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Re: [What's My Story?]

PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:14 pm
by SunBlind
Man, I've been so busy in RL. I'll really have to try and get something in! Don't want anyone to end up back in the abandoned pile. Unfortunately I don't have time for RP'ing so that leaves Frolic out, but perhaps that will give me more time for the other two *g*

Re: [What's My Story?]

PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:41 pm
by Tigress
ah SunBlind, I do so hope to see an entry <3 miss having you around more, darn that RL stuff! Frolic doesn't need a hugely active RP adopter (as I don't think Rainer is even really that active herself right now due to RL stuff), just someone willing to honor her history ;).

Re: [What's My Story?]

PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:48 pm
by Songhue
Her story is well remembered by me... Although somehow ya find me waitin for Rainer to come in and snag her. Seriously, if she was with Sapphy again, that would make the both of them incredibly happy. She might be able to even help the darn mare - it's heart breaking and almost an outrage, what happened to her. Has to have Frolic so torn up to see her family that way.

Re: [What's My Story?]

PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:56 pm
by Tigress
hmmm maybe Songhue should try for poor Frolic? You seem to be quite an expert on her backstory :D, I'm sure Rainer would like that. I'd like to see her come in and enter for Frolic too, but I haven't seen Rainer in a while :(

Re: [What's My Story?]

PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:42 pm
by Songhue
This is.... Probably craptacular, as it all just came to me. Sat down, started writing, and didn't - couldn't - stop. But... Here. My efforts, for the poor girl, as the thought of having her hopes brought up in this only to be put back in the pile is.. Not something that will be allowed to happen, as far as things go with me.

How had it come to this?

It wasn’t this way, in the beginning. Before the family, before the loss, before… The pain. Gods save her, the pain was crippling. How anyone could want her, could wish to share in such misery, was… Unfathomable.

It all came back to Spin, in the end. Her love, her world, the one that she adored beyond measure. All of it came back to falling for him, when they were young and playful, when they would prance and play for the amusement of all. The one that knew just how to nuzzle her and exactly what to say to make her laugh. Oh, how she had loved him; how she loved him still.
Her beloved… And then, her foals. Oh, such bliss, such wonderful bliss, to find herself growing and with a family of her own. It was a dream come true, and what’s more she had had twins. It was a sign, surely, that she was meant for a family, a large one, to surround each other in love.
Or so she had thought.

And then… Things had changed. Frighteningly swift, in her eyes, these changes stampeded into her life and trampled her joys into the barren earth. Oh, to have had it all – only to lose it. To be forced to watch those you love so dearly suffer so terribly.

Were she of humanoid appearance, as many bondeds showed themselves much of the time, she would slam her fist into the ground at the mere thought of all that had passed. A curse to the fates and all the Gods, for such terror to beset her and her family!

Her foals had grown – her son, Summer Solstice, Stice as he had others call him, retreating until he was all but vanished. He was still alive, surely – she would feel it if he died – yet for all the indication she received he had passed long ago. Her love and mate, torn with grief over their family, cast into oblivion with her son as she found herself cast aside into the land of abandoned, watching helplessly. And her daughter… Goddess have mercy, her poor daughter. Once so proud and strong, just as they all were, so brave and fierce and sure! Now, so broken… So timid, shy and hurt. The suffering in the beautiful young mare was impossible not to see, at least for a mother. She had fought, at first, been stubborn and harsh and battled away all her problems, trying to be stronger than she was. Only to wind up broken in the end. At least Stice and Spin had not been so shattered… To lose them, even in this way, way terrible, but she did not have to watch their suffering for long.

And she, Frolic was trapped in this dark land of the unloved, her bonded vanishing when she was needed most. She was here, waiting, waiting, for so very long. How she longed to return to her family, to do the duties she saw needed to be done, to repair the damage and bring them together once again. It would take time and arguments and many tears, but they could fix it together. She had no doubt about that, for they were all strong and stubborn, insistent as the great burning sun of blazing sand or the terrible northern winds that blew in the storms.
But first she had to break free.

Waiting, waiting for so long, watching the pain grow, watching the rips in relationships sever bonds all the worse. Oh, she saw all of it, felt all of it through her own magical touch, every ache within her beloved’s heart. She cried – how she cried and cried, a waterfall of tears as her own pain and anguish raged within.

But no more.

No – she was done waiting. She was Done watching them suffer. So much had happened that she was weary with a deep rooted ache, yet she was not exactly old in her own right, no matter what her heart whispered to her. She would not wait any longer. She would not weep or shudder in the long, cold nights. She was Frolic and would return to her family, to once again romp around the fields and enjoy a soothing roll in the cool grass as her mate pranced around her and Stice leaped about with all the flash and show of his father to grab the apples from the trees. She would once again see her daughter standing tall and proud, determined to be herself as she was, a coy smirk playing over her lips as she contemplated how best to prank her brother.

That was how it should be – how it had been, for but a breath of time, while they were all still fresh and young. And it would be again – not the same, never the same, for the simple joys they knew in those days were gone. Their innocence had been robbed, their very lives raped, but it could be righted again. She would make sure it was.

She was Frolic, after all. She was stubborn and would only idly sit by for so long. Once she awakened her stallion’s own steel spine, things would be easier. Gods, she hoped, at the least.
But how… How things had reached this point, that was another matter entirely. When and where, Why had things started to go so terribly wrong? How was her beautiful family, once such a great pride to behold, now utterly shattered? When did she stop rolling in the dirt to try and scrub away the pain and decide that enough was enough? Typically, she was the most languid of their family, entirely all too happy to stretch out and enjoy a good dust bath or scratch up against a tree, occasionally chasing after butterflies and running with the rolling storms. How had it happened that she would be the one to rescue them all?

She didn’t know, not if she was to be honest with herself. Only that she was determined to have the chance to do those very things once again – she refused to have her life stolen from her. And somewhere, surely there had to be a bonded that could deal with this pain and help her in the journey. There had to be; and if there wasn’t, she would make one of them into just that type of creature. Someone to make her stronger, heighten her abilities, and have this done with.
She wanted to play in the falling rain as it filtered through the desert sands in the yearly floods once again. She wanted to see her young ones faces glow with pride and health again. And she would.

Goddess be damned, she would.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:44 pm
by Tigress
Well, I am a bit sad to see the lack of entries in this one, but I was able to come to a conclusion for all three regardless!

Will be going back into the abandons pile ^^;, I'm sure you'll see her again later. Songhue's entry was lovely, but I had envisioned her to be a liiiittle bit different ^_~.

Will be going to Vineda! While not the personality I originally had in mind, I really enjoyed the spin, enough so that I feel she'll be quite the interesting gal in your hands!

Will be going to Songhue! It was not craptacular in the least, I /loved/ it. Won me hands down!