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Re: Singles/Plots?

PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:17 pm
by Songhue
Actually, I think something with either Ovela or Siren would be good with Caustic. I think of Ovela would be confident enough to handle his Basilisk nature, without /as much/ of a "you ain't so big and bad" challenge as I can see coming from Nip. Siren was his idea - she'd be a good 'prize,' the gorgeous mare with the stunning voice. Tells ya something about his arrogance.

I was thinking maybe Karma might like either BlackIce or Thyme, and although I know Tigs is up for a Flint-Shiro with someone sometime I get the feeling your Nip may be interesting there as well. And I'd love a Nip/Thorn scenario; he was getting to know Bite and I think they could be good, but Nip would certainly challenge him as well!

I was thinking maybe Eternal could at least enjoy a good friend in Galaxy, too, but she has her reservations. She also isn't actively looking, but wouldn't spurn a surprise.

Anyhow, my single and searching list of lovelies:

Eternal isn't looking - but wouldn't be adverse. She feels the weight of years and power at times; it's a lonely sensation. She's apart from others because of her nature, but it also makes her picky. Companionship is one thing, but one must earn the right for any more. That same lonely years and power makes her demand someone she won't have to stunt herself for.

Flint is open, but he's very controlling and has a good thing with Shiro. It's, well, kind of a Dom/Sub arrangement. I'm not sure he'd find it with anyone else. But it works for them, and Shiro would be happy trying to win over and appease any new toy of Flint's

Caustic... Well, Caustic's a scary son of a devil's fancy, let's just face it. He's got basilisk powers, keeps a poison sulfer cloud around him, can kill with eye contact and is comfortable with that. So he wouldn't really fall for anyone. There may be some whose company he can tolerate, though.

BlackIce could use someone. He appreciates the small facts in life and his grown-too-old-too-young cynicism makes him see most as young themselves. He believes in hard work, honor, duty, and the ability to toughen up and adapt. You don't wig out in an epic adventure, you harden yourself and fall into taking care of what needs done! While he can appreciate the simpler things in life for it (and finds those who take it for granted downright insulting), he could use someone that can help him find the softness in life again - and in himself.

Thorn is, well, prickly. He had an interest in Bite and I actually think a warrior mate might be required. He's brash and rude and daring and requires someone to give him a run for it. It would, more or less, turn into being a conquest on both sides. His general life motto is mostly 'screw it, stuff happens, ya fight on.'

Thyme us gentle by nature, subtle and calm, consistently reliable. He's called the Dryad for a reason. He prefers his tranquil forests and anyone he finds would need to be just as gently weathered from life. Together they would quietly endure all the tests of time - pun observed but unintended. 

Darroch is very... curious. He has to try everything, test his limits and abilities, learn all he can, discover himself, and protect all he sees as his to defend. He got that last from his mom. He has a very strong honor and all of life is and adventure, everything is a new exploration. He's like a wizard; he LOVES to learn, and he loves to share what he learns. Anything. Learning your favorite color and what that reveals of you is fascinating. And he doesn't stop. Once he learns a thing he builds from that, rather than merely dropping it. All of life is that way. He would need someone with boundless energy and a sharp mind to explore life with him.

Frolic is looking. She's finally learned to keep a hold of herself. She'd like a new mate to frolic in her rainforest flowers with her, but it won't consume her. This time, she'd be able to keep herself apart from the relationship; she'd be with them and fond of them, but needs someone who can settle comfortably and skip the all-consuming love of her youth. Someone that understands the need of a mate (or three) as well as the need to retain your independence. The balance of both- to only become but a part of something. (basically life's already given her enough trouble and she wants someone stable!)

Tribe is also looking and can love any as well as another - which is to say, she could take a female to mate. Her life is defined by her adventures. She's tribal, nomadic, and moves where the Fates take her. The only solid ties she wants are aproper ttribe - a circle that will wander with her. Loyalty is huge; someone that wanders off on their own and winds up abandoning her would be a deal breaker. Actively by her side, through all the storms and all the rainbows to follow them. There's so much to see, so many adventures, and most importantly so many treasures! How she loves to bring back trinkets, to trade one shiny bauble for another, to have a piece of that far off land and those unique memories to touch and hold and shine. Finding someone to help her collect the precious things of all the worlds, to share laughs on the road and always be beside her, to rely on whenever needed - that is what she seeks. She fears Sign's fate - to find one who would be there or even protect her, to think them reliable, and find them simply gone, the road long and empty to her next great discovery.

 The rest are content (Sparkle, Path), stuck (Sign), or undecided (Hybrid's everlasting crush on Fancy).

Re: Singles/Plots?

PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:16 pm
by Talia
All of the above sound intriguing ;) I think Ovela definitely has the confidence. I'm not sure if her own fiery personality would make her clash occasionally with Caustic though or not, although it would be interesting to find out! Siren would give him a run for his money- she's beautiful, charismatic, but not an easy catch. She'd make a good challenge for Caustic, especially since she's always had a very distinct idea of where she stands on everything. It's always hard to determine with her whether she has true feelings for another or if her words are just trivial flirtations. Caustic would throw her off guard though I think, and challenge her enough for her to be interested. He's not "foalish" or over-exuberant, so she wouldn't ever perceive him as childish. I think the Caustic/Siren scenario intrigues me more. lol.

Oddly enough, I thought that Thyme might be a good match for Nymph. They have the same love of nature, gentle souls, etc. BlackIce might do well with Karma, if he can keep up with her personality. ;) Perhaps he'd calm her down a bit- she's a little high strung, and a bit vain. Nip's definitely a strong female personality- any stallion would need to be able to keep up to her, since she's a bit of a tom-boy. Very athletic, very competitive- but she does have a bit of a sweet side to her. She just doesn't show it all that well.

I'd love a thread for Eternal, Galaxy and Realm Walker. RW would love to be reunited briefly with his dam, and he's already grown close to Galaxy. I think he feels a bond there due to his CL heritage (his parents).

I always thought too that it would be fun for Darroch and Ovela to meet up again, however briefly, since they grew up together. :) Just some ideas.

Re: Singles/Plots?

PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:35 pm
by Songhue
Ohhh, so much sounds so promising! Siren/Caustic and Ovela/Darroch are wonderful ideas, and I'm all for a Galaxy/Eternal/Realm Walker right now! And I admit, Nymph certainly caught Thyme's eye. Problem comes with circles. He don't know Peppermint or Tornado, and he and Darroch want to make sure they stay with Caelum and BlackIce. Him and Darroch have grown especially close, so if he did bind himself to the circle Darroch would follow... So they'd both need to be willing to bind themselves to Tornado, Peppermint and Nymph. It's frustrating because I think you're right and Thyme and Nymph would be lovely.

Oh, and I think Nip would at least find a good rough-housing buddy in Thorn, they seem a lot alike. ;)

Re: Singles/Plots?

PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:56 pm
by Talia
I agree! :D

...Question is, which one(s) would you like to start with first? :P Post away!

Re: Singles/Plots?

PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:44 pm
by Songhue
Posted! XD Eternal/RW/Galaxy tugged me the hardest, but if you've a particular tug then start another! I'm eager to see Caustic with Siren and Darroch is reliably interesting. :lol: