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Re: Winter Wonderland

(OOC: Welcome!^^ Thanks, he was the first outline I fell in love when a friend showed me this site for the first time. Yep, not yet this post yes lol. Apologize for long post, was having too much fun. I made it so for Phantom's first time meeting others, at least him and Silverflash were sort of on the same level. Phantom on uneasy and Silverflash embarrassed out of her wits and preying no one noticed her noisy entrance. lol)

Bic: Silverflash looked like a shooting star over the snow, with her stardust colored mane and tail. She whinnied is delight, this was so much fun. Running in the fresh crisp morning air with all the world covered in sparkling snow crystals. Her she gazed more up to the sky, which Skid and Kyra called a star gazer run.

After a few minutes she had not realized how much she had missed running for the sure joy, she she had another motive of avoid her black and green bond brother, but still. She had mad it that she was staying by her bonded, her world outside this realm seemed to chance as fast a lightning can strike. It was throwing her beloved bonded off, her energy was off and for the first time her human world knee injury effected her hear. She was unable to run, so Silverflash had given her legs in a sense of offering her bonded to ride her, but even then after a short while her knee would bug. Kyra kept a smiling but her bonded's new she was not as happy as she could be.

Silverflash admired Kyra for this, Phantom needed someone and she but all her troubles aside to allow herself to connect with her newest bond brother. The mare hoped that snow and being in Storm Valley would help her, it did, but it would flash into her eyes from time to time the things that bugged her. Unfortunately the main two things were connected and well serians or any animal would never have that problem.

She tossed her head playfully, she was worried about her bonded, but now was the time to relax and enjoy herself, since Kyra would scold her if she did not have a good time in a playful way.

Skid heard a sigh from his bond brother behind him and new that Phantom was following. He was not one to play much, but Silverflash could bring it out and so could Amber, this was one of those times. He was not going to let the little silver mare get away with her trick. He wasn't sure, but he get her back some how.

As he passed through the realm passage to Sionayra, he picked up a good gallop, now that his legs were warmed up a bit. He stretched her neck out and lengthened his to cover ground quicker. He smiled, the snow left a perfect trail to the passing of his bond sister.

Phantom gave up his attempt to figure out Silverflash and picked up his brisk, but slight canter. Years of practice and any season and any terrain he new where exactly to step in order not to make a sound. He also had a knee sense of direction. Skid and Silverflash seemed to be taking the long route to where his instincts told him they would end up. So, he would take the short cut. He also had the feeling that something was going to happen that would not be good. To why he felt this, or had this sense with his really no social life until a few months ago, was beyond him.
Silverflash slowed to an enjoyable canter, her legs were finally getting tired, but her adrenalin kept her hot with energy. She kept moving, but now the trees were getting lower, a patch of young pine trees covered her path. She smiled she was smaller than Skid and would be able to fit through here, but Skid would defiantly bump lots of branches and have snow fall on him, slowing him down. She couldn't believe she had done that, sure she had her Trixie streak, but she never done anything close to this. She sighed happily, maybe her shell that held her to be the little princess was opening, letting her full spirit free with her new family.

She was lost in few more thoughts and was not paying as close as she should have been. She cantered right onto what would have been a stream and hit it wrong, so she began to skid uncontrollably. She snorted in surprise as her legs scrambled on the slippery terrain to get a grip, but she had been going to quick and with the momentum of the canter onto the ice, she was moving to quick to be able to stop.

Silverflash's pastel blue eyes were wide in now fear, she did not want to fall at this speed. If she did, she defiantly would injure herself in some way. She was grateful that trees where getting taller and not so spread out, or else she probably would have collided head on with.

She let out a fearful whinny as a huge oak tree loomed in front of her. She closed her eyes, her luck, well this would teach her a lesson not to day dream and canter on snow. Only if the tree as a few feet to either side, than she would just be flung or crash into the snow drift where the ice ended and the meadow began.

Phantom had picked up an a gallop for reasons he did not get yet, but obliged his feet. He could no longer hear Skid, but knew he was heading in the right direction. He took in a deep breath and allowed himself to simile, he loved the smell of pine. He also picked up the scent of his sister, she has went on a diagonal through the pine patch he was running on off.

