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((The whole family's entrancing, extremely fun to RP with :) ))

Sive had lingered with her mind on the stallion, just for a few instants, to hear his story. The words poured over her like a silver requiem, the past and the pain in the moonlight eyes now unmistakingly clear. She knew the stab of loss, she could feel it like a blade ripping through her heart, everytime Sethe looked at her with those cold, cruel eyes, or Sanguine's bitterness lashed out at her, her tongue a scathing bite. She wanted to turn back, to say something that might...well, she didn't know. But, the mare, Frostbite, those two seemed to have an understanding. If anyone, she could give him something, as one of his own race.

She clasped at the small glass teardrop hanging from her neck, feeling like an intruder in the stallion's world. She bit her lip. She had been chosen as a messenger, and that is what she would do. It was her way of giving something to the cause. Taking a deep breath, she flitted swiftly to the riverbank.


Avalir could feel the words die in her throat. When he was a foal, often had that look rose in his eyes, as he struggled to find the words to say what he felt. But he never could, and soon all his words died, silent, as he was now. He gave her a small smile, laughing gently at her illusions.

"It is a rare gift that you possess," he spoke softly, his voice only barely above the rushing song of the wind and water. "Some might akin you to a prodigy. Sive said it took her many months study before she could attempt a trick like yours."

He fell quiet again as Tig moved to place the flower in Luna's mane. It did compliment her, wonderfully, something as fragile as a flower that illuminated the strength of her spirit, a vague aurora that danced around her. Only a faint smile gave away his thoughts. Then he felt a brush on his mind. Sive had come.


Sive hesitated under the shadows of the trees that skirted the river haven. She wasn't sure if Luna would accept her. Indeed, the filly hadn't even seen her till now, maybe felt her presence, but how would she handle a human intruding on her? She had grown use to them, as proved with Rainer and Indi, but those two had left. Maybe she would dart again, she would lose her, her father's words would lose her...

But she had to try.

She stepped slowly from the dappled shadows, the light catching on her and seeming to glow and reflect off of her pale features and silvery-white hair. Her golden eyes were soft as they swept around the group, giving a quiet greeting. Deftly, she flitted over to Avalir, entwining her fingers in his silken mane as she knelt beside him, hoping to gain whatever strength she could, to calm the butterflies that danced in her stomach.

The stallion started a bit. Sive seldom showed the tenderness and the fragility as she did now, and it was disarming to see her like this. He fluttered his wings slightly, the slight chime lulling. He turned his head to Luna. "This is my bondmate, Sive. I'm sorry you couldn't have met her earlier."

He lapsed into silence again, his words running out again. Sive took a breath, gently, giving a rapid look around. Then her golden eyes raised and she looked into Luna's, trying to convey the truth of her words.

"I-" her voice faltered, but strengthened again. "I have words from your father."
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OOC: And yes, the plot was heading in this direction from the first. I'm glad it took so long for me to get the story out, though. I was able to include so many more details than I had originally planned.... Enjoy!

Prophet looked at Frostbite thoughtfully and sighed. His mane curled in the breeze as the moments ticked by, his stillness making him statuesque. Suddenly, he smiled a little, in response to her assumption.

You seem to think that I am unbonded because I would prefer not to, but it is rather that I am captured by my solitary ways. I choose not to bond simply because I am bonded in my mind to the land, to Sionayra. If Luna were to decide to Bond, I would rejoice with all my heart because I would be able to meet with her again. I doubt greatly that she will choose to Bond, however. She is much like her mother, who was daring and skillful, yet refused to rely on another even in the gravest of circumstances. She will ask for guidance because she is young, but to win her trust would take much more effort than an ordinary bond. Being Unbonded has always suited her, which is why I am so reluctant to take that away.

Gazing fondly at the mare, he couldn't help but show a little of the hope she had inspired in him, but it was faint and constrained by knowledge. His eyes were carefully blank as he turned to the dark unicorn, having finally been able to mask his emotions for the time being. He saw the path her mind was travelling on and clarified.

Her Sha-kyn are certainly upset over her search for me, it is true, but the Unbondeds are a supersticious lot, and they believe that if she finds me, she will carry my 'taint'. Were she to return without finding me, they would punish her, but they would still welcome her as Chasm's child.

He paused, listening to the unicorn's words. Thinking over her request, he carefully composed his reply in his mind before saying them outloud.

I would tell her that I am proud of her beyond words, and that she should find comfort in those with whom she would grieve. I would tell her my story and ask her forgiveness... and then I would wish her well in whatever future she decides to follow.

He flicked his tail in annoyance at the general tone his message took, since it seemed entirely too formal, but he was at a loss to explain the joy meeting her would give, and the words that he knew would come to him when he saw her again that were sitting stagnant in his mind at the moment. He noted silently how the third form had left and wished her well, both dreading her news and glad at its delivery.

