Post Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:58 am

Here but not

I around like been but rping will be a bit still... I am just out of my string of midterms that killed my brain but not find out that doctors were not kidding when saying they want to take my blood and test for things my elder cousin has we being the oldest so far seem to have the same genes from our one side of the family and the youngest and each are close to the same as well.

Well I HHHHHHHHAATTTTTEEE NEEDLES! Like used to have phoebea, that is better now but nearly a ghost white once feel needle prick and .00000005 of a second later as hot as a volcano, not looking forward to having blood taken... I been told it is a miracle I have yet to faint but 99% sure that will change for this Sat! I get all sick feeling from just thinking about it....

I snow white as most people tell me and takes a whole summer to tan a little, so I go ghost white to the point doctors keep me up to 40mins after needle to make sure I ok. Oh yay I feel sick to my stomach in a tiny roomy, and am 100% degrees and they want me to sit in a chair with that door closed, that goes over quit well....

So ya head not hear yet and the very thought of this haunts me all day.

Sorry for ranting, I just thought the doc was joking with knowing how much me and needles and me and human blood get along.... ><