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Secret admiration thread!

PostPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 2:41 am
by Tigress
Bringing this back from the dead 8D.

Who do you admire? Who have you been pining after? Why? I'd like you guys to list your solid top 5 if you can (though up to 10 is fine!), talk about them a little bit, why you like them. You can write a novel, you can write "he's blue! I love blue!", you can list a few traits you like that they have, an RP personality that pulls you to them, anything!

Length won't affect your chances of getting something on your want list by even 1% so don't force anything :). I just want honesty and to see what kind of things you guys like!
(And if somehow you guys choose 5 that are all on the plans/can't adopt list, I will do my best to pick something else based on what colors/traits etc you list ^^)

Re: Secret admiration thread!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 05, 2013 10:07 am
by Vineda
this is a neat idea Tigs, very cool! gonna tale some thought :p

edit: take. take some thought. *facepalm*
literacy, eh? :bubbles:

Re: Secret admiration thread!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 05, 2013 12:31 pm
by SunBlind
Definitely requires a lot of thought for the other four, but there is one that jumped to mind the moment I read your post.

Danger - I was fortunate enough to be able to Bond his son Arrow and have him live in my Realm. Arrow is one of my very first, from way back in April, both I and Sionayra has been around a long time LOL I'm a huge fan of family reunions! That flaming marking they both share is also one of my favorite markings out of all markings Serians can have. It even carried through to Danger's grandson, Dark Arrow, along with those bone wings. It's so interesting to see the span of generations :) He'd also probably get along great with Drake, my very first Serian who is also a firebreather :D

Mystic & StarShadow - I was debating whether I should put these two, I mean, I have the vast majority of the aquatic Serians living in my Realm and it just seemed so greedy to have my eye on the remaining two unbondeds...but I can't resist, I just *love* these fish-tailed Serians. StarShadow can be with her siblings, and Mystic, while not a Harmony offspring, would have someone to swim around with.

Those are by far my top three, though of course there are so many others I would love to have come live in my Realm. I'll see if I can manage to pick just two out of all the rest...gonna be hard!

Vex - I must admit I'm a third admirer of Angel, but when push comes to shove (or we can only pick 5) I tend towards the more demonic end of the spectrum. I adore his vibrant metallic purple coat (I'm a fan of deep, rich colours), that flaming mane and tail, those markings (not all that unlike those of Danger in fact), those delicate, transparent wings and that blood red eye. He just jumps out of the page at me every time I look at him.

Wow, still one more to go...and loving what other people are writing too!

Re: Secret admiration thread!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 05, 2013 6:19 pm
by Kyra
I love this idea to name 5 will be tricky but these are my fave of faves!

Oblivion! He is amazing, love his pose and fire manes or ghost manes I just adore. Like Phantom's or Ghostfire's. Before my amazing boy Phantom was colored Oblivion had caught my eye his colors and pose! When Phantom was colored I was amazed! I think they be great friends, bros. Maybe this boy could help mine with getting used to others company. He is so amazing! I remember when I 1st saw the Blvah pages and he was claimed and thought he was amazing and could not wait to seem him out there. Thought even back then maybe they cloud be friends.

ShadowSpark! She is gorgeous. I so love the lightning markings on her purple coat. She got that Stormgirl look to her, which I love. Adore her pose staring at the sky and where her elemental powers are shared with in storms. Also before I was bonded to Spark she, would have been on here too so great work with that pairing Tigs. I thought if I get one the other could be a best friend!

Angel! Adore her pose, her name may be angel, angelic is not really her style. That is the vibe I get from her. She could be rebellious and in a way use her name as a way of hiding her real personality. Oh her name is angel, she must be such an angel, but that be half true!. I adore her golden tiara and how her coat could be described as a white flame with golden flames on her hooves. White flame, angels and heaven domain! She is one of the 1st when I found the list of abandons that just struck me. She is beautiful!

Colori Di Giorno! I love her rainbow fiery mane and tail. With her her fiery legs and golden anklets and tail ring. She is just amazing! She got the hard girl look, but I think that be only her appearance, I think she is kind but awkward so what she means and does does not always co-inside. She mean to be nice, but come on cool, sassy and spicy.

Forth the fifth I am still working that out! Though now that I looks Storm, Fiery, Water and Ghosts I so so adore and fawn over, Also unicorns love love!

Also thanks again for bonding be with Spark recently and Rain and Tundra earlier. Snow & Rain all water and the amazing marks and Tundra a unicorn!^^ Thanks again Tigs and Foxx!

Re: Secret admiration thread!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 1:16 pm
by Talia
Here goes... it's hard to pick just 5! They're all lovely. :heart: In order (1-5) here's my list of favourite abandoned Serians:

Colori Di Notte: Aside from his beautiful wings (I'm an addict) and rainbowy-goodness, there's something about his personality that gets me. He has this wonderfully fierce look to him, and he seems like he'd be a great challenge.

Angel: What's not to like? She's beautiful. And again with the wings... >.< I can't help it! I agree with Kyra- there's something again in her expression that really does say that she's not as angelic as her name implies. I think I have a thing for bad ponies!

Nighttears: His family has so much history. There are a ton of RPs surrounding his siblings. I think that he would definitely be fantastic to RP purely based on his family's back story. That and he's stunning. Of course. :D With those wings... yeah. Definitely an addict. I'm sensing a trend here. ;)

Stalk: I really am a Deep Shadows girl at heart. Bridle was my first lovely, and I feel a real connection to that specific Altar. She looks like a real mystery, and I love her dragon-esque appearance.

Flicker: Flicker just looks like... well, like fun! She has that impish look to her, another thing that a lot of my Serians tend to share. She looks like she'd keep everyone on their hooves!

Re: Secret admiration thread!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 10:19 pm
by Kyra
OK lots of tossing but chose a 5th.

Electra! I love love that name, I love that she is a unicorn and her star and moon markings! She looks like a sweety but I bet her name gives her an Electra flare from time to time. I adore her pose and her colors, teals and blue are nice!