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Re: Woo! Just popping in to say hi!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 8:16 am
by Talia
Congrats to both Breeze and Coal! Lovely stallions. :)

And shuddap Tigs. <3 Without you and Foxx and all your hard work, we wouldn't be able to enjoy this place to begin with! I will most definitely post my new links in the other thread, just to keep this one bare. :) And I'm desperately plying myself full of medication so I can come visit, you nutter. Hehe. The ninja draw was an amazingly awesome idea!

*hugs Song* GERD is a pain in the a-. With my colitis, you get familiarized with all the digestive-related diseases. lol. Probably a safe bet to stick with what you know goes over well. Sucks about the dairy though in particular. Cream cheese= yum. Same with spicy. lol. But I do understand that bit. Oh, and the bed I'm sleeping in would be comfy, if I wasn't sharing it with my boyfriend (and, considering it's smaller than our own is, and I usually get at least one elbow in my face over the course of the evening, it's been... interesting). If only I could convince him to get out of that whole "mexican superman" sleeping position! Glad the kitties are doing good!

Kyra, the bit about the royal blue cone made me giggle. Heh. Poor kitty! My dog had one of those cones, and he most definitely hated it!

And yuss Vinny, you are a sweetheart :)

Re: Woo! Just popping in to say hi!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:01 pm
by Kyra
I hope all colds and other health problems for all go away and get better!^^

Ya, my cat does look funny, but she is getting used to it, she jsut gets annoyed she can;t jump onto my bed with it, it gets in her way. lol

My day has been amaxing! I got to see three freinds at their university, which I plan to go too! The marine loab was stunning and the wild life club is sooo cool! They had a life snowowl, american ketzral- so cute and fuzzy feathers <3, pergirne falcon <3 and other hawks and owls there. There were all six baby snaks of different kinds, turtles and frogs! Then after leaving the collage royal we went to the mall where I finally found my 6 nature dvds I have been searching all over for!^^ Yes! Got them nowe! They are Wild Oceans, The Blue Whale- National Geographic, Wolves of the Sea- National Geographic, TheWild Side- National Geographic, Giant Squid- National Geographic, and Petitors Revealed- National Geographic! Also got Maximum Ride Fang a novel that just came out for my fav series!^^ Best Day of March so far- ties with the day I got Autumn and Destiy!

Re: Woo! Just popping in to say hi!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:04 pm
by Vineda
You guys are all super wonderful! I just keep on being reminded why this place is so great, and especially now that things are a bit more active and lively :) I love the ninja Tigs, pure genius and an uber fun surprise!

Lot of congrats to Tal and Shimmer, Kyra and Autumn, and Songhue and Breeze!! :D I'm so glad to be able to give Coal a good home! I just hope he likes it there :stress: Thanks a bunch Song, for helping me understand him a bit better ^^ :heart:

Kyra, I work at a vet's office and I really wish there was a better way to keep them from messing with things. None of the animals like it at all :[ Hopefully she'll heal up and feel better soon so she can be done wearing the cone of shame. *wince* It's really nice of you to let her calm down and take a snooze on you after all of the drama! And I agree with you on those DVDs.. I love the nature series as well! Catch them on tv when i can ^^ <3

Hope you're feeling better Tal! *can't resist another snicker at this mexican superman business* XD I got lucky this winter and only got one cold, but it was a monster! All I wanted to do was sleep until I was better >.< And Songhue as well, I hope things get a little easier on you ! Soonly!! GERD and an ulcer, yeeeesh! Glad you're taking care to compensate for nutrients you're not getting from your diet though, that's big big important!

School has been super rough lately, but next week I should be dropping my organic chemistry and taking it over the summer. It'll help a LOT with the stress but it sure is gonna make for a long summer :dies: College has left me little time for myself though, so I'm planning on being more healthy with my spare time... getting outside more, eating better, sleeping better, being more active... getting involved in some old groups/activities... *keeps on kidding meself that all this is gonna fit...* XD I'll balance it as evenly as I can between these things though. Heh.

I'm so sorry about the cat, Song! That's always so hard =( Yay for rollerblades though! Man it has been a LONG time! Sounds like fun! And many more Yays for destressing! Gods knows you could use less stress, chick!

An Tigs, I'd like to thank you so much for all of your hard work as well! This forum festival like stuff has been so much fun! I just hope you're not getting bogged down either. :heart: Hopefully spreading the contests and events out helps make things more manageable.

P.S. *looks back over tha post* Wow! O.O rambly much?!

Re: Woo! Just popping in to say hi!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:34 am
by Songhue
Okay, demanding updates on everyone.

Vinny, you tell me how that class goes today and if/what you manage(d) to figure out as far as those uber important assignments. I KNOW you can do it, woman, you've put so much into this! Just step back and take it one breath at a time.

Tal, how's the job hunt? Any luck? Anything new? At least you're having quite a few interviews, right - better than putting out applications and hearing nothing back!

How's the wrist, Tigs? Is the brace helping? It'd still be great if you could find a good job that wasn't so hard on you physically. >< Maybe you could find something quiet that would work and then after recouping a bit dance professionally?

And how's the knee and kitty doing, Kyra? Both recovering properly?

Re: Woo! Just popping in to say hi!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:40 pm
by Kyra
My knee is doing great! I started riding horses again last week! God I so missed that and I am in love with the mare I am riding, Coco! <3 Also glad to see I can hold two-point position and can do posting trot, was not sure I could yet, but my leg was fine during and after, so all my strength for that was not lost in my way way too many months of no horseback riding.

My kitty, Syndaquil or Quil is little miss baby and Houdini. A little baby every time we bring to vets and 3 hours after the vets. Houdini because we got a clear cone collar so she can see and now that she can well... It only took her 2 hours to see if she sits just right how to reach her tail. >< She is way to smart for her own good. >< So she is back to the opeg cone which she can't see her tail and *knocks on wood* can't see to get to her tail.

School is good, finished a major project, but this week has 2 tests, quizz, 5 assignments and half way semester exam next wed. Here is teacher being all so very nice, not. "Kids it's a half day Wednesday." We are like "ya!" Teacher, "Don't forget exam for the calculus portion is on that day." We are like :(

Oh well, nothing I can do about it. Upside, I do good in physics, so vectors is close to it. We start it after the mid exam

Re: Woo! Just popping in to say hi!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 2:21 pm
by Talia
Hee. I like demand updates! I haven't been on msn much lately to fill ya in. Nothing yet, although there are a lot of promising looking jobs now, so we'll see what happens! I'm trying to apply like mad. The boyfriend's dad has a unique theory that we've coined the "spaghetti theory". When you throw a bunch of spaghetti at a wall, some noodle has to stick... hoping it's the same with the job market! lol.

All the interviews have me jumping around like mad. I haven't received any negative feedback... all the jobs just manage to go to people with more experience, or those that have experience in a particular software or such thing. Kind of disappointing, but I'm not giving up hope!

I'll poke ya on msn soonish to get your update! Keep an eye out on Gateway. I'm going to try to fire out some posts again soon!