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Re: Rewrites?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:12 pm
by Talia
Hehe. I can't claim artistic talent for that in the slightest. It was a present from Tigs. I asked her awhile back if she could make me an animated avatar (because I'm horrible at animating) and she did. :)

Re: Rewrites?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:07 am
by Tigress
Ah Songhue, I wish I had that kind of ambition! Usually I only rewrite after a few years, or when I look back at the style and think 'yuck'. Even if the new story isn't as interesting, if it's written better I enjoy it more ^^. But I still have yet to find time to sit down and write new stories since geocities crashed *sigh*. I'm sure I will soon though! But either way, you're definitely not crazy ^^.

Tal! <3 You're way too sweet, I was so happy to make it and I feel terrible it took so long to actually do it. I actually really want to start doing animated projects again, I'll probably redo my own avatar soon ^_^. (Speaking of, if anyone would like something animated, please don't hesitate to drop a PM!) I'm glad people like it ^^ Galaxy was a wonderful muse <3.

Re: Rewrites?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:10 am
by Songhue
Adding a flame animation to my current one would make me squeak like a happy lil squirrel. >w>' But anyway! xD

It may have to do with how often they talk to me. xD Tal's critters, Destyres, recently got ahold of me in regards to inspiration for their story. They got me to sit down and, in one day, write up their page - ... easure.htm

They needed a rewrite and a proper ending any way. ^^' Hybrid's, Sparkle's and Path's pages have already been updated as well, though in a place other than webs (they're going to be moved as soon as a commissioned image is finished, which is nearly is). Wrapping up the week's worth of work would be getting Sign and Flint taken care of. All that'd be left after that is Darroch's rewrite when he's grown. ^^ *plays with his pretty blue wings* The lil imp.

You know, now that you got me thinking about it, suppose it would take a bit of ambition to go through all that work. *ponders* But then they talk to me constantly, as well...

Re: Rewrites?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 8:00 pm
by Kyra
Songhue you have inspired me to rewrite my website story line for all my serians. I have wanted to do this since I changed over from tripod to angelfire, but the ideas where not coming. This weekend they hit like a run away train so I am working on rewriting and writing stories for all my guys!^^

Re: Rewrites?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 8:19 pm
by Songhue
Ha! *is an inspiration*

With me the case is usually that, while they might not have grown or changed much to really require a new, updated page, something about it simply won't fit them any more, either. It's like... Sparkle likes teddy bears (don't tell anyone, he'd smack me. >,>') but there's a different between mentioning that he likes teddy bears and explaining that he has one he keep nearby to cuddle with every night. Either way it's true, there's just a different... Tone. Yeah, tone. ^^'

They always inspire me, though. Always with me, always talkin to me. Always letting me know what's up with 'em. So when there's a needed update in tone, it's known, and it's actually easy to tweak or completely wipe and rewrite it.

It'd probably be a good idea to stop talking now. X'D