Prophet's eyes gleamed as he stood with the two remaining figures, his mane and tail seeming to meld with the shadows despite their vibrant array of color. His form was motionless, braced against the wind like someone expecting a blow.

Looking a little puzzled, Luna's eyes flicked over to where many of the crowd had hurried off to including Frostbite. She knew that something big had happened, perhaps a clue, but she also didn't want to hope too much. Softly she voiced her thoughts.

Sometimes the heart can know something in its entirety, yet when it is proven wrong by the mind, it never regains its certainty.

Her voice trembled with a mixture of emotions, all being supressed with a great deal of willpower. Her smile slipped as she concentrated, but she swiftly brought a shadow of it back as Tigress let her know that Frostbite was involved. She drew an odd sort of strength from the icey mare.

As the topic changed to her one source of vanity, her eyes sparkled and her tone grew a little boastful as she described her skill and passion for the images she had grown up trying to master. She demonstrated a few more times, finally having an audience that appreciated her abilities for their beauty, not only their usefulness.

When she heard the suggestion of having a mentor in her skill, she paused, turning the concept over in her mind. At last she shook her head and sighed, somewhat regrettably yet also with a hint of relief, as if she was glad that she didn't have to wonder how her pride would let her handle this.

I think our skills are different... mine is of the magic of Rhandrithae, in which much of the skill you need is simply how to manipulate what little will obey. From what I have seen, it seems like Luminaire's power is quite different. Though, of course, I would not mind some experimenting...

Her eyes lit up at the prospect of being able to try something new. She was beginning to enjoy herself in this place, and her feelings of loneliness, while not absolved, were lessened by the caring individuals surrounding her. She did not feel nearly so smothered now, and the kindness eased her urgency. She never quite pulled her search from her foremost thoughts, however much else was going on.

Her silky mane was remarkably untangled from her wild running earlier and her distress... the texture discouraged all but the most elaborate of knots. She shook it straight as Tigress asked permission and she gave it, accepting the flower with wonder in her eyes, arching her neck as it was put in its place.

Luna's eyes widened as a new figure came into view, her ephemeral form fascinating the filly, reminding her of a living illusion. Seeing her come so close to Avalir, she noted with satisfaction that this was a person whom he trusted, that they both drew strength from one another, and slowly let her guard down. She seemed nervous about something, and Luna kept silent to encourage her to speak. As Avalir introduced his bondmate, Luna looked her in the eyes and met her troubled gaze, a growing sense of unease causing her ears to twitch.

Suddenly, she forgot all her comfort and her ease with this place, the visitors- whom she now counted as friends- were eclipsed now in her zeal. Her father... turning her full attention onto the messenger before her, she felt as if her entire life hung on the words that would follow.

OOC: Post... so... long.... *dies*
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((Long but well written :D I don't think I could RP like that with two characters like Prophet and Luna, it would drain me :out: ))

Sive could see in the filly's sudden stiffness what gravity her next words would carry. Slowly, she drew her hands from Avalir's mane. She didn't want her fear, her emotions, to taint the words of strength that the message gave. She recalled those many months ago, seeming eternities, on the riverbank with Avalir. Her words then had been calm, as if spoken to an adult. She didn't try to hide or soften anything, it would do him no good in the journey that would follow. She wanted to give that same message to Luna.

She closed her eyes and drew a breath. When she spoke again, her voice was measured, and she spoke to Luna as if she had many years beyond her childlike body. Her golden eyes were steady as they gazed into the filly's green orbs, and maybe, she hoped, that the serian would be able to see her father in them as he had appeared before her.

"Your father, he does not wish you to find him. It is not because he does not love you, only that he loves you too much for you to choose the path that he has. He doesn't want you to leave the life you know with your Sha-kyn. If you find him, he fears they will disown you, for they will be able to sense him on you. He would rather you stay with them, than become an exile."

She shook her head, her fingers straying across Avalir's mane. "It is still your choice to make, to continue to follow him. He just wants you to know that he will try his hardest to elude you. It won't be easy to find the answers you're looking for."

'But I believe you can,' her mind echoed. She would not voice her thoughts outloud. Luna knew of her own strengths, she needed no more than that. Even to her, the words sounded more of an incentive to continue the search, instead of a words to stray her away from her path.


Sive's touch was something odd to Avalir, but her allowed her anyways. It was not often that he even saw Sive, or felt her presence. She often only appeared when she was needed, or at the odd times one of them could track her down. Flighty as the wind, but still a strong light when the need be. The serians under her were the wanderers or the recluses, content in their ability to live by themselves or with each other. Unlike Sethe, who felt the need to control her bonded, or Sanguine, who depended on hers. Sive was the ghost sister.

