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Re: Forum Contest- Theme?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:59 pm
by Songhue
Oh hey, weather Serians is also a possibility. Though a bit more limited, admittedly. There's also era-themed Serians - like the Victorian era could be a theme, highlighted by how the manes are or their markings or something simple like that for that sort of feel.

A Serian made entirely out of lightning would still make me more than willing to die a thousand terrible deaths for it, though.
Maybe luck will bless me with a custom come the next festival and she/he could be requested then. :D

Re: Forum Contest- Theme?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:16 pm
by waterlily
Elemental Serians would be pretty awesome.

Re: Forum Contest- Theme?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:57 pm
by waterlily
What about a Foxxfyre inspired Serian?

Re: Forum Contest- Theme?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2010 1:24 am
by Songhue
waterlily wrote:What about a Foxxfyre inspired Serian?


Any way, here's another thought. Myths were already suggested, but what about choosing one particular legend? Anything, like say how Orion got to be a part of the stars, or something like Connla and the Fairy Maiden (old Celtic legend/myth). It could be they're named after characters, particular aspects of the characters, the moral, locations, ect... Possibilities are nearly endless.

And just because - said legend that was mentioned (one of my favorites)

Connla was the son of Conn of the Thousand Fights. He was a handsome man with flowing red hair and great strength, and such courage and deeds as to be worthy of his father's name.

Now one fine day Connla and his father were walking and as they reached Usna, Connla saw a maiden wearing a long flowing white dress. Her skin was creamy white and long flowing blonde hair graced her brow, with a voice as soothing as a stream. All could plainly hear her wondrous voice, but her great beauty only Connla could see.

Connla asked the woman "From where do you come?" She answered with a smile, "I have come from Moy Mell, the Plain of Pleasure where there is no growing old nor strife. I have come for thee, fair Connla, to take thee to Moy Mell as my love." Connla's father had heard the voice as well and although he could not see the fairy maiden he feared to lose his son so immediately he sent for his Druid, Coran.

Once more the Fairy Maiden spoke sweetly to Connla "A crown awaits thine comley face and handsome form and thy handsome features shall not fade until the end of all that is." However Coran had come and Conn begged the Druid "I call upon your assistance in this, my most dire need. My son is being called away by a maiden unseen, her magic much too strong for my skills; only you and your magic can save my dear Connla from her wiles."

Coran obliged him and turned to where the voice had come from, uttering a spell of banishment; but as she was vanishing away from Connla's sight the maiden gave him an apple.

One full month had passed and Connla ate nor drank except from the magic apple she had left him, which was whole again as he ate of it. His every thought was on the Fairy Maiden until at last one day in Arcomin he saw the woman again.

"The ones who live forever in the Plain of Pleasure have asked for you to come with me Connla, come with me my beloved and live forever and live in love with me in Moy Mell where King Boadag awaits with a great feast to recieve thee."

Hearing her words again Conn sent his men to fetch the Druid Coran but the Fairy Queen spoke to Conn "Oh Conn the Druid's magic has little power or honor in my land he cannot help thee again." The king looked to his son in this defeat, realizing that since she had last appeared his son had said nothing to anyone. So it was that he asked Connla "What does thine heart tell thee my son?"

Connla answered "Aye tis hard upon me for I love my own folk above all things; but yet a deep longing assails me for the maiden." Once she heard this the maiden answered, "Not even the ocean here is as strong as your love. Come with me now in my crystal Curragh, for the sun, although low in the sky, will not reach the sea before we are in Boadag's realm. There we shall live together forever."

Without another word Connla ran to the crystal Curragh and then saddened as he was Conn bid his son farewell as the small boat vanished into the setting sun.

Connla and the fairy maiden were never heard from again.


Curragh-a small boat very much like a canoe

Conn was an actual king who ruled Ireland from 123-157 AD.The city of Connaught is supposed to be named after him.This tale is said to be based on his son Conly who was either slain or vanished during his father's lifetime more than likely the latter.Conn's son Art Enear later became king.

Another name for Moy Mell is Tir Na Nog which means Island Of Youth and there are comparisons to it and Avalon.

The moral there is about learning to let go. Some times a new life, away from what you've grown to love, is what's meant to be. And some times it's best not to hinder someone else moving on with a selfish love, for though the father loved the son and the son loved his people, he was called elsewhere. The call was answered, although as he did heed the summons he left the old life in the ashes so that a new could be born.

So see, that might be a thought to work with. Morals, locations, details about the chairs, ect. Or maybe not. *brick'd*

Re: Forum Contest- Theme?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:50 am
by waterlily
One thinks the moral of this story seems very familiar to him. :P

One also thinks the ideas have come to an end and a decision on a theme should be made. :)

Re: Forum Contest- Theme?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2010 12:11 pm
by Vineda
I thought we'd all throw some ideas out as they came and leave it up to Foxx to surprise us with what she wants to do. Perhaps she'll use multiple ideas... Who knows :)