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Saeantika Story

alright well here is the story I am writing for a Suva, its an add in chapter thingy. Basically I am posting it here for two reasons
one-so that others can tell me what they think
two-so that I have a reason to finish the thing if people like it^^;;
(as some may know I have said I am very bad at finishing stories >.<) and this one I want to finish, but even those I want to finish I tend not to finish^^;;
sooo ummm just tell me what you think ok^^ :)

ohhhhh and also if you wantt o know how to say some things your going to have to find them on the site I made which is here^^;;
I will make a page telling how to pronounce things as soo as I can get to it alright^^;;

~First Chapter~ The Beginning

"Hello, I am last name I was never given one. I will be telling you a great adventurous story of how I became in Saeantika. I wasn't in this land for that long also I was born in a different time era. This is 2065....I was born in 1921, and I was transported to Saeantika when I was 19 so it was 1940 that I was transported here. Through my time of being here I met some good friends, and my worse enemies.

Yasuo was the first person I met...he is standing over by that old oak tree. He normally doesn't talk that much to others and can be rather impatient."

Yasuo glances over and he signed "Come on Luna lets go you can tell your little story while we continue out journey" He started to walk in the other direction away from her.

Luna stuck out her tounge "See what I mean, but he is very nice really" she smiled and then ran after him and then walked up beside him "Well come on if you want to hear the story...............................alright then glad you want to listen." She just smiled and brushed her hair behind her and then looked up towards the sky and took a deep breath.

"Imagine now that you were in a lush forest area....but instead it was the whole world that was like that, and there were many tree animals traveling around you with lots of sound going on.................."

The world turned black and you are now in her homeland, Traveling along in the air it seems like. When you caught glimpse of Luna she wasn't any different from when you last talked to her.........

"Luna now be careful, I always tell you this I know but I just want you to be safe." A tall woman said to Luna who was her mother.

"Don't worry mother I always return don't I?...." she replied and then ran off into the dense forest to join the hunt. Everywhere she turned lush green trees and plants were all around her. She had a large staff in her right hand and ran with speeds of that as the wind it seemed, she had joined others to hunt down food. Normally she stayed with the group but today she wanted to check out a different part of the forest in hopes to find new game. Luna had slowed down to a walk when the forest area got darker but luckily she was able to see perfectly in the darkness of the forest. She had heard a strange noise like a rustle in the bushes which looked like it was near a tree. Luna was one to get to curious for her own good and has almost been killed because of this, but yet she still went to look.

A black suited man jumped out of the bushes and stared at Luna and smirked and softly said "It is you.....finally after all these years of looking I have found you Luna Casteratika (Cast-er-a-tika)........" She took a step back hearing the full name for she was never born to have a last name. She spoke loud enough for him to hear "Who are you?...and how can you say I have a last name I was never born with one"

He smirked and let her see his eyes only which were a deep brown "You will in your future.........." his voice was deep and yet sounded somewhat evil though she couldn't pin-point it. She then started to talk but only had enough time to say "What do yo......" before she could finish he whipped out a wand like staff and pointed it at her, and chanted some words she couldn't understand.

A bright light and a flash was all she seen before she closed her eyes......when she opened them she was floating around in an endless amount of blackness. "Where am I?" her words echoed on for what seemed days. Then in a flash her body was propelled forward and she hit the ground but not hard enough to hurt her to bad. Standing up she brushed herself off and looked around "where is this place........." she walked around not seeing the lush forest she called home. Luna continued to walk until she saw something that frightened her that she ran and found a small forest area and hid within the trees. She stayed there for a few days thinking of what could have happened, but nothing came to her.

At one time in the day a man had walked by baggy clothes but the markings on his face showed he was made for battle. He was minding his own business when he sensed another life form in the trees. Quickly he walked around and saw her his light brown eyes stared at her and then he said "Hey who are you?" She blinked and glanced around and then looked at him and jumped down from the tree "I'm Luna....." she didn't say anything else after that. He just stared at her and raised a brow and in one swift movement wrapped his arm around her neck, and if she moved he could snap her neck either way. "Are you working for the Dark Warlord, you gave no last name so you are you, do you work for him" he whispered and his voice sounded deadly and determined..............................

"Well I think I will stop for the day I don't want to overload you with information at all heeheh" You blinked and looked around seeing Luna once more with Yasuo "I will tell you more later on alright" she giggled and then continued on walking

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Hey, great story! :) I think you should really try to finish this one!

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