Sive's touch and words brought back the memories, even the riverbank seemed familiar. He couldn't remember a time when he had felt peace like this, strained as it were. He glanced out of the corner of his eye at Luna, more radiant with the simple flower in her hair. She was in a way lucky, at least to him. He had not heard from his parents, not a single message but the phantom touches in his dreams. It was probably no fault of their own, maybe they believed he and his siblings were lost forever.
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((Another wonderful post, Foxx! This is so entertaining! I'm obsessed XD))

Frostbite sighed, the radiance of her moonlit-mane seeming even more reflective of the moon's glory when she gave a small smile to the stallion before her. "Well, I am glad to hear this, for I fear what may happen should she attemp to return to her Sha-kyn. I have a feeling that by the end of this night, she will make a bold attempt to meet you, and I have an even stronger feeling that it will succeed. If that does happen, she'll only either be able to stay with you, or choose a Bonded, for I fear that her mother may come for her if she is rumoured to be with you..." She bit her lip slightly, hoping this wasn't so. The weight of his gaze made her shield her eyes with silvered tresses, hiding her sudden shyness.

"Uhm.. Also, being Bonded isn't as much without freedom as most think. Perhaps I am a special case, but Tig knows that I merely come to her out of friendship, and when I obey her wishes, it is because I want to see her happy, not because I feel obligated. I can dissapear from the realm for moons on end, and she will not ask a question. Some bonds have a way of giving you more freedom, if that makes sense. She gives me a home and someone to confide in, and really asks nothing in return. Even now, she trusts me to do what I will, on my own, of my own choosing. I am not controlled, I am not tamed nor domesticated as a 'pet' of hers. I am wild as ever, merely with less of the rebelliousness and icy hatred of my past." She said boldly, shaking the mane from her eyes and staring at him levelly with a gaze of pride. She spoke every word true, and hoped it eased his mind to find that most Bonded Serians were as wild and free as any Unbonded, simply with a place they could call home, should they wish it.

She felt Tigs' eyes on her, and was able to connect with the vague train of her thoughts. A messenger had taken Prophet's general words to the filly, and now the decision would begin. Once she had made up her mind, Frostbite would do her best to help with the situation. If she chose her Sha-kyn, Frostbite would say her goodbyes and rejoin the group, but if she chose Prophet, the mare would try her hardest to persuade him into giving into Luna's wishes. It would most likely be difficult, but there were things you did for love.

Tigs smiled at the filly suddenly, proud of the intellectual words, and inspired by the logical beauty. It reminded her so much of Frostbite, and she knew that her mental thoughts had reached the icy mare. "There is not a heart I've met, which has the will to believe like yours. You will always trust your heart over your mind, and that is the most breathtaking thing of all." She said gently, her lip only quivering slightly, as she felt the emotions which still crashed through the filly like storm waters.

"Any time you wish to demonstrate this skill, I would love to learn more about it. So please, never be shy!" She didn't know that the filly drew so much ego from the attention to her wonderful skill, she merely liked to compliments those who deserved her honest words.

Her hands were delicate and skillful, the hands of the musician, and crafter of beauty of the night. In fact, the flower held the wonderful hues of midnight and starlight, and made the radiance of the small filly positively glow. Her hands lingered only a moment in the soft mane, a simple longing stroke which she'd so ached for, and then politely she sat back to admire it. "I'm speechless." She said simply, blushing and laughing at herself.

Her smile faltered however, when the news was sent ringing through her ears. So, Frostbite hadn't been alone in her conversation with Prophet. She knew instinctively what Frost's plan was. Instead of being the messenger, she had kept her promise to secure the attention of Luna's father and keep him until Luna made her move. Slowly releasing a breath she didn't remember taking, she set her eyes on the glowing orbs of Luna's eyes, watching for the reaction. Silent, she observed, and said not a word until the filly spoke or asked something of her. So many emotions were sending electric sparks through her body, she felt like she would break into sweat at any moment. Anxious, nervous, anticipational, afraid, hopeful, proud, and so much more.
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((OOC: Sorry if some of the post is a bit off... I'm typing this at 4 am :P Oh! I have Luna's outline drawn and scanned, finally. I like it!))

Luna could see the difficulty the words were giving, and her heart felt numb. She barely heard the beginning of the words that were said, gritting her teeth against her sorrow. As the words went on, however, her eyes unfocused as she seemed to struggle with herself, and for a moment she looked defeated. Suddenly, her ears perked up and she peered at the girl intently, a spark of spirit returning to her stance, her ears relaxing a little as she examined a new thought.

Answers... you're right. I need answers, and they can only come from him, for my Sha-kyn would not know. But if he will not let me see him, I will never find anything.

Her eyes scanned the figures before her, and she carefully looked them over, deciding to let them see her thoughts. Her legs trembled as she gathered her courage and took a deep breath, uncertainty mixed with strength as she spoke her confusion aloud.

