Songhue's easy to picture story was sweet, but Sunblind's entry literally made me laugh out loud. Those two were the hardest to place! I loved the poetic flow to Silver Fox's entry and it's just So like him!

-----Closed & Judged!-----
Congrats to all 3!

Re: Ye Olde Sionayra Christmas Carol! [open!]

PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:42 pm
by Songhue
Not sure just how popular this is, but in my family it's almost tradition.
This isn't the full version (or the original for that matter) but it's long enough to give an idea of the song (and I like the way the girls sing it better). I'm the only Pagan in the family, so anything that'd be holiday tradition wouldn't be for Yule as I'm the only one to celebrate it - but it's still perfectly wonderful for all of that.

It was almost Christmas time
There I stood with a new lead line
Tryin to find that last apple, too
Not really in the Christmas mood

Standing right in front of me
Was a little foal waiting anxiously
Prancing 'round like little foals do
And with his nose he nudged me to get through

And his coat was rough and cold
He was dirty from head to toe
But when it came his time to play
I couldn't believe what I heard him say

"I wanna find someone, for my bonded, please
It's Christmas Eve and I'm so alone inside
Could you hurry, please, before they leave for all of time
Ya see, they been gone for quite a while
And I know that they can make me smile
And I wanted to feel hope for once
and meet a real bonded tonight."

Re: Ye Olde Sionayra Christmas Carol! [open!]

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:21 pm
by SunBlind
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, and the fox in question is of course Silver Fox ~.^


Oh little fox that's full of tricks
What do you have planned tonight?
The snow is deep, your muffled creep
Sneak up while out of sight.

The unsuspecting victim
Tucked warm inside his bed
The gifts are gone, on Christmas dawn
"It wasn't me", he said.

Re: Ye Olde Sionayra Christmas Carol! [open!]

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:53 pm
by Kyra
Amber's way to much fun in snow inspired this!^^ Usually chasing Sparkle!^^
Jingle Bell Rock
Christmas Lyrics by Bobby Helms

Serians, Serians, Serians Rock
Serians dancing and serians prancing
Whinnying and Nicking playing for fun
Now that the snowfall has begun

Serians, Serians, Serians Rock
Serians nicker in Serians whicker
Whirling and blurring in a snowy breeze
Avoiding the night freeze.

Now the snow falls, with the hail balls
To cover the ground in white
Snow fields, are great fields
To go galloping and racing through
Flying over snowbanks, darting around trees
Laughing all the way
Mane and tail whipping in breeze
They are Serians,
They are Serians,
They are Serians, and rock.

Re: Ye Olde Sionayra Christmas Carol! [judged!]

PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:30 am
by Kyra
Wow thanks Tigs!^^ Jingle Bell Rock is my favorite Christmas Song, so I glad you liked my Serian Version!^^ I have my new girl up soon!^^ Yay, welcome home Traveler!^^

This makes my day the best started it a 4am, have my final exam 8:30am lol. Could not sleep and nervous and stomachache killing me, but bringing Traveler home, I think is a good omen!^^ *hugs newest girl*

Congrats Songhue and Sunblind!^^ Yours were great too!^^

Re: Ye Olde Sionayra Christmas Carol! [judged!]

PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:35 pm
by Vineda
Congrats!! ^.^