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The mists around the mountains clear to reveal in their center a ring of stones, an easy landmark for travelers to gather.

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Oh, the figure was approaching quickly. Celeste could sense it from within her being. She could feel the figure’s wariness directed at she, the newcomer. Immediately a sense of dread grew in her stomach, was she not welcome here? She didn't like to intrude, but she had been so sure that this place was abandoned. But there was nothing she could do but show herself, and let the creature know she meant no harm; she traveled here only to protect herself.

Ice blue eyes snapped to attention and studied the bird - was it an eagle? Yes, that seemed correct. But an inward sense told her to take this creature for more than it appeared, for who was to say it was just a bird? Nervously, she stood with perfect balance facing the bird.

The wariness from the eagle was almost, but then something else evolved, it felt like concern. It warmed her, relaxed her tense muscles just a bit. Perhaps she was becoming paranoid, this bird didn't seem to mean her harm.

"Please excuse me," she spoke quietly and melodically. Her voice cracked from lack of use, and red colored her cheeks in humiliation. "I came to this forest in order to escape, I was sure I could be secluded here. If I knew others were around, I wouldn't have landed."

She started and then blinked, threading a graceful pale hand through her blonde hair. "I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Celestial Ange, or just Celeste," she introduced with a small curtsey.

Then she felt another form approach, this one a wolf. And it seemed by the way these two creatures met each other, they were on friendly terms. That was reassuring, and she shot a shy smile at the pair of them.

And yet, there seemed to be another one creature around. Celeste could sense her - for it was a female, and a canine of sorts. And she felt familiar, although not too sure of what that could mean.

She wasn't a threat though, at least from what Celeste could sense. Let her keep her peace, and let her know Celeste didn’t represent any harm.
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Velvety ears twitched in random directions, listening carefully to their exchanged words. Poison was apparently the name of the wolf, which sounded somewhat familiar to her. Then Celeste? She must be new.

The dog suddenly sat, having no intention of going anywhere at the moment. If they wanted to know what was watching them, then let it be so.

She wasn't exactly in the mood to barge in on an introduction without warning.

Wait a little bit, possibly?
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Poison looked at Songhue and then up at this angel... Celeste. She closed her eyes and concentrated, then changed into her human form.. as to seem less harmfull or intimidating.

She took a step forward. "Hello Celeste. My name is Poison Ivy. Or just Poison for short."
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Songhue balanced easily on her friend's shoulder, carefully swivling her head so she could see the tree with the odd newcomer in it as well as that which held the unseen creature. For such a sleepy woods this was a very busy day indeed. With a gentle squeeze, she took flight again and landed lightly on branch where she could watch everyone, her whispering voice floating across the small group.

"I'm Songhue, and you are welcome here, as long as you mean no harm. Are you well?" With those few words she tilted her head at the odd looking dog balancing up a tree. So this is what she'd felt. Aknowledging her with a hardly perceptable nod, Songhue brought everyone into the sichuation, a soft light gleaming in her eyes as she watched every move.

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