Singles? XD

Any non-Serian (visitor) is welcome here! Mainly for the Serians' Bonded to get together and chat about random topics, but there really are no rules besides being courteous ^_^

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Re: Singles? XD

Hey Tigs, can you tell me more about Beta and Sirensong? I don't know much at all about their backsotries :P
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Re: Singles? XD

Cedar is pretty much a recluse, which is why no one sees him in the fields xD I've been trying to put together an appropriate back story to explain this - right now it's involving knights and crusades, I think...

I don't really get a grasp of personality until I start writing, but you can see snippets of it in Mist's page. He's kind of a jaded individual, doesn't care for company, very much a hermit. He's content to stay in his grotto with his books. But there's still a noble somewhere in there - protects those who need it, offer solace to the weak, honor, kindness, all that jazz. Mist's been working on bringing it out, but that's all I have so far, sorry if it's pretty fractured ^^;;
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Re: Singles? XD

No no! Don't apologize! lol. Sometimes it does take awhile to piece together their story. Some of mine I have barely developed. It seems like they're a constant work-in-progress. :) I got a hint of that when I read Mist's back story. :) He intrigued me. I had a vague idea of some of the other Serians stories, but I wasn't really all that familiar with Cedar. XD

I really do love him in Mist's story. :D I have a soft spot for the secretly chivalrous type. lol.

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