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New Years Surprise! Memories~

PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 12:58 am
by Tigress
Teehee, Foxx is a mischievous gal and we all know it. She's been plotting with me for the last week, and came up with the idea to do something special. I know none of you are expecting new art for a while but, well, there will be ;). There is a foal to be given out, in fact! To the winner of this very contest, a breeding will be given. If you don't have a mated pair of Serians, you can probably borrow either from Foxx or myself a pair of your choice.

So what IS the contest? Well, it's something for Foxx in a way. Most of us have been with Sionayra for many, many years now! So I want you to tell me about your best memories- anything at all that comes to mind! It can be as detailed or concise as you'd like and can be anything from your first Serian, to your favorite festival, to something funny someone once said on the boards, or all of the above! This foal will be born on January first and represents a new year of Serians, so thus the theme of the contest is to reflect on the years behind us before moving forward!

The winner will be chosen by random, but those who put in the most obvious feeling and effort will be given a special boost in their chances :D.

I'm not a competitor, however I would like to add my own entry as a thank-you to Foxx and to all of the people I've gotten to know over the years...

My favorite memories of Sionayra are easily called to mind. First and foremost- obtaining my first ever Serian, Frostbite. After that, winning my first Serian in a contest- Vapor. Getting Frostbite's redraw was the most exciting thing, I'd loved her ever since I first saw her. Sadly, I was particularly torn between her and Zephyr, but little did I know, only short years later, I would get a second chance at Zeph too! My happiest memory after this was when Foxx opened these very roleplay boards, and asked me to be her moderator!! My favorite roleplay was when Vapor became mated to Bridle <3, and in a close second was the epic saga of roleplaying for LunarPrism. I loved learning about her past, Prophet and his parted mate, and the way Foxx brought us all into their story. I was misty eyed after more than one reply :P. There were many absences I had to take throughout the years and hard times I endured, but whenever I checked my away notices, I came back to heaps of love and understanding. No one ever expected too much from me, put pressure on me, made me feel like I wasn't doing enough. Ever over my prolonged inactivity the last year, no one met me with hostility or accusations, I've never met such an amazing group of understanding people. It was astonishing to see how fast everyone came back, even if just to pop in and say hi. It really made me realize that Serians and Sionayra have touched us and united us all in a very big way. In essence, Sionayra is unforgettable, and I'm so thrilled to be a part of it. I grew up with this place, and so many of you. <3 Thank you for 8 years, and here's hoping for many more!

ETA: Closing date will be the 27th or 28th, depending on how much time Foxx needs to make the foal for the 1st of January.

Re: New Years Surprise! Memories~

PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 5:34 pm
by Songhue
I'm on an iPad - may the Gods give me strength - but when I saw this I had to reply straight away!

My favorite memory has to be getting Path, and let me explain why. When Path came she was my first serian to come being whole and having ever been solely my own. I had already been lucky enough to get Sparkle; after a few months of trying and finding bad luck in regards to regular adoptions. After Sparkle I was content; I now had a serian to keep me company and to explore the new realm that we both desperately needed which he would call home. I hadn't expected anything more - because I couldn't ask for more.

And then I was granted Path in a monthly adoption! She came and changed everything. Her relationship with Sparkle and the process involved in settling into her homeland made not only the stallion sit up and take notice, but me as well.

Six years ago I was sixteen and like anyone else of that age I was having a time of it. A lot of what had troubled me then has been resolved and I've found myself growing even as I watched Path and Sparkle grow in their own rights. Path hasn't changed much since she settled, but at the time she had to learn to be comfortable with not only who she was but also with others for who they were outside her expectations.

It brought me into this realm even farther, and I found myself frequently wandering the lands I had created for her and Sparkle when I was in need - of company, of someone to care for, of problems and growth outside my own that I could actually help with as there was so little I could do about the trouble in the rest of my life.

Getting to know Path and exploring the new areas of our realm that had been discovered while she chose her home kept me sane during night terrors that pushed me to the brink before facing another day of attempting to understand why so much pain had to happen. And helping her to accept Sparkle helped me to accept what life threw at me. In the end, by the time I got Sign, Sionayra and my serians were walking our realm with me as I battled suicide. They didn't know - and still don't - but while I escaped to wander with them I was fleeing everything from my mother having a tumor to getting strangled until I blacked out by our stepfather to relationships I had no business being in even as one sister dated a man that left bruises and another was constantly sick and had started to call me mama.

