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Re: Randomness

PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:16 pm
by Songhue
THANKIES for remindin me o this. XD Was just thinkin of a place where this random thought could be put that's poked me for a bit...

Sparkle's been bonded to me for five years now, just about. o.o That's.. Wow. Only just realized that. No wonder he feels like he's gone through a lot and grown through it all. xD

And, Tribe's curious about this place again, but she has a few reservations as well. >< Wants to make friends, and finding someone to help amuse her is always a plus, but for the moment she's still fairly certain she doesn't want any massive roots anywhere too. Think if Chidory were around she would enjoy meeting Crest, but... *shrugs*

Hrmmm... Need to make sure a couple threads are officially dead as well, freeing up a couple others who want a reunion with those that are around. It's been a while since the Circle of Cherished dreams has gathered properly and Sparkle up and decided it's high time again! Even though he was told that Pixie, Crest and West probably wouldn't show... And he's really not going to find that one mare to fill in the last spot and play with Crest as his mate without Crest there....

Stallions. ><


Re: Randomness

PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:32 pm
by Vineda
Congrats on your five-year with Sparkle! ^_^ and on your new bond with Tribe!

Hard to believe Shamrock and i bonded almost a year ago :P

been thinking a little about circles meself as well.. but, ach that'll probably have to wait a bit. There's a few threads i'm wondering about as well. I'm uber excited to see the board getting more acitve again with the rebonding events. we'll have to see if the RP forums see more activity as well :heart:

Re: Randomness

PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:16 pm
by Songhue
Was thinking a bit....

Commented earlier to me bestest best friend of ever and all time that there be some, like Opal, who really is just lovely in markings and color and uniqueness.. Though she is in Desperate need of a redraw. Absolutely love her coat and opals are one of my favorite gems and it would be such fun to interact with whoever gets her {she's one o them that catches my eye but doesn't pull at me like an elephant stampede the same as Myth does}. She would look even more fantastic with a redraw, it actually looks like she was one of the very first ever to be drawn up.

Sooo... bit of an idea? Maybe one event could be that choose one or so serians to be redrawn before being readopted by popular vote every month or so - that could be our eye candy? And then, after it's redrawn, we could hold a special event saying that they come trotting out all nice and fresh.. And the event in question would have something to do with that.

Like, say we Don't pick by popular vote - but Foxxy redraws whoever calls to her and says they want/need it. And the event is, whoever can remember the original drawing the best... Or, if we do it by popular vote, the event is that we wind up having to describe the transition. Not the history, really, but the changes that got them to where they felt and looked all fresh and got a new take on life...


*general disclaimer* Just for those that are known to be rather snappish, this only pertains to abandoneds and is in no way a suggestion or attempt to get those that are already bonded a redraw outside of a festival

Re: Randomness

PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:06 pm
by Foxxfyre
I like it, I'm just not sure about the time it would take ^^; I would be willing to do a few at least, if enough people are interested. I was also thinking of doing something like having a list of eligible Serians for Redraw, and if someone wins an adoption slot they can apply for a redrawing instead, since it takes about the same time as a new Serian.

And yeah, Opal is oooooold! She's one of the three Serians that I attempted to draw via mouse before I gave up and bought a scanner :D Actually, tiny tidbit, she's (very very technically) the first Serian, though I don't count her as such because she was actually drawn -before- I made up the idea, and was kinda added as an afterthought ^^;

So the "original" Serians are Prophet, his sister Oracle (spoiler? I can't remember...) Opal, Harmony, and Eternal :) If you look at all of their original images, you can definitely see how Opal would be a bit out of place. She's definitely been on the very top of my redraw list for a while ^^;

Re: Randomness

PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:14 pm
by Vineda
I'm dyyyyying to get a look at this Harmony!! I've seen her in quite a few matches here and there, and i'm just oh so curious now! Oh and i've been meaning to ask about your Summerwind and why she's never visible... :P

I'd also be super curious to see how Eternal looked after a redraw, but I think I like her so much as she is that I wouldn't want a change... but I'm sure if I saw her redrawn I'd just... i dunno poofle or die or be stuck with a permanently wagging tail.... :lol:

Re: Randomness

PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:36 pm
by Songhue
:lol: Well there's one vote, at least? The idea for a redraw option in applications is brilliant, by the way! As far as time, that would be entirely up to you, of course. ^^; If you wanted to let it take time enough to make it so you only draw one serian a month, period, it's highly doubtful anybody would blame you at all. :)

Compared to all the other original images of them, she Does seem a bit out of place, now that you mention it. Poor dear Opal. <3

If we do run with this, as you seem interested in doing at least a couple, then you could either choose the few yourself or you could pick a handful or so if you have a hard time of it, and Tigs can post it all for votes? <3 Either way, if you like it and think there's time for it and people are interested, of course, it would certainly shake things up a little bit...