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Singles? XD

PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:21 pm
by Tigress
Okay, so I know singles lists aren't popular on here but I have a *lot* of serians massing up who are totally unattached and have been for aaaaages! They needs a little romance in their lives, and the circles need more members *chuckle*

Previous Pairings/Possibilities
These are things that were brought up/discussed once upon a blue moon, just seeing if there's still interest ;).
Ash x Ether
Spindle x Hellion
...I think that's it? XD

Beta (Eternal Sun)
Comet (Summer Storm)
Sirensong (2nd Gen)

Zephyr (Arctic Winds)
LunarPrism (will be extremely selective with her, unless the Avalir thing goes through hehe XP)

all can be found here:

So anyone have any match-up ideas? Feel free to throw some my way and we can rp it out!

Re: Singles? XD

PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:31 pm
by Songhue
Ahhh, this is a marvelous idea! Tribe is taking a look at Crest, based on what she heard from those in his circle - my only others not taken are Flint, Hybrid and Breeze, but they aren't really Actively looking at the moment. And it's quite possible that only Breeze, and even then this is iffy, would be a 'pair up' kind of guy instead of a multi-mare man.

Didn't mean to get your hopes up! But if you think anyone would be good of those three, let me know, ok? They aren't actively looking, but they wouldn't be objectionable either!

Re: Singles? XD

PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:35 pm
by Tigress
Hehe no worries! I like Flint, but have no idea who he'd be good with of my gals *chuckle*.

Re: Singles? XD

PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:11 am
by Silverdust
I adore Hellion's chemistry with Spindle, so definitely still interested there :) Sorry Avalir's being difficult, I'm hoping he'll clarify himself...sometime... >_<

I wish I had some more options to throw out there, but let's see - for males I've got Trite and Lucid, for females, Geo. Not that they're the only ones available, but they're the ones who have the least back story mess that may complicate things xD

Re: Singles? XD

PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:45 am
by Tigress
hehe awesome! I loved Spindle and Hellion as well <3. And no worries about Avalir, I can't wait to see the outcome ;D.

Hmmm could you give me some insight into their personalities? I've always loved Lucid though, and Geo's a pretty gal!

Re: Singles? XD

PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:42 am
by Vineda
I've got the boy pack over here with Shamrock, Oak, Talon, Avalanche and Coal... Don't -think- any of 'em are actively looking but I know one or two who'd be pretty stoked if they just happened to run into the right chick here or there... And of course Fancy will be out and about once she's all settled in :D :angel: :lol: