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Re: Randomness

PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2009 3:46 am
by Vineda
awww you're getting a baby bump! ^.^ :heart: At work we have an ultrasound machine and every once in a while one of the women will be pregnant and use the machine. I love to watch! Only thing is we can't hear the heartbeat :( But still super cool!

Sooo glad it's finally Friday, but somehow I can't get it into my head that it's here o,o busy weekend, but after that I'm hoping things will settle down a little =) Hope everybody's weeks are ending well!!

Re: Randomness

PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:09 am
by Songhue
Today is the baby sister's Bday. :) *rubs bopped spot* I haven't been around to tell! But I coulda texted... *sheepish* *g*

Not too far, in the same town is the goal. We have to do all the regular work for moving on top of the regular day to day stuff on top of getting the papers and other things in order for the house(s) we're going to move into. Everyone picked out a new bed set, so there'll be moving all new furniture into place as well as going through everything here as well as trying to get everyone to school on time (Can we get entirely moved in just a weekend? Sure do hope so..)

It'll be a while before things finally settle down and everything's all in order enough to uproot everything, but 'till then the storm's in full force. ;)

Yay for baby bump! Yay for halfway there, too. Do you think you dad will be around when your little demon, I mean angel, is born? Halfway mark though, you really need to pick a name! Unless you want to wait until she's born - I plan on doing that, waiting until they're born and I find out the gender (won't want to know in the ultra thing)

You, Vinny dear, are certainly cramming in school time. How do you find time to sleep... Or eat... Or breathe?? Why would you not have graduated on time, any way? Had to cut back hours because of the twins or something?

Re: Randomness

PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:26 am
by Keira
*bops again* ya thats why I texted you the other day, to see how everything was going *puts away bopping stick*

As far as dad goes.... we'll see :out: the hospital called yesterday to give the final results of the ultrasound and in addition to filling up with liquid he is supposed to get his gaul bladder out asap. His dad died in that particular surgery and my mom nearly died in it so he is planning his funeral... which I guess works because no one is sure that he is even strong enough to make it through the surgery so i guess we will just have to wait and see. *sigh*

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2009 7:02 am
by Vineda
I'm so sorry about your dad, Keira. I wish there were something I could do. Another sibling birthday, Songhue?? geez that's a lot of siblings! And I love moving! It's a lot of work but I have fun with it. Doing all in one weekend is... a big feat. :lol: My mom didn't know what to name me until a few weeks before I was born. Said all the names were okay, but then she thought of Colleen and it just fit. And as for knowing ahead of time, I don't think I could stand waiting! I have no willpower for stuff like that - none!

Okay. *sits down and lets fake calm steal over features*
Well I was taking the classes I really needed and cutting down all other credit hours, but my registration never works out until the last minute. They give everyone a registration date so that everyone's not doing it at once. And mine's always really late. So my classes are always full. Urg. So anyway, I'm doing it the hard way since it's so late - do it early and you can register online, do it late and you've got do to it all on paper and get signatures for everything. So I go to my adviser for signature and he says well have you double checked that you'll have enough credits to graduate? (We've never discussed this. We've always talked about the science credits that still need to be taken care of. I've got all the gen eds I need. Have had them for about a year now. All i need is science.) So I tell him this and he gets waspish. Apparently I'm an irresponsible student and I need to learn to grow up and take care of myself. They're not going to spoon feed me. Imagine that! (sorry for the sarcasm, I'm still a tad bitter) So after he's done with the ten minute lecture he pulls out these papers.

Now, you have to meet with your adviser every semester before registration to discuss things. When you do this, you print out a 'degree audit' that lists everything required for a certain degree and places classes you've taken under the categories required. He pulls out theses papers - he's kept them in my file from my pre-registration visits. He's hilighted all of the things we've discussed - classes I need to take next, grades that will help me, grades he's not too happy with, etc. NEVER, not in even ONE of these papers, is the 'total number of credits required to graduate' column hilighted! Does he admit to this mistake? Noooo. Does he tell me I'm wrong when I point this out? Yeeeeesss. :sulk:

So I find out that I need a LOT of credits to graduate in time. The max you can take in a semester without getting 'overload' paperwork signed is 18, and I have to take that both semesters (minimum). I still can't shake the feeling that they've got their claws in my little degree and that they're going to yank it away from me yet... This is a private university that was expensive when I fisrt jumped on board, but they've increased tuition every year since then and I'm not thrilled with it as it is. It was a mistake to go there and I just want to get the heck out. Their general ed requirements are different enough from other colleges that I would've had to go over four years if I'd transferred, just because the credits wouldn't have transferred. I'm there on scholarship, and if I run over the normal 4 years my dad will explode. So I think I'm going to talk to the Dean to make sure everything's all set and good to go, just to make sure. I WILL get out in time, darn it!

Yeah. So. Thanks for listening to my little tantrum. As I said, still bitter. Eating and sleeping have certainly become an issue, but I usually do okay remembering to breathe. ;) On a happier note, the twins turned six last week! holy cow it doesn't seem possible!

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2009 11:56 am
by Keira
Awwww I always wanted twins. Its never going to happen but I've always wanted them.

Its ok about my dad, he started getting worse about a month or two before my wedding so I've had a year and a half to deal with it. Some days he's pretty good and others (like today) he looks awful. But we work with the doctors and he will go when its his time and theres nothing anyone can do to change that.

As for the name my husband was adopted by his aunt and uncle and i guess they were sitting in the hospital room after he was born trying to figure out a name and the T.V. show TJ Hooker with William Shattner was on soooo viola I married a TJay :P

Re: Randomness

PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:43 pm
by Vineda
Hahaha That's one way to come up with a name! ^.^

Everyone always says they want twins... I say you all are INSANE!! And I'm glad you've had time to come to that attitude about your dad. It's such a hard thing, but I love this quote from Harry Potter from Dumbledore... he says something about death just being the next great adventure, and I believe it. It's still really hard and no fun for anyone, but I like the viewpoint.