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Re: Life. Can't live with it, would be dead without it. XD

PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:17 pm
by Songhue
Been a rough day, and gonna be a longer night. >< Lots of family drama, including a bad break up. Blah.

*stares wistfully at the fields and sighs*

Re: Life. Can't live with it, would be dead without it. XD

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:45 pm
by Foxxfyre
Sorry to hear about your family troubles >< Family troubles are the worst because you can't really walk away from them :(

Re: Life. Can't live with it, would be dead without it. XD

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:18 pm
by Songhue
Nope, sure can't. Me and mum have been at odds a bit lately, and there's a lot of tension eminating off her guy these passed few weeks making the situation worse. Plus Moon Blaze's and mine's sister is in the midst of a rough break up with her four to five year old boyfriend - he just ditched her because she texted a friend. The friend was a male and he texts girls all the time, but that's why he said he was leaving - told her in a text message while she was at work, too. The tension with me and the mom is that she says my sister gets in bad relationships like that because I had an inferiority complex while we were little from her being the Golden Child and I would take it out on her.

Soo, my sister is heartbroken, my mother says it's because of me, and there is a very active source of negativity that happens to sit in our front living room every weekend.

Hence the kicking all my darlings into the fields for a Gathering. 8D They can't be troubled by anything if they're here together rather than tromping around kicking my brain. Which they tend to do. >,> Caustic and Path are especially fond of giving their two cents, and Shiro is well known for adding in a random quip. Actually, they all are. xD I about Died laughing more than once because of their little inputs.

Edit: Four to five year old? :lol: I mean the one she's been with for four to five years. Needless to say, my brain is mega fried. -_-

Re: Life. Can't live with it, would be dead without it. XD

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:11 pm
by Foxxfyre
I used to have issues with my mom and sis a lot, as well as my brothers... there was one point where I was literally counting down the days until I left the house and trying very hard to be forgotten in the mean time. The good part is, though, that it can't stay bad forever. There -have- to be ups and downs, or else nobody would know when things are down :)

Also, it's none of my business whatsoever, but I just want to say you shouldn't take what your mom says to heart. People who are unhappy about something are always looking for something/one to blame. Your sis is responsible for her own actions, regardless of the past. You're an absolutely wonderful person, and I think anyone that reads these forums will agree without a moment's hesitation.

I particularly love Path's personality, I always get a kick out of reading her RPs ^^ I wish I could join in... I used to RP more, but nowadays when I RP I start out, then end up thinking about Sionayra and its geography and history and then get all up in the fact checking and whatnot until the RP was forgotten looooong ago. I wish I could separate my "site owner" thoughts from my thoughts as a Bonded, but I know too much ^^;

Re: Life. Can't live with it, would be dead without it. XD

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:14 am
by Songhue
That brightened up my whole night. :) I spent most of the afternoon talking with said heart broken sister, just texting back and forth as a sort of distraction/bit of company. And you're right, we have had ups and downs - there's been some rough times with the gal, and some great times, but in the end she's still my sister. I've tried not to let the mum get to me, really, but it can seriously add up from time to time. >_< Sometimes I think she just don't think that highly of me. :dies:

Path, though, is always SO much fun to hear chime in on things, and I'm so incredibly glad you like to read about her. :D Last week she was teasing me for being a romantic at heart, and I swear it turned into this conversation:

Me: Oh, posh, I just like the attention. He makes me grin.
Path: Nay, he makes you glow, and from the inside!
Me: Now yer just goin with fancy talk.
Path: *sarcastically mimicking Breeze* Moi? Fancy talk? Why, wherefor hath thou gotten such an idea upon thy mind??
Me: *snorts* See! Fancy!
Path: *smirks* Fancy or no, M'Lady Shine, 'tis truth I speak and thou doth know it. Or is a knock upside thine crown needed in order to see such truth?
Me: You give me a headache with that hoof and I swear I will tan yer hide.
Path: If ye can catch me! Thou shall need to come dance with me for such a right.
Me: *cracks up* Oh man, the two of us dodgin around like that? Do you Know what Horsefeathers would say? Or Sushi??
Path: Oh, dear. Few know how to make such a jest as Sushi. *grins and sing-songs* Spark-leee!
Me: *cackles* Oh don't even go there. Firefly won't ever live that down.
Path: Is there a need for me to turn our Romeo, the dear little Sushi, on thee?
Me: You wouldn't!
Path: *smirks and takes a light half-step back* I would! Or doth thou admit to thine infatuation?
Me: *laughing* Alright, I'm a romantic sap for my mate! But yer just as bad. *mock-pout*
Path: Rubbish. I'm worse.
Me: Oh I doubt that.
Path: And how quickly thy tune doth change!

Okay she won. :lol: She's really quite good at that, actually... :stunned:

I do wish you could RP more as well, though. :heart: It'd be just marvelous to see how that site-owner brain would really see the lands or how your bonded interact with it even, having a richer knowledge of the history and life of it through you. :bubbles:

Ahhh, and now I'm staying up extra late finishing up the coding for this new table of contents. All together it'll be comprised of 1782 pieces, in order to make only small, specific parts of it links - just their names and not hardly a pixel more!

Re: Life. Can't live with it, would be dead without it. XD

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:57 am
by Kyra
Sorry to hear that Songhue. *Hugs*

I agree with Foxx your sister got herself in that situation, and as for you mum take what she says as a grain of salt when she is being depressed. I hope the up times come to you soon!

Also I can not see why your mom would not like you, you are an amazing caring person.

I have some family problems, though not as bad any more. I have a younger brother whom used to throw UFO's at me, I figure out what item was after A a hit, or be bounce of wall or floor. Now he just ignores me mostly, and has no respect for me what so ever. I try to be extra nice to him, but that goes no where. It annoys me his we worships the ground my older girl cousin walks on and the boy cousin too. I talk to him, i have a better chance of the wall answering before he does, they say something, even just hypothetical eg" can you get me a drink?" he hopes right too it.

but ya i don't get down by words i have to deal with taking to a brick wall.

Also lol to Path, nice going girl