Singles and Plotting 2.0!

Any non-Serian (visitor) is welcome here! Mainly for the Serians' Bonded to get together and chat about random topics, but there really are no rules besides being courteous ^_^

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Re: Singles and Plotting 2.0!

Wanted to finish writing something on all the current pages before jumping in here; Dust isn't up yet, but I think the Silent Song bonded I'm working with are more concerned with their current material state than romance at the moment ^^;;

So, here are the hubpages:


Sethe's faction probably are the more darker-inclined individuals; Sanguine's also got a few. Sive probably has the more emotionally stable group. Everybody's buried in plot because I'm terrible that way--sorry guys >_< Feel free to ask questions or ask for clarifications!

Tigs, I'm very much still down for Chaos and Web! I know it's been forever, but I'd love to have them work it out. And good news maybe for LunarPrism, Avalir is back now :) But he and Brittle brought a lot of plot complication with them. I could give you the rundown of what's going on, and you can see if Luna would still be interested? Completely up to you--I want her to be happy :heart:

Also, Velvet is gorgeous ._.
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Re: Singles and Plotting 2.0!

Lol, for sure Song. That's part of the reason she's not on my list of availables as well. :)
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Re: Singles and Plotting 2.0!

I'm pretty new to this stuff, but I'm pretty sure all of my lovelies are available? :)
Lace and Euphoria are my newest that I would love to get involved, of the newest art style. I also have Flux, who is still the newer art style. Hydra and Abyss are the older style. All of them are open to possibilities and opportunities though! :heart:

Edit: I am very interested in learning about mates, breeding, offspring, etc!~
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Re: Singles and Plotting 2.0!

Been curious about Velvet for quite a while ^^

Only lovelies who are already mated or plotting: Avalanche, Treasure, Fancy, Sunray, Gypsy, Cyclone

Lovelies who had previous families and may not be looking so much (In a Circle already):
Hurricane (Blue Flame)
Nimbus (Storm Clouds)

Shamrock - always a jokester or prankster but with a heart of gold and a deep love for his loves, looking for someone really special if he’s looking
Oak - quiet and peaceful as his namesake, could use some shaking up, can be stubborn but is very kind
Talon - bit of a recluse, bookworm, loves trinkets and is wary of but fascinated by strangers
Flight - daredevil pilot, would love to have someone to terrorize the skies with him or even the waters he flies above so often.
Sunsparkle - traveler who would love some company, very sweet, a sun mare and a stargazer
Fiesta - still exploring his personality after all this time. lives for celebrations and connections.
Bound - took a long time to process readoption, a bit wary. Tomboy/girlie mix, open to open
Coal - adventurer, pushes the limits, still maturing but getting there
Frost Rose - more homebody than her brother, sweet, still young and naiive, friends with everyone
Galaxies - ancient and young both. still exploring her personality. a bit spicier and perhaps darker than her friend Rose.
Illuminate - bit of a wallflower but never unfriendly, looking for a sweet one who knows her own mind and will. A bit of sense of humor/mischief wouldn’t go wrong for him ^^
Aqua - bit of a water sprite or siren in her own right. been alone for quite a while, a bit jaded towards the whole idea
Reverie - a dreamer, a drifter, would need some understanding and grounding as well as someone to drift with. dunno if she knows someone else might be good for her.
Dawn - still exploring her a bit, but an optimistic thing so far for a re-bonded.
Rhyme - already had a family but no ties to them currently. darkest one of the bunch, wary of close ties because of his elemental power.
Fleet - has been running what seems like his whole life from scars he carries and can't really run from. still working on it

Possible plottings:
Frost Rose or Sunsparkle/Realm Walker?(friendly)
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Re: Singles and Plotting 2.0!

This is the top of my Lonely Hearts Club

If you visit their pages, please do excuse the strange layout of the text - still under renovations after having to rearrange everything. <_< It's a slow work in progress because I can't seem to get any freaking TIME. >_<

Anyway, these guys are a bit complicated, so I feel the need to explain. This is more of an old school type of circle - so there's lots and lots of cross overs (rather than exclusive mating).

---Shiro and Flint have a "thing" and would really like to find the right mare to fit within their "thing."
---Hybrid is the Lord of Lonely (Shiro's words) and, for the most part, that's his own fault. <_< He has a Type - usually the more intricate the mare's markings the better, and wings are always a plus - and unvoiced insecurities, so whenever said potential interest seems to wander off he assumes he's been dropped like a hot ember.
---Nova and Breeze have a "thing," and would welcome a mare who was a "floater" - which is to say, not bonded specifically to them, but with "that kind" of interest for the whole circle (basically a female Shiro). Nova loves everyone, but doesn't have that special baby-making interest in anyone besides Breeze (who had to go through a crucible to catch her eye), although the potential is still there (if Hybrid liked her that special way, for instance, he could probably win her over as well - but she's a bit too stern for his adventuring self, and though her coat is pretty with the color shifts it doesn't have those lovely markings he likes so much)
---If there never *is* that special, mated interest for all of them, then Hybrid would welcome the opportunity to have two special mares - like I said, not really an "exclusive mating" type of circle.
---There's also a potential for a special mare that may not be interested in Hybrid like that, but would specifically bind herself to Shiro in particular and not necessarily to Flint, alongside the other mare that would bind to the both of them (Shiro/Flint) making Shiro have two mares, one of which would also share that interest with Flint - which would leave both Hybrid and Nova/Breeze as singular couples, but in this situation they'd be perfectly fine with that (they'd all do just about anything for Shiro to be happy).

Yeah... They're complicated. :out: The least complicated way I can put it is that this particular Lonely Hearts Club is very, Very open with their love, and if there's any special mare that can cope with that who wants to join then there's a whole list of places she could fit. ^^;;;

Edit: I think, Silv, if you're up for it - Caustic is particularly dark, as well. He tries to keep it from killing everything, but he has a tendency of attempting to trample everyone into submission. Somehow I think that perhaps he and Lock might have potential - maybe Geo, but I've always thought the dark and slightly broken nature of Lock would suit well with him.

Unless she needs someone gentler, of course, to help take care of her. Caustic is... Not the stallion, for that. He's better at breaking someone. Plasma is a mad scientist. Flint enjoys seeing the bruises left by his teeth - love bites with a little extra intent. Caustic, however - Caustic enjoys the suffering of others.
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Posting Elemental

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Re: Singles and Plotting 2.0!

I just realized that a very good portion of my top singles are male. :o Anyone else noticing a gender tilt?

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