A Sudden Storm

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The sun glitters above vast fields ringed by verdant forests to the north, mountains to the south and east, and wide rivers to the west.

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And the earth becomes my throne
I adapt to the unknown
Under wandering stars I've grown
By myself but not alone
I ask no one
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Talia viewed the discussion between Hybrid and the others with barely concealed curiousity. She was trying to gauge Hybrid's response, and was surprised by his sudden changes in mannerisms. She smiled to herself, almost laughing inside at the stallion's ever changing personality.

She watched Ravyn interact with Dazzle and smiled, her hand unconciously reaching out for a mane that should have been there. She frowned thoughtfully. She missed Bridle, and wished beyond all else that he was here to share this with her.

She snapped out of her daze at Hybrid's question, and gave him a friendly smile, her manner becoming less and less submissive and more comfortable each and every time she talked with the wonderous stallion.

"I was out originally to check on Bridle and SilverRain, his foal, and then got distracted by the weather myself," she smiled knowingly at Ravyn, feeling a certain connection with the stranger. "I'm fond of storms-they're chaos unleased, and I have to admit, I feel a certain kinship with their unpredictability. They are power incarnate in a visual form, and power is something to be admired, not ignored. I was out longer than I expected," she said, pointing to her bare feet and soaked clothes for emphasis, "when I noticed you and wondered if indeed the storm had become incarnate in a different form, for I have never seen lightning so closely linked to the earth, nor have I seen it so gloriously bright and powerful. It was a sight to see, and likely one I will not see again for quite some time. For a moment, the turmoil in the skies and the earth embraced and seemingly produced such a wonderous creature that I have ever had the priviledge of laying eyes on," she nodded respectfully, for she respected power and all types of creatures alike, and he was both.

She listened as the others questioned him, and decided against asking him herself. He was not one to be questioned, as she had previously learned, and unless he was willing to disclose the information himself, she was not going to press him. She wanted to maintain the fragile bond that they had begun to form, not sever it. Besides, he seemed more interested in learning about them, rather than revealing to them more about himself. If he wished to let them know though, she would listen, but she would not toy with what had already been started.


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Dazzle jerks away for a moment, not expecting Talia to touch her, but it felt good and, after all, being petted required none of her own energy at all. So why not? ^^ Dazzle stands there content and watches the others - particularly Hybrid - whilst wondering how independent Talia considers her, as Tali'as question had seemed rhetorical - almost the same way she herself would treat a nonsentient creature. But again, no matter; attention of this kind was good whatever the circumstances may be ^_^

RG giggles a little bit when the others are done speaking, watching them both. "Are either of you poets?" she asks. "You both made it sound really, really pretty when you were talking about the storm and all..." She smiles.

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