What my father does not understand is that I would gladly trade all of my Sha-kyn for just a few words with him. They mean nothing to me without my parents there, and they cage me as well, through their rituals and laws. He thinks I am young and know not what my choices will bring for the future, but I have seen enough.

She dashed tears from her eyes in frustration, breathing hard, overcome with emotion.

I -will- see him! But I can wait... if he wants me to choose, I need to know. What is Bonding? Why is it such a bad thing?

Her eyes were a mire of confusion as she turned to those around her for help. She wanted to find her father, but she also wanted him to be proud of her. She trusted him, and knew he wouldn't leave her if he didn't think it was for the best. Even though she was hurting inside, her determination shone through her eyes as she waited for answers.


Prophet looked at the shining mare before him, and he shook his head.

You are right, she will seek me. Which is why I must leave you all for now. I have said what must be said for her to make her choice. She now knows what she leaves behind and what lies ahead. I know you have a special bond with your Bonded, but Luna needs something a single person will be hard-pressed to give her. Perhaps she will find someone she finds worth living and dying for, but I do not want her forced into it. The Serians I have seen unhappily Bonded are scarred beyond many's imagination.

Farewell, Frostbite. Be kind to my daughter, and guide her to where her heart truly lies, if she even knows. Only when she Bonds, though, may you lead her to me.

He paced unhappily for a moment, then pulled himself away from the fringes of the shadows, moving deeper within them. His dark form blended into the darkness, all colors and none, while the moonlit mare's glowing figure grew faint where he had stood moments before.

He hoped he would get to see his little filly again, but so much had happened that she didn't know about. He was almost glad that she may never know. If she asked him, he did not know what he would say, or if he should tell her at all.

The troubled figure soon vanished from all senses, surrounded by shadows, inside and out.
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((Go Foxx, 4 am posting and it's still good! I'm writing this at 10 am and it's bad xD Will we get to see adult Luna...? :angel: ))

For an instant Sive felt her heart shatter in fear. Had she misjudged? Had she lay upon the filly a burden too strong? But no, no, it could never be like that. She would never believe that Luna could be broken and turned so easily. And there it was, the spark and the fire, and she smiled inside to see the strength reflected in her, the strength of her father but also her own painted in her own vibrance. It took a great heart to bare itself open in front of others, to do with it as they would.

Avalir knew she would try her hardest not to break it, but he also knew that Sive would not tread around it if it were necessary. There were choices now, and answers, both finalities, both which could not be taken back or changed in whatever way they were chosen. He met her eyes as they darted about, knew full well the confusion, even if he were not so well acquainted with that unfailing trust. Not from his own kind, he amended slightly, as he felt the ghost of Sive's fingers over his back.

"You ask difficult questions, Luna," he teased gently, trying to ease that pain though he knew it would not fade so quickly. "A Bond is...strange to explain. It is where your tied to another, your soul, your heart, your being, and through that you grow stronger, or you find solace. A Bond gives us what we cannot find on our own, or helps us to find it."

Sive stood up as he finished, moving to the riverbank and staring at the crystalline waters, her golden eyes almost piercing in the lightplay. "As to why they are considered cursed," she said, her voice holding an odd detachment. "It is because they are so hard to understand. A Bond of souls is never an easy thing to deal with. Some feel that it is a matter of control; they stranglehold their bondmates to them, believing that they own them and bending them to their will. Others depend on theirs completely, crippling them in their weakness. Others..." she tipped her head to one side and smiled faintly.

"Others like me retain their distance. I do not know enough about the nature of bonds to know exactly what is required to be a true bondmate. I only know...well, I try to be what my bonded needs in that moment, at that time. It is the best I can do."

She galnced back at Avalir, hand strched again and fingers poked teasingly, vaguely at the curls of his forelock. "Sometimes creatures of the fey can be so hard to deal with."

Avalir sighed at her but his face held traces of a smile. He looked at Luna, hoping she would see in some respects what he called a Bond. His and Sive's was not common in the least, but he had found that every bond was unique and suited the bonded, even if they could not see it. But when he spoke, his voice held a sober edge, a strange shadow in the normal lilt and melody.

"The danger of the Bond is that it cannot be broken, Luna, not by your hand. It must be the choice of your bonded, and when that Bond is broken you will be damaged for a very long time. It is not easy when you lose half your soul."

He glanced at Sive, then his eyes met Luna's orbs again. "If you choose to Bond, Luna, be sure that it is to the right person. I...would not want to see you hurt by it, and for these lessons to mean nothing."

Sive nodded in her agreement, as her eyes darted over the filly and then danced back to the river. Those words were better given by Avalir and his experience; they would be so empty coming from her own jaded lips.
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