His ears pricked forward as he picked up a surprised snort and then a few seconds later a fearful whinny. He burst into a gallop after the sounds.

Instead of ramming into head first into the tree like she figured she would, she smacked into a warm body? Her back legs collapsed underneath her at such a sudden stop. She shook her head and looked at the purple body that she has slammed into. She opened her mouth but all air was gone, so instead and looked a quick look at Phantom and then out at the meadow. She felt her heart drop, there were serains out there. She hung her head low, she was embarrassed out her wits. She not only slipped on ice, she let sounds out of distress and then collided into Phantom. She was grateful for that the tree was two paces past her brother, but right now her mind was on how she just made the worst entrance into meeting who she recognized as Path and her foal? That was all she could see from her position.

Phantom sighed as he spotted his sister, only realize she was skidding straight for a tree. With speed that only hours of running on ice could produce he bolted and then stopped on a dime in front of the tree. The only reason he did not skid as well is because there was a crack in the ice, where snow covered the ground and that was lucky in front of the tree. He braced his whole body for impact.

He lost half the air in his lungs from the hard impact, but other than that he was fine. Adrenaline, worry and just how he was allowed him to feel hardly any pain at all. He seemed to be immune to pain if adrenaline was pumping through his veins, but he knew he was weak to mental pain. He looked down at his sister, her head down, but her was unsure what to do or what emotion to show. So instead, he watched her, with only a caring flicking in and out of his eyes, otherwise no emotion or reaction to the crash showed on him.

His gaze flicked to the field, he had picked up the smell of 2 serians but a gaze up hill proved that where 5 serians up on the hill. His body automatically went to full alert, he still looked calm and unchanged but close observation would reveal how tense he was.
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Re: Winter Wonderland

Vision started suddenly at Frost's voice from behind him. She'd been almost unnaturally quiet, so silent that Vision had completely missed her entrance! He felt her head rest on his shoulder, and he grinned, overjoyed. He had missed her terribly.

He nuzzled the arch of her neck tenderly before thinking how best to respond. The only problem was... he had no idea where the little mite was, seeing as how he couldn't visually see her! He floundered for a moment, but was saved from intense embarassment by Satomi brushing against his leg. He smiled gently and nuzzled his daughter's mane, trying to picture her in his head. It was... disconcerting, not being able to visualize his own daughter. He had always had issues with that, but her shape wasn't familiar yet, and somedays she was almost a blur. There were days where he found himself deeply upset about it, but stories from Frost cheered him, and he was deeply protective of her. She was the combination of the best parts of her two parents, at least, according to Frost, and he cherished any and every bit of time he could spend with her.

Hello love, he said, snuffling her hair fondly before brushing his nose gently against her own. Carefully, he stood so that he could feel Satomi positioned safely between he and Frost. Not that he had anything in particular to worry about, with so many good friends about, but one never could tell, and he wouldn't let her come to any harm.

Galaxy chuckled shortly at Frost, and tossed his head in the negative. These Serians were entirely familiar to him... at least Frost was, although he had never met the other Serian that accompanied her, nor Vision's new babe. It's not for me, I must admit, although I'm growing to like it.

The entrance of the new mare startled Vision yet again, only this time he laughed aloud at the irony of it all. He was usually quite good at hearing people approach. It was one of the few senses that he could actually rely on. Must be getting old, he thought, inwardly.

Good to see...err... hear from you Luna, Vision added with a laugh, fumbling slightly for words. And I missed you, more than you know, he added, turning to nudge Frost affectionately.

Galaxy felt slightly out of place as he watched the family and foster family talk amongst themselves. With a brief smile in their general direction, he decided to take Vision's earlier advice and approach the unfamiliar Serians across the way. He broke into a nervous canter, quite unlike the fluid, graceful movements he usually exhibited. He had been completely lost lately, and the sudden arrival of so many Serians had him completely jangled.

