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Re: New Years Surprise! Memories~

PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 6:57 pm
by Songhue
Good to hear there's no need for escape now! :) My mother was bleeding to death from her tumor while she had it, and we couldn't afford a doc and had no insurance. It made such a difference when she finally went in, though it was nearly too late.

I couldn't stay away because of the second home thing myself. Me and Vinny took to playing with them in a forum she created to represent the realm her serians live in while things were quiet here. We would go visit her lands whenever we could while watching for wanderers here as well. It's always been such fun!

Re: New Years Surprise! Memories~

PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 7:09 pm
by Kyra
Here are a few of my favorite memories ( I so many would be here two days writing lol)

One is getting my girl Amber. I remembering seeing Rainer's and wishing I had one of my own. They were amazing, beautiful and are equines! When I saw that I had a chance to get mine, I could not wait, soon as I saw who there was, Amber claimed by heart and I was overjoyed to get her!^^

I was like yes yes I got a serian and her personality was just there. I loved her spirited and spunky attitude, but she has grown up, more mature, put still loves her games, tricks and teen spirit. Love my girl and time after time things she would do say come to mind on on Sionayra. She helped me kick my "heels when I was itching to play soccer, or move". Especially two years 3 years back got injured and was stuck on crutches and reined into no activity. Amber was there to allow me to gallop and run, play and move when I was not able to. After surgery the following year, I was bed written basically, no activity besides physio. Amber and by then others were there again for support and allowing me to play and fly over grass.

Peace was my next serian!^^ She came to me from the normal adoption, but the three that were getting homes that time were abandoned before so I was more than happy to give my cute shy girl a home. She has authority over her two dolphin friends Dove and Pointer, but most of the time they cause trouble, and she gets there a minutes later to stop prolonged watch tricks and fun in their minds. She has gotten a little bolder but quiet is her, and I have it no other way.

Crash was my 3rd, he was the 1st ever serian never owned by someone else! I was like OMG! Well every time I bring home a new baby, I am like OMG, run and am so happy! I love water so a scared sea alter serian was like yes! He is sky at 1st but get him in the water and he has a playful spirit.

Seeing outlines not coloured is when I 1st saw Phantom and from then on out, after Crash, I tried to guess and figure out his alter. Thinking he was Red Sands, then maybe Summer Storm, then Deep Shadows. If I not seen him and fell in love with pose, look and everything about him Dart, being Red Sands may not have been 4th serain and later Skid another of my favorite outlines, loved his look in his eye, whom was Summer Storm may not have come home. So its thanks to Phantom whom I did get as my 4th serian from alter adoptions never owned before, would have gotten my two other alter adoption boys!^^ Also all alter adaptations have been boys, whom I love all dearly!^^

Last Christmas the Christmas Serian Riddles had me racking my brain. I love riddles so got me all in competition mode to get it. They were awesome riddles Foxx! For Hollyberry, whom I won I can not believe I did not get it sooner lol. Favorite Carol is Jingle Bell Rock, with the line "Deck the halls with boughs of holly" I was telling my parents when I got the riddle, I was so happy and when her outline was shown I was like wow! Amazing, so cool, and all synonyms, and OMG like every serian I get!^^

Winning Sage was a surprise!^^ I was like really?! She been a favorite of mine, her and her two daughters from seeing the abandoned serians. I loved roleplaying with Kyra and SilverFlash to get to know her. It was a great fun and I found it helped me sort through a hard time with friends and my writing down what I and SilverFlash believe it help it to sink in too and help me with it. I also love to help friends when I can, so helping dear Sage was great! Writing down faults I share with my mare made me realize that the friends problem in real life I had was not because of whom I am and my faults, it was because they were not real friends only kids whom go with the best offer, and since that was the case that I should not be hard on myself and stand tall and be me. Wait and see if they come to me, true friends would.

This years Christmas Events had so much fun writing a serian Christmas carol and reading everyone else's. I never realized how hard the rhyming to make sense was. lol But I love it and do it again easily!^^ Even it took forever for the last verse! Also keeping the syllables matching was also very very tricky. I was very happy to bring Traveler home, she has a cool personality to her!^^

Trying to figure out which serian Keira, in secret Santa would give me was fun, same as Tigs! I adore Rush and Rain!^^ Thanks you two!

It was also great fun figuring out whom to give Keria, loved looking and searching and playing a hand in gifts!^^

Every Serian I get is very precious to me and I love and adore them. The members here are great and are a family that I can talk to any time and forgot troubles for a while and be happy among friend.

Songhue and Keria are my closet buddies and a thanks to all the time I got to rant to you, you guys are the best!^^ *Hugs* Also you two every roleplay was great and fun and your bonded are so great. Two of the most memorable is Crash with Starlight when they choose each other. Crash was like, she so beautiful but words were not his suit, but she seemed to see his thoughts and emotions as word. Amber and Sparkle their love and choosing each other is amazing to play and read. I have read over roleplays time to time, which are so great to read. All the water games, trying to one up the other and once together their devotion to one another.

