Almost Like Velvet (For Id)

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She hesitated briefly, then sighed. "See ya around, bud." She turned and walked slowly along the shore, staring down at the sand that was passing beneath her. She regretted leaving him at such a time but it felt too akward now.
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He didn't say goodbye, it would be pointless. He hoped he had not burdened her, the demons were his alone. She would be better off returning to her stallion, a life that was stable and true without hidden secrets or the constant threat. He sighed and hung his head near the water, so very tired as the old wounds reopened and ached again.

Brittle passed the mare as he cantered up the beach, giving her a smile and a wink. He didn't stay and flirt as he normally would have, and a fine opportunity missed too. She was a very attractive little thing.

Lucky Id, he thought, as he walked by her, gifting her with an appraising glance. Too bad he has all the libido of a cold fish. He smirked to himself and continued on, till he could see the outline of his companion shining like silver-blood on the sea.

Without consideration, or tact for that matter, he trotted into the twisting tide and to Id's side. The water was cold, he grimaced, just why did Id always choose uncomfortable places to brood?

"Passed your girlfriend on the way up," he started conversationally, as if they weren't chest deep in icy water and the mood was not in the least tense at all. He had a habit of shattering angst and tranquility.

Id didn't even bother to life his head, or open his eyes. His voice was flat and tired when he spoke. "She has someone else, I am just a friend of hers."

"That wouldn't stop me."

"Nothing would stop you, that has already been cleared," he was cross now, and tired, and he hurt for several reasons. And someone had a sick idea of sending this bundle of arrogance and libido to make it worse. "What exactly is it that you want?"

Brittle gave him a lopsided smile, one that he could feel without seeing. "Sanguine told me to bring you back. Hinote's unconscious and she needs someone to start the fire."

"Why is he unconscious?"

He could still feel that smile. He gritted his teeth and turned back to the beach, the other stallion on his heels. It was only when the wind hit him that he realized how cold he was. Shivering slightly, he cantered back to the camp, Brittle falling easily into step beside him.

"So you told her, I suppose. It would account for your suddenly angstier than usual attitude, and why your eyes are flickering gold."

"She asked. I did not tell her everything."

"Oh, so you left out the part where I trounced your sorry butt."

"No, I left out the part where I nearly killed you, now please, just stop talking," he closed his eyes again, hiding the gold that pounded behind his irises. "It is hard enough keeping it under control now. I put her in enough danger as it was."

Silence reigned only for a brief moment. When Brittle spoke again, his voice had taken on an unnatural seriousness. "I think you care about her, you know, like that."

Id shook his head, the very movement giving him a migraine. "I would not know. I have not had emotion for very long, and I do not believe I will ever be able to understand it. Even if I did, though, I would still leave her be with her stallion. She is safer with him."

"She doesn't seem the type to like safe," Brittle mused. "You know, you keep everything inside, and then it all comes pouring out, out of your control. The Ares whatever, look what it does if you fight it so long."

"Shut up," there was a pause and then the pain resided to a thorb in the back of his mind. "You do not understand. You are closer than everyone else but still you do not understand what I go through."

Brittle shrugged. "I'm just saying you should give her a chance. Nice body, beautiful coat pattern, gorgeous hair, and she likes you."

And it was back to the females again, totally missing the point. Id sighed in defeat. Either Brittle was craftier than he was given credit for or far more single-minded. The stallion smirked at him, waiting for an answer. To tired to care, Id gave him a half-hearted shrug.

Brittle's grin opened wider. "Finally. Come on, let's go home."

((I was bored and it didn't seem complete, and then the muse just kind of ran away with the thread, sorry it's so long and rambling :oops: ))
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ooc| XD I liked it. It's very amusing. And out of boredom, I shall post Satin's leave... Again :3

bic| The blue mare pinned back her ears when Brittle passed, giving him a glare that could freeze water. Then the brown mare with whom she shared a bonded with appeared from the small forest of palm trees. Satin sighed and haulted, waiting for her.

Indian grinned and Satin knew exactly what she was going to say. "Don't even." She stated flatly, starting to walk again. Indian positioned herself beside her, giving her famous innocent eyes. "...What? I wasn't going to say anything. Nothing at all."

Satin again pinned her ears, glaring at the mare. "Indian, why did you choose such a time to bother me?" She snapped, and Indian sighed, pretending to look hurt. "Wow, talk about harsh. Arch sent me to find you, seeing as he's about the only one you trust. He said something about being worried about you. He didn't know if you had run off with Fleet again or not." The name hit Satin like a tidal wave, and she flicked Indian lightly with her tail as a warning. "I was visiting a friend... That is all."

She suddenly broke into a gallop, taking off. Indian was surprised, but took off after her.

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