He watched the little foal as he approached, amused by his antics. He was so engrossed in their snow-play that a rather large sheet of ice directly in front of him completely escaped his notice. With an ungentlemanly "OOMPH" of surprise, he skidded across the tractless surface only to fall face-first, legs akimbo, into yet another drift of snow bordering the ice patch. Unluckily for him, the drift was rather close to the grown mare and her foal.

He offered a sheepish smile in apology, as he attempt to right himself and shake snow from his coat. He was determined to make this the last tumble of the day!

I'm terribly sorry milady, if I interrupted you, he said, albeit awkwardly. It wasn't my intention... I simply wanted to introduce myself. His rich musical baritone was tinged with nerves, and he laughed shakily, his gentleman-like airs not completely forgotten despite his ungainly entrance.

I'm Galaxy, he added quickly, in case he lost his nerve. I don't believe I've seen you or your foal in these parts before.

His train of thought was quickly interrupted by the entrance of three more Serians, within viewing range but still quite a distance away. Galaxy's ears twitched forward at the sound of a panicked whinny, his nervousness forgotten as he worried over the Serian's well-being.
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Re: Winter Wonderland

Path hopped to the side as the rather stunning stallion skidded to a stop next to her and Darroch, whinnying out a ringing laugh as the colt was just a second too slow and wound up being tumbled to the side by the massive amount of flying snow. Shaking the white powder out of her mane, she snorted at the lad as he righted himself and turned to their new friend.

"Greetings, Sir Galaxy, you are new to me as well. My name is Path and this lad is my son, Darroch. Hast injury found thee?"

"Was it fun," Darroch snorted, smiling in an openly friendly manner as his deep voice sparked with merriment. "Do you like the snow? Have you played in it before? Do you play in it?"

"Peace, young one," Path smiled, a gentle look that was warm enough it seemed the snow around her should melt. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Galaxy, as may be known by Darroch's enthusiasm. Are ye cold? My tail ring is enchanted and keeps me warm wherever I may be; if ye find yourself to grow cold, tell me and I can help warm thee to keep the sniffles at bay."

"Mother loves her tail ring,"Darroch added with an equally charming grin lighting his muzzle. "She never ever takes it off. Is there something special with you, too? My bonded says that all creatures have something special about them."

Path nipped at Darroch's mane absently as he pranced in front of her, lipping up another drink of fresh snow while he moved closer to the new stallion, bowing his head slightly in an automatic sign of respect and welcome. The prancing was mostly to keep warm, but he did want a better look at Galaxy. The plants seemed to actually tremble under the stallion's hooves, making the colt wonder if that meant the stallion himself was trembling a bit.

The train of thought was quickly lost as three others appeared a ways off with a rather noisy display. Darroch more or less dismissed it with a snort; Galaxy was more interesting and Galaxy was what he was curious about now.

Besides, his bonded said that there was nothing to fear in these lands or back at home, either. He had to be careful he didn't fall and hurt his leg, Aunt Sign had added, but that was the worst of it.
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Re: Winter Wonderland

"Hi daddy." Frostbite smiled with eyes closed, feeling Vision's movements with the filly, and sensing the filly's smile in return, not needing her eyes to enjoy the moment. She tried to do this sometimes, almost as if seeing the world from his perspective. The air smelled crisp and the temperature was, to her, pleasantly cool. With Satomi pressed between them, Frostbite was the picture of content serenity. How many times had she wished for this? Her eyes tightened as she quietly thanked whatever greater being had been so kind to her lately.

"And I've missed you, beloved." It had been but a day, but it always seemed like forever. Too long, the wait to see him when he wasn't around. Her attention was grabbed by Galaxy's comment, and she laughed lightly to herself. It was a good time of year to enjoy, it felt... clean, and pure to her. Before she could respond, it seemed Galaxy had an itching to go explore and politely excused himself with a smile. She probably should have introduced Luna.

Speaking of, the elemental inclined her head with a small look of worry. She did seem to make people uncomfortable with her presence sometimes. Mostly because, except to Vision and her closest, she was still very much an enigma. There was one other who knew her, but he had gone away... 'Avalir...'. She smiled sadly before nuzzling Satomi, looking up to Frost and Vision for permission when she spoke.