Tigs and Foxx are amazing for creating this place and keeping it here. Without it I feel quit alone. I love you guys *Hugs* Foxx Serians are amazing and so are all you art work! Tigs all events this year and roleplays I been in with you and your bonded's have been a blast.

Re: New Years Surprise! Memories~

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 3:54 pm
by SunBlind
I was thinking about how I was going to answer this last night. Was my fondest memory when I got my first Serian, Drake? Was it the fun I had developping personalities for my Serians like Silver Fox (that colt is particularly fun) or Exotic? Was it running a trivia booth in the first Festival? Or was it just hanging out on the boards, finding people still coming back even when the site itself hadn't been active in a year.

And then my mind went on to so where did I get Drake? He was one of the first ones, back when the Serians first came to be, and I think I got him on Dragonspirit's Eastern Market? I'm pretty sure that's where I got Umbra anyway.

And from the memory of the markets, as I lay in bed last night, I started thinking of all the adoptions that I loved that no longer exist. Arborwin's Melceys. Jaycen's Crenels. Lexington's Crystal Unicorns. Myrror's Everrealm. Or those that have moved to a more closed way of adoptions, like Silvanon's Painted Unicorns. I miss the days when we'd be competing to make pages to impress Pernese dragons. Roleplaying our critters all the time (we still do here which is wonderful but I don't have the time to participate much, bleh). Of all the old school adoptions, this is the only one that has really remained unchanged. Even the Sams no longer require pages when you adopt.

All those other agencies are pretty much gone. The ones who ran the agencies went to school, got married, got jobs, had kids, and just didn't have the time anymore. Lex still had a big following but had to close down in February this year, and Samanayrs are as popular are ever, but that the Serians have also withstood the test of time is wonderful and makes me so happy!

So while my memories aren't all specific to Sionayra, it really triggered a nostalgic rush of memories, including not just the agencies, but what I was doing at the time (I was just starting university) and all the people I've now lost touch with, like AZBrooklyn who got me started on adoptions on the first place, met her on AOL when she gave me a poem to post on my fledgeling website.

Re: New Years Surprise! Memories~

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 5:30 pm
by Vineda
Hmmmm. It's a good thing you said best memories :) Cause it's so hard to choose one.

I lurked on the site for what felt like a long time before joining, and then I lurked more before trying to jump in and be active. I loved to see what new serians would be up for adoption, and which ones would poke around the fields and vales. I loved to watch the interactions and read the stories, in the foothills as well when the bondeds would just come to visit and play.

It was even more fun joining in and getting to know those of you I'd seen playing. You guys set a wonderful standard for me, one I still wish to work towards and uphold. It's so nice seeing people who really care returning. As others have mentioned already, there's a core of people who still stop by and who truly appreciate the world opened here. It was also a wonderful escape for me during tough growing years, and I strongly suspect it will continue to be so for quite a long time to come. I've made friends here that I'll not forget, and Songhue has become a long distance sister at heart through our time spent here through the lulls when things got quiet. Talia I've come to love well also, though life has been too busy for me to get a chance to know many others here very well aside from posts here. Hopefully, judging by how many are still coming back, there will be time for that later. It's been interesting watching everyone else grow, Kyra with her school, Foxx with a move and a new job, Tigs with her move, Keira with her family blooming, and Rainer with her horsey family growing.

I think my all-time favorite thread has to be the Cold Toes game of tag with Songhue and ShadowFlame and Pierre. First learning to post with Shamrock was fun in Rainer's On Fire thread. Raindrops a Fallin' was fun too! Ooooh it gets me in to mood to go postyposty!!

It's been so much fun learning to be a bonded. I'll never forget bonding for the first time to Shamrock. It's great to be able to change perspective and see the world through their eyes. All of the other serians I've been fortunate enough to bond with have been rehomed, and it's so nice to give them a place of their own to rely on. Oak and Talon gave me the chance to really see serians interacting together on a constant basis, forming their own sibling bond. Fancy will always be special, she's been the only girl for so long so she's had to keep those boys in check! They've all got their own stories, voices, and lessons to be taught and learned, and they're a joy.

The resurgances of activity and the rehoming of serians really was a high point this season for me, it was very true to the spirit and so much fun to watch. There've been games to play and gifts to give, and a general feeling of goodwill that I've always felt more stongly here than on any other sites or forums. It's truly been a gift to me that there has been so much learned here, so much still to learn, so many met, and yet to meet. Sionayra has provided a home and steady place to return to, a place for fun and adventures. I keep my fingers crossed that it will continue to grow and prosper. Thank you so much Foxx! :heart:

*has to have someone pull me off the stage before I ramble on too too much* :lol:

Re: New Years Surprise! Memories~

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 5:45 pm
by Keira
*pulls Vineda off and hugs* :heart:

Re: New Years Surprise! Memories~

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 5:55 pm
by Vineda
*tackleglomps Keira* We'll have to catch up again soon dear! I've been wondering how you're doing and what's new!! <3