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Re: Secret admiration thread!

PostPosted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:14 am
by Silverdust
I hope it's not too late to put in my two cents. I really love how everything's becoming active again, though I've been lurking for the most part. So here goes, in no particular order:

Nighttears: Sethe needs more males, really >_< But in all actuality, I've been a huge fan of the designs that came from the Avalon X Skylite pairing, and Nighttears exudes a kind of dark and delicate elegance. Also, the fact that he's Abandoned plays a little bit into Sethe's kind of bonding, plus he's got half siblings scattered all about him. I'd love to see how all those factors play together in developing his character.

Threestrikes: His Warrior type is Demon, so that caught my eye right away. He's Chaos' brother, I believe, and while I'm not sure if he and Web are still on as a pairing, I can see her wanting to do something for Chaos by seeking him out - only not turning out quite the way she planned. Either way, I'd be happy to RP sibling rivalry or closeness, depending on the situation. 'Demon' as a character trait just offers so many avenues to explore.

Silk: She's simply lovely. I like how she's from Eternal Sun, but there's a subtle danger to her, and her contrasting colors are gorgeous. Not sure how she'd fit in with everyone else, but aesthetically I'm drawn to her.

Spring: Another pull on looks, she has some little details on her that I think would reflect her character. She kind of reminds me a little of the Snow Queen tale, and I absolutely love that story. Again, it's a vague connection but I wouldn't mind seeing where it would take me.

That's pretty much all I have :) Good luck all!

Re: Secret admiration thread!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:27 pm
by Tigress
*loudly and awkwardly clears throat*
*looks around*
*walks away casually*

Re: Secret admiration thread!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:18 pm
by Vineda
*gets the hint*

My question on Celestial Light was for Epoch, he and Eternal are fantastic ^^ He just looks like he’s seen so much with that bright eye if his. Love the older style and the deep blue that always draws me in.

Quest. Meloves some Quest! I can’t get over the leonine features and the butterfly style wings. Drawn to the name, who doesn’t want to go on a quest? Give me a mission, an adventure. Got that tribal hint to him

Dawn! Gotta love the colors blending like her namesake, dramatic pose to greet the rising sun, wispies dancing in the breeze...

Told ya i’d moon eye with the best of em :D

I’ve never been as much a fan of Cotton as some others are, but the others of the Forest Song are so alluring. Wish has the neatest color scheme with the dark grey and silver and gold and the bit of prance or march in his step, but lots of expression to those eyes. Hunter is just so different and neat, I love the golden bridle and the natural color scheme she’s got going on. Faerie’s all mystical with her opalescent wings and tail scales. Venom has always had my interest, though she’s had a lot of past history and a lot of connections. I’ll be interested to see where she settles. If she does lol.

Windstorm’s stance is one of my alltime favorites. Standing strong into the torrent, defiant, icy blue creeping over his colors.

Could go babbling all day I could. Heh, sorry. Some of these lovelies i’ve been watching and hoping would find a good home for a long time <3

Re: Secret admiration thread!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:29 pm
by Silverdust
Should not be doing this at work, but here I am with the poor life decisions xD

Seduction: There is something incredibly fierce about her, a war queen vibe to the max. I'd love to put her into play with my Warrior bonded, shake up the gender skew. She's just so striking and I adore her aesthetic.

Scythe/Haunting Spirit: Continuing my love of interesting mares. There's so much death/reaper mythology that could go into either of them; I'd def want to explore that.

Shatter: He's a pretty boy; I love his markings, and this implied duality he's got going on. Or maybe that I'm projecting. Either way, he's got a pull for me.

Cotton: I'm jumping on the bunny bandwagon xD He's got that trickster thing going on, and his design is so creative and fun--love the earrings, the ears, the chest fluff, many things :)

That's my round up--tried to keep it light, but there are so many interesting faces this time around <3

Re: Secret admiration thread!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:27 pm
by Songhue
I've always had a soft spot for Faerie and Dragonfly, both - Caelum is the closest bonded I have to those soft tones and unique wings, and I love him for that.

Faerie just *belongs* in a forest at night, mingling with the will-o-the-wisps and letting that silver-bell laugh tinkle in the leaves. *le sigh*

And Dragonfly just seems so proud, and still so gentle-hearted. I can just see him drifting around and seeing who he can run across.

And Rhapsody - well, I always feel a pull towards Deep Shadows, and she's always had that feel of sheer strength to her. I just adore the long, flowing mane in conjunction with her neck spikes - she has a *balance* to her, fierceness with honor, beauty with strength, direct and yet still gentle enough, where she can be.

And then there's those beauties, Scythe and her Haunting Spirit daughter.... I remember the way they caught my eye when they first came, so beautifully fierce, and the sheer magic that made them, to see the inner structure. Scythe found her mate and circle in the most beautiful way, and before you know she's a mom! And Haunting Spirit... such a perfectly powerful combination of her mother and Cast! So much self respect in her.

And then there's West, for obvious reasons... I'm so familiar with him, have seen so many pieces of that playful dependability as he and Sign grew closer. He likes to push the extremes, he does - look at the overreach in a simple act of rearing. For an apple, maybe, or just as a stretch, but either way he likes to stretch himself, for sure. XD

And then there's Rampage... Oh, she's a beauty, and as bold as her coat is she still seems more social than brash. But, oh, she has the markings of a queen, and I'm all but certain you do *not* want to see her angry.

Red Sands was the first alter to draw me in - in fact, I joined because of Wildfire. I'm still drawn to that fierceness, though I've found a love for the Shadows lurking in me as well - all offset by that gentle wistfullness for the Forest, and that chilly allure of the Winds. I guess I'd be hardpressed to find a single favorite alter!

Re: Secret admiration thread!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:31 pm
by Aria
Mkay... taking a break from unpacking/moving to get caught up with everything. It appears we are all weighing in on some of our favorite Serians who still need loving homes? :)

As I'm sure everyone remembers, Cotton has a huge piece of my heart already. He just looks like so much trouble! I'm a fan of piercings so that certainly doesn't hurt. I love his short spiky mane, his chest hair... and of course his bushy bunny-rabbit tail. His narrow eyes and smirk just scream mischief to me, and I love it. I've always been drawn to the punk style. If I were a Serian, I'd be head over heels in love with his handsome face and I'd never be able to look at any other. lol... how's that? :heart:

I'd say... the next one on my list would be Tint. She's adorable. I love her colors and that her mane and tail are different colors. Her bright red eyes are striking. I imagine her chewing on her necklace in the same way people use fidget spinners. Did I say I love her colors?

Lastly, is Keidas. He is also that smooth, dark teal color that I feel drawn to. Like Cotton, he has a super fun mane style with short spiky bits and longer bits as well. He has attitude, strength... and a unicorn horn. He looks extremely serious but that he'd be super fun once he felt comfortable with you. I like him a lot.

Those are my top three, hands down. Love them. I tend to be drawn towards attitude, fierceness, and confidence. These few have always caught my eye and left a lasting impression. <3