"Perhaps Satomi would like to go visit with some Serians near where Galaxy is? Besides, I heard sounds of distress, I want to make sure nobody is hurt." It wasn't her duty at all, but she knew she was an able body who could help or find help if it was needed. When Frostbite nodded, the little filly looked up curiously.

"Are they kind?" Her voice was light and musical, something Frost reveled in because it was something that even Vision could enjoy. Her tiny webbed wings brushed Vision's legs as she moved towards LunarPrism and in the direction of Galaxy and the others.

"Well that is what you have to find out. Do not worry too much." She smiled encouragingly and began to make a line for the trio, speeding up a bit when she could see the others who had made the sounds of distress. She didn't want to leave Satomi alone... even with Galaxy, a trusted family friend. But.... those Serians... hopefully they were okay.

"Sorry to interrupt, Galaxy was it? My name is LunarPrism. I hope I did not make you uncomfortable up there. The little one is Satomi, your brother's new filly." It was strange to do the introductions now, and introducing Satomi was a little surprising, but she didn't mind really. Upon sight of the others, her jewel-eyes caught the light and seemed to light up with curiosity.

"And who are your new acquaintances?" She asked, while Satomi bravely stepped a bit away from her legs.

"Hi." She said to everyone and no one in particular, unsure of who to address, wings fluttering with slight shyness.
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Re: Winter Wonderland


Shamrock cantered through the snow, dragging his feet extra long for an added effect of powder swooshing up into the air. He was in a strange mood today. He'd been enjoying his bonded's company all week, watching with fascination and hardly restrained curiosity as the holiday decorations were procured from hidden places in Vineda's dwelling. He glanced about him with satisfaction, sparkles gleaming far and wide, and in more than one color. He had laid eyes on his first tinsel a few days ago. So now he thought he looked rather dashing with tinsel twined around his neck, torso, and rump. Nevermind that Vineda said it was for a tree. It worked on serians too!

And the snow! Never before had he gotten to romp in the fluffy white stuff. But it was cold! And it made him stick out like a sore thumb with his lime and emerald coat. It was his custom to blend into his surroundings, no matter where he was. There was usually green everywhere... but no longer. All in all, he was quite pleased.

Sensitive ears twitched as he head sound. Lots of sound. Commotion kind of sound. Of course, pick a day for him to be out and about, and that's the day there's likely to be a commotion of some sort... He cantered on toward the sound, ears pricked, hedging the hills a bit. This snow stuff sure made climbing difficult. And going down hills was even more difficult, as he'd found out the hard way not too long before. Good thing green bruises wouldn't show too much with his lime coat. A wind with a little bit of a bite hit his face and he threw his head back, tossing his forelock and just feeling full of pizzaz.

Then he caught sight and smell of other serians. He stopped. This was more serians than he'd seen together in one place for... well, ever. Path he recognized, and he quickly identified her foal. Making a beeline for the familiar face, he craned to see all of the others as well.

And then he looked down.

Tinsel. He was wearing tinsel to the biggest serian gathering he'd ever heard of. Ears flickered with indecision for a few short seconds before he shrugged and slowed to a walk. He was close enough now that his flashy attire had probably already been spotted, and he couldn't lose his bonded's tinsel...

He made a last minute adjustment to his walk, putting a tad more swagger into his step before looking up to see if he could catch a familiar eye.
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Re: Winter Wonderland

Vision was enjoying his moment, savouring the sense of family and togetherness that he had longed for. The feeling differed so much from the one that he shared with his adoptive family because this was his family. His by blood. He could feel his daughter's fragile wings pressed against his legs, and he practically glowed with paternal pride. Frost's voice in his ear was like a warm gentle hum, just adding to the moment. He was so distracted by the hum of conversation and the warmth of the bodies of his loved ones, that he missed Luna's interjection. As soon as he felt the absence of his daughter's body pressed securely between himself and Frost, he snapped out of his reverie with a mind-numbing jolt.