Path came and she was just enough to make Sparkle see her differently than he did others. Path came and she was strong and she danced and danced and she was a partner in helping Sign settle in while Sparkle offered her the comfort of open friendship. When Path came this place changed for me - and in changing it gave me a haven, and some of my best and oldest friends, the only ones to have stayed with me all this time through all the changes over the years. When Path came she made it so that her and Sparkle's constant back and forth became real, because I never knew what she might say or do.

She helped Foxx and my friends and the serians and Sionayra overall save me. I'm only alive now because this place and having it become a retreat for me and got me through until I felt strong enough to continue living outside this realm of Foxx's and the one I shared with my lovelies.

That, I think, would have to be my favorite memory. When Path came and made it real; when she allowed this place to save me.

Re: New Years Surprise! Memories~

PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 5:47 pm
by Keira
First off I would like to express my love and apprecation to Foxx and Tiggs for creating this wonderful place for all of us to enjoy and express our creativity. I think everyone will agree, no matter how long we've been here, that this place is special to us. :heart:

Some of the special memories for me were, first, when I won Pixie. He was the first and only one I recieved from a monthly contest. Every single month I would guess Forest Song as the first alter because I was so in love with the designs from there that I was determined to wait till it came up again. Even to this day feel a special connection to him. Another special memory for me still has to do with Pixie, when he became mates with Path and even more special was when they were able to have a foal together. And just as special to me was when i recieved Zara, the first foal I had a chance to take home which was from Lothorien and Flit. Which.. brings me to my absolute favorite memory from being here. The day I was able to choose Lothorien.

One day, after I had been a member for a couple of months and working like crazy to get the hang of RP'ing, Foxx sent me a PM saying that she had a list of abandoneds and wanted to give a few of them a good home and wanted me to have first pick. I felt, and still feel, so honored. I cant even describe how amazing it was to know that someone as creative as her had wanted me to be able to take care of something she had put so much of herself into. After looking over the lists several times and being torn between two, I finally decided on Lothorien. Something about him spoke to me and I will never forget realizing could feel that way about something and have such a strong connection and... just... know what I'm supposed to do and how to interact.

I will quit my blubberig now :) But again a big thank you to all of you for making this place so special and a great escape and creative outlet over the years. I love you guys.

Re: New Years Surprise! Memories~

PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 5:52 pm
by Keira
Songhue wrote:I'm on an iPad - may the Gods give me strength - but when I saw this I had to reply straight away!

My favorite memory has to be getting Path, and let me explain why.

I think thats why we became so close. We were kindred and both trying to escape. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who in esscence "used" this place. Love you hun.

Re: New Years Surprise! Memories~

PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 6:43 pm
by Songhue
Dunno if "used" would be the best word, but it works well enough. We got a sanctuary here, and we could both recognize that. It started things; the rest was meant to be. It's not possible to mistake the kindred spark we all share, but with you and Vinny it's become so much more. It would have no matter what; I'm simply glad this place allowed me the chance to meet y'all.

I still see this place as a second home, somewhere to walk and play with my darlin's. Rather I appreciate it for its differences from the rest of life or merely wandering in play and celebration, I love it all the same. And thanks to Path I was able to see how special it really is, because there was no way to adjust around the changes that she brought without admitting the reality of the need. And the reality of her and Sparkle lingering with me as I looked around our home realm and their birth lands.

Love you and Vinny and the many other blessings that have come. Especially y'all. You really are my true sisters.

Re: New Years Surprise! Memories~

PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 6:48 pm
by Tigress
Thank you both for opening up about your memories! Song, especially thank you for mentioning even such delicate issues. I know a lot of people on here have let me go to them to vent or break down, this was also my haven through those terror years that many of us went through. The reason I came back last year so actively was when my mother developed breast cancer (she fought and won!!). This time around, I'm happy to report that this isn't an escape! My activity as of late is just because this is my second home and I've been away too long <3. It really moves me to realize how much these beautiful pieces of artwork mean to us, how much of an impact Foxx has made on our lives by just sharing her talent and the world she dreamed up! I'm so thankful to have met her and all of you guys <33.