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[Guess That Serian]

PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 3:09 am
by Tigress
In the next little while, you will see a lot of these popping up! I have compiled a list of events approved by Foxx, which I will use to start giving these mass of Abandoned Serians new homes! The first one I have for you today is pretty simple. Depending on the interest of people involved, it may have only 2-3 rounds, or perhaps more than that ;).

Guess That Serian!
That's right, guess that Serian! I will post an image of a blacked out and blurred Serian, and it's up to you to guess who it is. I'll start off easy, but eventually you might be left with a nifty looking horse-like ball XD. The only hint you get to start, is that it is, of course, an abandoned Serian. You get one rule per day, to help those who don't have unlimited computer access, and for the first few rounds, to make sure everyone has a shot at a new companion, you may only win one Serian. If this goes on a bit longer than expected, I may lift the limit, we'll see ^^.

Thanks for playing guys! This is at least on pause for a while while we do some other events ^_^.

So, who IS that? :)
[Final Round for now, this means everyone may take a stab at it!]

Round 1: It was Nip! Who will be going home with Talia <3.
Round 2: It was Tribe! Who will be going home with Songhue <3.
Round 3: It was Maelstrom! Who will be going home with waterlily <3.
Round 4: It was Avalanche! Who will be going home with Vineda <3.
Round 5: It was Sunspot! Who will be going home with Foxyfireswings <3.
Round 6: It was Destiny! Who will be going home with Kyra <3.

Edit to add: You may guess again if the Serian you were guessing on before was guessed by someone else. IE: You posted at 10am to make a guess, someone posted at 11 and guessed the Serian, and so a new Serian is posted. You may then guess on the new Serian :). The one-guess-a-day rule only applies if the Serian isn't guessed that day ^^.

Edit 2: If the winners could please post links in the thread once these guys are paged, I can start updating the records <3.

Re: Guess That Serian [Abandoneds]

PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 9:55 am
by Talia
Nip? :?:

PS. I like this idea. Pretty nifty. :)

Re: Guess That Serian [Abandoneds]

PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:13 am
by Vineda
I second the Nip notion. Nice job Tal! ^_^ :heart:

Re: Guess That Serian [Abandoneds]

PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:20 am
by Tigress
Hehe, good job Tal! It is indeed Nip ^^. I'll post round two in just a few moments <3. In the meantime, feel free to collect Nip's information from the database and set up a page, or if you prefer I can send it to you :).

Re: Guess That Serian [Abandoneds]

PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:05 pm
by Talia
Awh, thanks guys. :) It's ok Tigs, I'll grab her info from the database, no problem. It'll make it easier on everyone.

Re: Guess That Serian [Abandoneds]

PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:55 pm
by Songhue
*takes a deeeep breath and lets it out slow*

Ya know.. Had to think about it. Not sure if it's a one each and that's it thing, where you get the one serian for all the rounds (or at least the first so-many-until-you-say-otherwise) or not, but even if it is, and even if that beloved Myth is next, this gal still deserves a home of her own. No use in denying her a home when it seems we be a good match up...

But ye be warned, if Myth is next, and if it happens that another guess/grab by me ain't allowed and he slips passed me, there will be a heart attack happening. >_< :stress:

Still.. Canna deny this gal a shot, and she should enjoy herself if this is right. And if Myth does slip passed me then he'd still go to a good home... like Starlight did. :|

Tribe is my guess.