Before he could even utter a response, Luna and Satomi had left. Vision felt distinctly at a loss, and more than slightly apprehensive. Both began to manifest themselves into irritation, and all other emotions were overridden by an intense wave of parental protectiveness. He stamped a hoof, and snorted, tilting his head so that he could pick up his daughter's voice, and estimate just how far away she was. Frost was momentarily forgotten in the emotional shuffle. He had no issues with Frost's adoptive daughter, however, his daughter was barely more than a babe, and he did not want her running off without him. He may be blind, but there was no way that he'd let Satomi run off without him by her side, in case of trouble. He would protect her. Added to the fact that there was obviously some trouble a ways off with other Serians... Vision did not want to take the chance that his daughter could be trotting into danger.

I am not going to let her go wandering off right now, he retorted gruffly to Frost, the fuzzy-family-feeling from moments before completely forgotten in his need to be near his daughter. It wasn't that he didn't trust Luna, but it should be him.

He whinnied, distinctly distressed, and took off at a gallop down the hill, straining all the while to catch just the barest lilt of his daughter's musical voice.


Galaxy regained his composure from his slipperly slide across the ice and grinned as the foal peppered him with a multitude of questions. Oddly enough, these newcomers had him entirely at ease already, and his earlier nervousness was completely forgotten as the foal all but danced with excitement and curiosity.

Pleased to meet you, Miss Path, Darroch,Galaxy responded politely, tossing his forelock to relieve himself of a bit of snow that still clung stubbornly to his mane. As far as I am able to ascertain, I am not damaged in the slightest, with the exception of my pride, he added with a wry chuckle.

He stared at the foal, a bemused expression on his face, as he waited for the questions to abate before answering. When he slowed, he whinned in amusement and responded to Darroch's questions in kind.

Yes, it was fun, surprising, but fun. I am... becomming more accustomed to the snow, shall we say. No, I haven't played in it before, but yes, I play in it now, he said all in one large jumble, in much the same manner as Darroch had done. And I will manage, Miss Path. It is a tad chilly out here, but it's nothing. It just takes a bit to get used to.

He all but whinned with laughter as the youngling tossed another flurry of questions his way. He looked down at the infant before answering, inclining his head in a gesture of mutual respect.

I am nothing special young one, he said modestly, his eyes twinkling merrily. The Rogue in him was naturally attracted to the foal's refreshing attitude and exuberance. And he found Path to be polite and intelligent, both qualities that he admired.

His conversation was cut short by the arrival of Luna. He was not intending to be impolite, back at the gathering with Vision and the others, but too many Serians made him claustrophobic. None-the-less, he smiled at her in return and nodded at the introductions being made.

Galaxy, yes, he responded smoothly. Pleased to meet you LunarPrism. And no, you yourself did not make me feel uncomfortable. It was merely a bit too crowded for my liking, he added trying to smooth over any slight that he may have unintentionally made.

He trotted up towards Satomi and touched noses with the filly in greeting. He had yet to meet his "brother's" daughter... he supposed that technically made him an uncle, but the social implications of things such as that eluded him. Not that he was socially inept, but Galaxy had never made particularly lasting ties aside from his bonded. His brothers and sisters by adoption understood this and welcomed his companionship when he needed it. But he was curious, in some respects, about the little filly. Galaxy had no desire thus far to find a mate, and Vision's relationship with Frost and his child mystified him. He understood love, in the sense that he had witnessed it, but love and mates were such permanent ties...

Hello child, he said softly, trying his utmost to still the filly's shyness and slightly nervous behaviour. He inclined his head in the general direction of Path and Darroch as he made the necessary introductions.

These wonderful individuals are Path, and her foal Darroch, he said, with the utmost sincerity. He had definitely enjoyed their company, and he was not one to stiff on the complements when they were called for.

Galaxy's gaze was instantly captured by a new sight. A Serian was coming across the meadow, completely bedecked in tinsel! He tilted his head, curiously. Now there was an obviously quirky fellow! Inwardly, Galaxy was getting anxious again, and longed to run. But politeness kept his hooves in check, that and simple curiousity. It would be rude of him to excuse himself before meeting everyone properly.

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