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Blarg Thread

PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 11:28 pm
by Songhue
Ever have just a Blarg moment? A brainfart, a whoops? Wanna share?

Well here you go. :3

Re: Blarg Thread

PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2009 6:13 pm
by Foxxfyre
I once was in a conversation about "soap operas" and why guys don't like them, and for about the first 10 minutes of the conversation I was talking about real operas -_- No wonder the other person looked so confused and we didn't agree on anything!

I was -really- tired that day, lol

Re: Blarg Thread

PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2009 6:50 pm
by Songhue
Lol, ok, that made me laugh so hard. XD

One night, when it was raining particularly hard, I was full out exhausted and trying to say goodnight to a surprisingly clingy mate. Someone I was living with at the time had been talking about all the rain we'd been having and then said they were going to shower and go to bed - I swear they had to explain for fifteen minutes straight that they had not said they were going to go bathe in the rain in our front yard.

That was a slightly creepy image. XD I went to bed after that... >,>'

Re: Blarg Thread

PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 2:12 pm
by Foxxfyre
lol, that's hilarious! I can't even imagine someone trying to shower that way :P

My former roommate just reminded me of another moment I had... One time, we were filling up the car with gas, and the guys across from me said "Hey, are you from NY?" and of course, being in college, I said "Nope, I'm from MD"

Well, then the guy says something along the lines of "There are cute girls in MD then!" Oblivious, I think of all the people in MD and determine that he's right, so I reply with "Yeah, there are!", get in the car, and drive away. My roommate proceeds to laugh at me the -entire- way home :P

Re: Blarg Thread

PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:17 pm
by Songhue
This is a sort of a blarg moment that happened today.

The family cat, who is pretty much my only brother, is sick pretty bad and at the vet's. He has a growth on his lung that's pushing his heart into his spine and constricting his esophagus/digestive tract. They also think they found either a tumor or a blood clot on his heart. So he needs a specialist and is obviously not here at the moment.

I was cleaning today, already knowing most all of that, and while I was fiddling in the kitchen I noticed the cat's food bowel. I gave him fresh water and touched up his food and made note that he didn't seem to be eating, still.

Heh, sorta hard for him to eat while he's in the hospital. XD I facepalm'd So hard when that hit me.

Re: Blarg Thread

PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:43 pm
by Kyra
Oh,:( sorry to hear that Songhue. I hope he is better.

Though the part about getting his food and water ready is really funny.