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Re: Blarg Thread

One time I had a really bad cold so I went to the doctiors and he put me on some medication. When the pharmisist (sp?) told me that I needed to take one in the morning and one at night the only response I could muster was "I have to get up at one in the morning??" He had a pretty good laugh about it.
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Re: Blarg Thread

Lol Songhue's reply reminded me.. I often keep one of our two phones downstairs so I can look at the caller ID and see if it's for me or not. And I usually end up falling asleep before remembering to take it upstairs for the night... So then comes the mad rush in the morning to get ready for school -ie, throw required books or whatever into my bag- and dash out the door...

Yeah I've probably taken that house phone with me to school at LEAST four times >.< glad it can't ring cause I wouldn't be able to silence it. Most recent time was last week :out:
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